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Crazy Fan Attacks Brad in Italy!

9/3/2007 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt, in Italy for the Venice Film Fest, was attacked by a crazed fan who says she just wanted to give the hottie a hug. Brangeloony!

As Brad and Ange made their way down the red carpet to promote his film, "The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford," the woman, who had been waiting in the throng, burst through security and grabbed him.

An onlooker told a reporter, "Brad didn't look very happy about it all." The woman was escorted away by security.

Crazy love!


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why don't people leave them alone. They are what they are and nothing more. Lifes too short not to be happy. Brad and ange have a good life.

2571 days ago

Debbie Swanson    

I have lost all respect for Brad. His association with Jolie has made mud of his reputation. You had better wake up pretty soon Brad or you will have nothing left to draw fans.

2571 days ago


what a dumb broad.

2571 days ago


This is nothing, back in the forties Frank Sinatra had to endure more than this. The time for them to worry is when no one cares. Give it a few more years and they will go by noticed. Just enjoy the moment, it will end. Can we blame her, Brad is irresistible.

2571 days ago


You go Jen, I agree with you. I have no respect for the couple. They have no respect for marriage or for vows. No their not my business, but it makes me so mad that people just embrace them and have no concern for the woman that had legal rights to him! And tell me, what lesson are the teaching the children? Oh just go after what ever or who ever you want in life even if it belongs to someone else! They don't need to be parents until they do say they were wrong and ask for forgiveness!

2571 days ago


CRY ME A RIVER. If you loser type chicks can't keep a man why is the Angie fault? I don't get the connection. You cannot believe that if that "other women" who stole your man wasn't around he wouldn't have left you anyway?!?!?!? Or can you be the pathetically stupid? Wait don't answers that we already know.

It’s nobody’s fault but your own if you couldn’t keep your boyfriends/husbands. Get over it and move on. I hate pathetic girls that get bitter and whine for the rest of their lives about getting dumped. Blaming everyone except themselves. We’re all sick of hearing for you types so go to the lonely hearts club site and blog your crying eye out. PLEASE!!!!

2571 days ago


well that was a waste of a video..i thought it would be more.

2571 days ago


"Legal rights to him" WTF???? Now we're suppose to be slaves to the women we marry. Get bent Jackie. That's about the stupidest thing I've read on this blog. Jen's crap is a close second. WE ARE NOT SLAVES AND YOU ARE NOT THE SLAVE's MASTER! Say that every morning when you try to look at yourself in the mirror.

2571 days ago


If she did that to any stranger on the street she'd be arrested, hopefully she was.

2571 days ago


i love brad..and the talent he has is mesmerizing.

still, reality tells me that he is a human being, like myself and i think it would be nice to chat with him, or encourage him or admire his beautiful TADOW..

and, not violate his personal space. cuz...i value mine (too).
peace to you Brad baby cakes...and you to Angie...and peace and bless to the kiddies.

2571 days ago


Boy is Brad lucky she didn't pull his wig off.

2571 days ago


Boy is Brad lucky she didn't pull his wig off

2571 days ago


Apparently someone's mother didn't teach her any manners. Just because he's famous doesn't mean that he's open to the world to run up and "HUG"...I think he has every right to be upset about it, I know I shouldn't have to put up with strangers grabbing you and touching one should...its just as bad as if someone who wasn't famous being suddenly grabbed by a stranger on the street for a hug...i'd be like "WHAT THE F***" too!

2571 days ago


Ford didn't kill Jesse James. Frank and Jesse orchestrated it so that Jesse could live out his life without being pursued by authorities. He lived to a ripe old age and was seen in Missouri by people who knew him when he was old and wrinkled. Allegedly, a Pinkerton infiltrator to the gang was shot in his place, Zarelda identified him as her son, and he was buried on her farm where she could see the grave. Frank James would never have allowed Ford to live had he shot Jesse, you can bet on that. The authorities let it go down in order to quash part of the post-war violence. They cut a deal with Frank - he'd give himself up and they'd leave off chasing Jesse since he was in South America already anyway. Frank gave up and did his time. No gang member ever talked about their activities outside the gang or their families.

2571 days ago


To #5, "To Jen": Thank you!!!!!!!! What you said makes a lot more sense than most of the blogs I've seen. Some people think that they should make it their business to get on these blogs and tell the whole world, and the celebs ( who, in my opinion, would never read them) exactly what THEY think reality is. As we can all see, there are some pretty twisted intellects that hang out here. There are also some people that don't spend a lot of time in critical thought, and as a result, some really half-baked opinions and musings raise their ugly heads. Gets positively scary sometimes! Anyway, I did want to tell you that I really appreciated your well-thought out and rational views. :)

2571 days ago
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