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Winehouse's Bloody Mess

9/1/2007 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rehabbing "Rehab" singer Amy Winehouse was a bloody wreck this week when she violently vomited blood all over her Caribbean hotel room.

Staff at the Jade Mountain resort in St. Lucia were horrified when they were sent to Winehouse's suite to clean up the mess. "There was blood and vomit all over the bathroom, it was just terrible," said one worker, according to Brit tabloid The Mirror.

Hotel management allegedly offered to send out for a doctor, but Winehouse said no, no, no.

Amy and hubby Blake Fielder-Civil have been at the $1,400-a-night Caribbean hideaway since last weekend. This past week, the parents of both Winehouse and Fielder-Civil called for fans to boycott Amy's album in an effort to urge the pair to get help for their alleged drug addictions.


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WHO WOULD JESUS DATE - Jesus has nothing to do with this rediculous specimen of a human being. The lining of her stomach must be so shot, that's why she's vomiting blood.

She's an addict, big deal, problem is she wont get better until she wants to.

2573 days ago


39. Dear People SUCK,

What was the most alcohol you ever drank in a night? I bet you were an expert!!! But I bet I have you beaten, you wimp!

Posted at 2:13PM on Sep 1st 2007 by hora

I don't know what the point of this question is...

Yes, I was an expert.

By the be back on topic, Amy Winehouse has nobody to blame but herself. I don't feel sorry for her one bit. I do feel empathy, but I am people I hear in the rooms blame the disease and damn if it doesn't turn me away from 12 step programs. I have seen more people go out and use because of this excuse. You are NOT powerless. That is the problem. People in recovery on here who want to claim the disease has her...blah blah blah..listen up....

She is MAKING A CHOICE to do this to herself. I don't want to hear that she has lost ANY control. That is a bunch of crap. You know and I know that every single time she picks up she is MAKING THAT CHOICE. Just like, when we MADE THE CHOICE to put it down.

Stop feeling sorry for her.

2573 days ago

BOEING 787    

In order to get help she has to participate in her own recovery husband not withstanding. If she continues to make the choices that she is making and say
no to the help she is being offered she will end up dead very soon.

2573 days ago


ohhh my God I am so sorry for Amy.

To me this sounds that not only the drugs are about to kill her. It seems like her anorexia is even combined with the most brutal kind of bulimia. In the end it makes you though up blood. You can get wounds in the throught and in very advanced cases even gustric ulcar. Eating disorder can somtimes have side deseases and drugabuse is very often one the next steps towards rock botten for those patients. Deep depressions and suicide also belong to this mental horror the patient is in.

It is so easy to look down on those young people such as Amy, Nicole and I belive even Brittney has this problem but if you realy know what that means you suffer with them deep inside your heart. Please TMZ community show some heart I know you all have.

I agree with Amys relatives that Amy is very near to death. She is at the bottom and it does not course a change to the better. Now only her will to live or a miracal can save her.

2573 days ago


If she is throwing up blood and is not getting any medical attention, she's could die at any moment. I know I am sounding overly dramatic, but vomiting blood is a medical emergency. She should be rushed to the hospital. It is a very serious matter. It could mean her liver is damaged beyond repair. Too bad her husband is probably too stoned to realize it.

2573 days ago


#44 I don't believe in the 12 Step thing much either. As I said, I quit on my own, partly because the few meetings I went to, I hated the propoganda that you're powerless also, and the whining and self-pity got to me so much, the first thing I'd do when I left was get a bottle to get it all out of my head. I don't think it's a disease either, except while you're a full-blown drunk (with the exception of the few who are immediately physically addicted) and once you're sober at least a year, you have the right to say you are cured and not diseased. It's way too negative to be sober for decades and still think of yourself as sick and helpless.
But, I'll tell you this, you're still a puppy in the sobriety game, and if you relapse, and you most likely will, you'll have a whole other perspective on willpower and who is weak.

2573 days ago

what ?    

she got some deep problems , she needs to trash that boyfriend , drink some coffee and go to rehab then vacation and more coffee and then she will be fine :) If you read this Amy , you got talent , dont give up on it and keep your head up ! the world is Hard and it sucks but you can do it ! God Bless You .

2573 days ago

Canadian Queen    

I agree with the last few posters who seem to have some sense of humanity! Amy, please don't pay attention to all of the negative stuff. There are people you don't even know who care and want you to get well! Please start taking care of yourself. Do it for us!

2573 days ago

Tony Matt.    

Im from St.Lucia, you guys should check it out when u get a chance..Simply beautiful..Too bad Amy was to high and sick to enjoy it..

2573 days ago


Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison . . . .

What will it take for this chick to get some help? Apparently, she doesn't see any of this as "rock bottom." It sounds like her "rock bottom" will be death.

She is a VERY VERY sick woman. I hope she decides she wants to live and gets the care she needs. This must be very painful for her family.

I don't need to comment on anything else or dis her 'cause that ain't gonna do jack for me or for anyone else. Just hope this chick gets some serious help. Man, this is really sad -- and there's so many like her out there. No way to live, dudes!

2573 days ago


I agree with #1 an #5. Not only do we need to boycott her ugly ass and terrible music, but there really should be a media blackout as well. I still can't figure out how/why that song "Rehab" was so popular when it sucked SO bad...and glorified and promoted drug use...

2573 days ago


its the road to self destruction, dopin' will kill you and for what?

What a waste!

2573 days ago

Worried in Maryland    

Amy, please get help. You're killing yourself, whether you realize it or not. It's breaking my heart, not to mention your family and friends. The way out of this mess is to decide to get help. Then work with the right team of people to get well. Your team is too small now, you need to bring in professionals who can help you. Then collaborate with them, just like you did when you went into the studio and collaborated with Ronson, to tremendous success. You did it in your work life, just apply the same principle in your personal life and you can turn things around. It won't be easy, but making an album isn't easy, and your life is way more important than any album. I know you can do it and I'm pulling for you. Now take that step to reach out and stick with it and things will get better. L'chayim--To life! You must do your part, and you won't regret it. I want to see you in concert, happy and healthy, in the coming year, Much love and best wishes.

2573 days ago

you go girl    

her parents need to get in court and have her committed.

2573 days ago

Canadian Queen    

#57 unfortunately A LOT of people can relate to that song. That's why it was so popular. It didn't glorify drug abuse at all. Listen to the words if you ever hear it again. And who cares what she looks like? She is a human being just like you and I. I hope she gets better. That's all anyone should care about.

2573 days ago
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