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Kobe's $21,000 Bubbly Bill

9/3/2007 5:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe BryantKobe Bryant is known for being a tough competitor -- but in the club?!

Basketballin' Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, were at Friday night's grand opening of BLUSH Boutique Nightclub at the Wynn in Las Vegas, when he saw poker player Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari kick in for two bottles of $1,400 Cristal champagne. According to sources inside the club, Kobe wasn't about to be shown up by some puny little card player -- and kicked in for five bottles. Antonio, who's used to upping the ante, then switched his order to ten! Go big or go home!

Kobe ended the competition when he purchased an astounding 15 bottles -- and then left the club! Just to put Bryant's baller status into perspective -- Kobe's $21,000 bill still doesn't cover what NBA and gambling legend Charles Barkley drops on one hand of blackjack!


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LOL! Way to go Kobe, enjoy life! And for all the haters get a life, Kobe does alot of charity in his own personal way that he see fits! LOL! Also he speaks several languages and is a very bright guy for the person who ask what would he be doing if the ball was not invented, he would be sm whr else achieving in every fieldsof human endevor. So stop being a ASS...... And smile that you can be so critical to someone elses life, in order to forget how sad your life really is for your own enjoyment....

2574 days ago


Oh yes come to South Beach you will see plenty spurgeing going on ! By all PEOPLE you cld think of! Enjoy Life Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2574 days ago

Agent 20    

Regardless you what you people think, Kobe didn't just pop out of somone ass into the millions he have. He and his father worked hard to achieve the status that they have, it was not faith. If he wants to spend 21,000 on some champagne then that is his business. And by the way he does plenty in the community to help the less fortunate. Oh yeah and his chick is bad, forget what yall taking about. KB24.

Stopping hating on the man, he was proven innocent, lol.

2574 days ago


I like to start of by saying, I aint no Kobe Fan. Nonetheless, he has my respect as player. He worked hard and shaped him self into one of the NBA all time great. With this greatness came millions and millions of dollars, and the right to spend it legally as he pleases. Furthermore, $21,000 for entertainment is chump change for a night out on the town for someone with his income. It is not even 1/2 a day pay. What the sense of making all this money if you can't spend it the way you please. I am sure he gives to several charity, most celebraity are advised to do so for tax purposes. So the real issue is not him given back to the community, but that yall just a bunch of haters and wish you could drop $21,000 on some drinky drink. I wish I could and I am very happy that he is able to do so. I wish Kobe the best and hope that he continues to achieve greatness and financial success eventhough I am not his fan.

2574 days ago


it seems like there's still alot of KB haters out there, let me guess u fools make minimum wage and seat around at home on the weekens. If your KB you got like that, might as well spent like that!!!!! I feels good to be a Laker fan HATERS!!!!!!

2574 days ago

Billy Batts    

Kobe Bryant is a real piece of work. Here's the sad part...he ordered all that champagne and left a horrible tip. How do I know that? well I used to work at a restaurant that Kobe would visit. The place was very large, and there were always tons of people there eating, drinking, and playing video games. It was possible to rent the place out, but instead Kobe asked that we put him in his own private room, which was not uncommon for us to do for famous people. Long story short, his bill was over $700.00 and he left $7.00 as a tip. I feel bad for anyone who has to serve that guy.

2574 days ago

look at all the Haters    

All of you lambasting Kobe about not helping the poor need to do 3 things: 1) Make sure you use spell check becuase your poor spelling and grammar make you look rediculous. 2) You need to verify your information before you speak. Kobe does way more than $21,000.00 worth of giving to poor and middle class kids than you will ever know. 3) Make sure you are supporting the needy/hungry yourselves before you demand the same of anyone else.
Stop hatin and get a life.

2574 days ago


OMG Shut up! Its his money! Let him spend it how he wants! I'm a big Kobe fan ups+downs and I know that he gives back! Can he spend some of it? GO KB...

2574 days ago

Go Team USA    

Honesty, Kobe spending 21,000 on a bar bill is no different than an average person spending about $'s all relative folks. The man has worked hard and earned his money. He's not like a Paris Hilton who is rich and famous for no reason other than being born into the right family. He has incredible talent and has earned the right to have a fun night out with his wife and enjoy himself! Give the guy a break!

2574 days ago


I agree leave the poor guy alone he earned it. Regardless if he is overpaid its not his fault. He worked for it and can spend it as he pleases. I sure if he would have ordered water all night everyone would be saying how cheap he is. Lose lose situation.
Love you KOBE!!!!!

2574 days ago


kobe do your thing dude if God bless you live ife but always put God first
Much love.

2574 days ago


Egos gone wild! Too stupid for words.

2574 days ago


What a waste! Egos gone wild.

2574 days ago


man it your money f*%k them who don't like it UGA

2574 days ago


wow.why does it matter to you guys how kobe spends his money.he worked to get to the place that he is in.kobe has donated a lot to charity, dont leave comments just for the sake of leaving comments, know what your talking about.i dont care what people say about kobe, i will always be a fan.

2574 days ago
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