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Owen a Laughing Matter?

9/4/2007 4:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comABC "World News Now" anchors Ryan Owens and Taina Hernandez had a hard time keeping straight faces while reporting the alleged suicide attempt of comic actor Owen Wilson. The on air duo couldn't stop laughing while announcing Wilson's dramatic ordeal.

What had the two chuckleheads so giggly? It turns out that Owens and Hernandez have the maturity of 9-year-olds, and thought that the last name of Wilson's uncle -- Hoe -- was hilarious.

The pair offered an on air apology ... two days later.


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that is because it is funny

2603 days ago


I guess these two together get the giggles a lot. More on youtube about their segments? They need to be separated. lol

2603 days ago


there are a lot of professions that develop their own brand of 'gallows humor' as a way to cope with the things they have to deal with on a daily dr's,nurses, police,and the like...

laughing over someone's name, who happens to be related to someone who just tried to kill 'em, i say

2603 days ago


They weren't laughing at Owen's expense, but they were very unprofessional, especially Ms. Hernandez. The station should have edited her laughing spell out of the broadcast.

2603 days ago


They should both be

2603 days ago


I've had the misfortune of watching these two knuckleheads on more than one occasion and EACH and EVERY TIME I watch them, they do or say something insipid, moronic, or pedantic... I can't wait until ABC bumps them off.

2603 days ago


Guys, check out the "apology" here:

This is the most insincere "sorry" I've ever seen/heard. These two should be fired immediately.

2603 days ago



2603 days ago


While I agree that these two were insensitive and very unprofessional, I too have laughed at inappropriate times.

When my beloved grandmother passed away, my brothers and I had been crying for days. On the day of the funeral, however, something the priest said struck my twin bro and I as funny, and we were convulsed with laughter. We pretended that we were sobbing into our tissues, but we were laughing, and it got worse whenever we made eye contact. Grammie knew how much we loved her, and her spirit was probably laughing with us.

I am a huge Owen Wilson fan, and pray that he will get well. He's made me laugh so many times through the years. I truly believe that when he gets well again, he will find the "Uncle Hoe" story funny. God bless you, Owen.

2603 days ago


They should be fired!!!

2603 days ago


does anyone have a link to this tv stations web site. I had a family die by suicide and want to give this station a nicely worded piece of my mind.

2603 days ago


I LOVE World News Now. Its my favorite news broadcast BECAUSE they have fun in their job and aren't so serious all the time. They weren't laughing at Owen Wilson, or his suicide attempt. Yes, maybe it was a bit childish at what they were laughing at, but I'd much rather watch this news program than any of the other "traditional" ones.

2603 days ago


76 - I understand where you're coming from as it does happen. But when you are a jounalits, it's simply not okay. These people are trained to show no personal emotion and paid for the same reason. This is absolutely unacceptable and just further stigmatizes mental illness and makes it look like it's a laughing matter. It wasn't funny when my aunt killed herself because she too was mentally ill and I resent them making light of it.

2603 days ago


This is pathetic. They laugh at everything. Check out youtube.

They laugh while reporting on the war in Iraq. They laugh about an out of control wildfire in California. They laugh during a report about breast cancer. They laugh about flooding that has killed 13 people and the male "reporter" sits there and laughs right as he is reporting the latest fatality.

At least Owen should not take this personally. Anyone who can laugh while reporting on a war and fatalities due to natural disasters is a jerk. Thank God these two weren't reporting on 9-11. I can hear it now as a plane hits one of the WTC towers - "Oh look, a plane just flew into a building - HA HA HA HA." Hurricane Katrina? They'd really laugh at that.

2603 days ago


Wow. I would have fired them both, plus whoever was supposed to be supervising them. They need to hire more professional anchors, or at least ones that don't have the maturity of 13-year-olds.

2603 days ago
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