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Crazy Fan Attacks Brad in Italy!

9/3/2007 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt, in Italy for the Venice Film Fest, was attacked by a crazed fan who says she just wanted to give the hottie a hug. Brangeloony!

As Brad and Ange made their way down the red carpet to promote his film, "The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford," the woman, who had been waiting in the throng, burst through security and grabbed him.

An onlooker told a reporter, "Brad didn't look very happy about it all." The woman was escorted away by security.

Crazy love!


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i'd attack him too!!!

2609 days ago


yeah I saw her picture and her face is in jacked up.

2609 days ago


Hmm. While physically accosting him isn't funny, I do think it'd be pretty freaking hilarious if Brad and Angie showed up to a premiere and were greeted with a round of boos and signs saying things like: "Cheating Isn't Sexy," and "We Know You're Not Jesus, Angelina."

2609 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Why would anybody want to be a celebrity these days. Between the stalker paparazzi and insane people in general, a peaceful life is not possible. But I guess being a wealthy narcissist is more important than a peaceful life.

2609 days ago


Ding-dang, y'all!

2609 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

You are a stupid idiot. None of what you suggest is very funny. Neither is having someone attack you in this day and age. What if this had been someone intent on causing harm? Brad was signing autographs for fans and this silly girl broke through the security and jumped him. You are preoccupied with the lives of strangers who have caused you no harm. Details magazine has an article in which it is alleged that Brad says the divorce was not due to Angelina and would have happened regardless of Angelina or no Angelina, but due to a marriage that failed (like over 50% of marriages in the US). He also says he pursued Angelina,she resisted out of concern for Maddox, and he had to convience her that he would be there for them in the long run . You need to get over a divorce that happened years ago, that had nothing to do with you, and move on.

2609 days ago


Celebrities have to deal with Stalkers, kidnappers and crazed fans that they need to register with the FBI. Love them or hate them, this stuff is freaky and not right. They are actors. Not gods and the extreme worship is really over the top. If you like there acting or movies - great go see them. If Not, there's thousands of other things you can do. But for goodness sakes don't physically attack them, they are humans and parents with children too.

2609 days ago



Well I have to admit, divorced, married, I dont care, boy would I grab him in a NY minute!

2609 days ago

The Marian Movement    

#6 "to jen" that may be all true but #3 Jen nailed it "Angelina is not Jesus". THAT comment is not stupid, anyone that believed Ange was - is.

2609 days ago


Yep, that's right. Angie said long ago, that she would not let any man into Mads lilfe unless he was going to be his father. That is why when she was single she said in many interviews, that,yes, she had lovers, and with her looks, of couse she did, BUT that they were at hotels and not anywhere near Mad. She didn't want him to be confussed by these men who were just lovers. And if anyone here under the age of 45 of so hasn't had someone that they just have sex with and nothing else, is either lying, or married. Brad came into her life - and proved he was in it for the long run. They both are. Jen was a ugly loser from the start. Angie is the only pretty girl Brad has ever been with, and he will stay with her, as he said recently, "they are meant to be together, not just for each other, not for the kids and not just to save the world, but because they truly deeply love each other". How many of you have partners that would say that? Probably not many, as most people nowadays are just there because it is all they know, and are afraid of change -and maybe losing some money in a divorce. They love each other - LEAVE THEM ALONE!

2609 days ago


What an idiot, what is she...12?

2609 days ago


JEN: Get over it. Come out of your glass house if your able to come down off your soap box. Shut the hell up loser.

2609 days ago


that movie was made in edmonton can't wait to see it

2609 days ago

Desease control    

Mybe this is bad karma.
Bradd and angie told the orphange they were adopting Pax from that they had allready set up some chariteis for the orphange. Then they got Pax and low and beold the charites had closed thier doors beacuse brad and angie didnt put in any money to them.
So now the orpahnge is no better off than befor they let these two selfish stars run off with one of thier beloed orphanes.
brad and Angie mislead them and now thye resent be taken for suckers.
By not giving th emoney they promised they basical stole from them.

2609 days ago


She should have been arrested for assault.
Instead, they let her go and she's laughing like it's a big joke to suddenly grab and frighten a complete stranger . What a tool.

2609 days ago
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