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Crazy Fan Attacks Brad in Italy!

9/3/2007 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt, in Italy for the Venice Film Fest, was attacked by a crazed fan who says she just wanted to give the hottie a hug. Brangeloony!

As Brad and Ange made their way down the red carpet to promote his film, "The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford," the woman, who had been waiting in the throng, burst through security and grabbed him.

An onlooker told a reporter, "Brad didn't look very happy about it all." The woman was escorted away by security.

Crazy love!


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My God, some people are truly sick. Brad makes a genuine attempt to be kind to his fans; the result being some crazy woman who clearly has NO life attacking him. Why not let Brad and Angelina alone for a while. Can any of YOU imagine what is must be like to be stalked by photogs 24/7? I know that I would hate it. My daughter and son would hate it so much worse.

2605 days ago


He seems like a really nice guy and I am sure it was a misunderstanding with the orphanage. They had this happen when they had Shiloh too. It was the person that handles their money that made the mistake not Ang and Brad.

As far as him leaving Jen, so what. You only have one life and it is too short to stay with someone when you're not happy.

2605 days ago


Right on Jen! Stupid Brangelina and their fans...

2605 days ago


#33 - good info on the web links. its nice to see them out as a family, with all the children.

2605 days ago


to #30 Danny - guess what darling. I do know Brad Pitt, albiet not very well, My cousins and his cousins grew up not too far down the street from each other. Whenever we went to Missouri we would get to see Brad and his brother Doug at their cousins house playing. And since I have grown up, I have had the privilege of being around him and Maddox for about an hour. He is a down to earth guy. He is even surprised by his celebrity - and especially because of his looks. If you take the time to look at some of his pics when he was younger and just starting out, he wasn't all that. And I personally know men know that are better looking. But he is decent and caring and he loves Angie, I heard it with my own ears in person and in many interviews. Yes, he can lie to the press, but he has no reason to lie to his friends and family. No they aren't the perfect family - are yours? Angie gives 1/3 of her salary away to charities-how many of you posters can come even close to saying truthfully that you do that? Now she has got Brad doing the same and he makes more than her, so that is more money going to the needy and forgotten of this world. FACT not fiction. Post what you know like I do.

2605 days ago


1/3 of her salary is a generous choice, no doubt, but you can't compare that way with regular people
we can easily say we stray hundreds of times closer to the poverty line than her after our contributions.
we can't match her on %s because basic needs take up a higher percent of our income

2605 days ago


What an idiot.

2605 days ago


#42 - I am on disability and I give away 1/3 of my salary to charities. And I make less then $1800 a month, with a house and car payment. Have 3 children, 3 and 1/2 grandchildren. Read the Bible dear - I've given away my last dollar to a homeless man on the street, only to be rewarded later that week (with much more than a dollar) for an ad I had submitted to a local car dealership that needed a new slogan. ONE MUST GIVE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE. Angie says she receives a ridiculous salary for something that she loves to do. She doesn't need the money and she knows that others do. She was doing this way before Brad came into the picture. It started with filming in Cambodia for her Laura Croft movie. She was sickened by what she saw. Go visit some of these third world countries and see if you don't come out if it a better person. We have it made in the US - and yes, I live in the US, and I realize everyday while watching the news how lucky I was to be born here. My life could have been so different if God had chosen for me to be born elsewhere - as would yours.

2605 days ago


Hey Tara, Johnny Depp is a dirty little man who doesn't compare with the looks and class Brad has

2605 days ago


That chic looks a little like Jennifer Aniston!

2605 days ago


#47 - Love the Diva
ummm I need to point out that your hiding behind your computer screen not using your real name either. And You seem to be promoting your websight..... those are my observations from your post. You know that would make you a big fat HYPOCRITE

2605 days ago

queen kiki the great    

Since TMZ reports on Brad and Angie daily, I was wondering why people keep saying that Jennifer Aniston is an ugly loser??!! Nothing could be further from the truth!!!!

Losers do NOT make millions per picture and have you seen her on film? She is very attractive indeed. Jen may not be an Oscar winner like Angie, but she is very successful.

If you wanna discuss ugly, what about Angie's grossly over inflated lips?

2604 days ago


If what BP says is true, then he should have told his wife, JA, he wanted a divorce BEFORE he started up with AJ. AJ said BP needed a sensitivity chip and I believe that is true. BP and AJ need another kid like a hole in the head. Most celebrities keep their kids OUT of the press by not flaunting them in the press. AJ and BP have had flops recently and will do anything and say anything (even lies) to get their movies to sell. They might be the "great couple" but their movies are FLOPS! BP and AJ use their kids every time for photo ops and try to use them to get people back on their side! They have placed themselves so far above everyone, people resent them when they try to tell us how we should be doing things.

2604 days ago


Wow, did I cause a brouhaha. I don't consider myself overly-invested in this couple - while I admire their charity work, I am a bit bemused by the deification of what began, let's admit it, as an extramarital affair. Why am I "so angry" about a divorce that didn't involve me? I wouldn't say I feel "anger" or any other emotion nearly as charged. If anything, I feel bewilderment that there are people who would forgive pretty celebrities anything, whereas in the normal world, a man who walks out on his wife is not heralded as the sexiest thing alive. I thought much more of both Brad and Angelina before this debacle - and while I bear none of them any ill will, I do wonder whether anyone's actually called a spade a spade with them.

Finally, they seem to genuine love helping people in need. They should be commended for that. However, you can hardly say they don't also enjoy being photographed helping people in need. If Angelina's World Savior complex was any larger, she'd have a genuine halo manufactured so she could wear it from refugee camp to refugee camp. But no amount of PR in the world changes the fact that she had an affair with another woman's husband. I think any woman who's ever been cheated on identifies with that, and we all think less of Brad. He's pretty, sure - but he's a cad.

2604 days ago


I should add to my previous comment that I really won't be able to last long in an argument with CorkyNC. My cousin's don't know Brad's cousins. In fact, I don't think I know ANY of my cousins' friends. I haven't memorized every word he's ever uttered to a magazine. But I also know that just 'cause he says something in an interview doesn't make it gospel.

2604 days ago
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