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Birkhead Blasts Cosby: Calls Book "Pure Fiction"

9/4/2007 10:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comLarry Birkhead came out swinging tonight on CNN's "Larry King Live," telling TMZ's Harvey Levin that "Blonde Ambition," the new book by Rita Cosby, is "pure fiction" and should be sitting next to "Harry Potter."

Larry also responded to what Rita told FOX's Bill O'Reilly tonight, as to why the two former enemies now get along. Larry says he simply decided to put the best interests of his daughter first, so he buried the hatchet with Howard. Refuting what Rita claims in her book, Birkhead states flat out -- there were no secret deals between him and Stern.

Larry's bottom line -- he'll see Rita (and everyone else) in court.


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Good Grief!    

Based in Washington, this three-time EMMY winner for investigative reporting, consistently has broken major news stories throughout the world.

2574 days ago


did anyone else catch how larry was suggesting rita and debra were lovers by him saying that he could 'make the exact same allegations about them' but he wouldn't. i also caught a few more things too. maybe they are- that's why they exchange info so freely and do each other favors!?!?!

2574 days ago


No. 1 - To begin with - who cares if Larry and Howard were gay? Is the daughter getting a good home - you know - you CAN have a decent home even if the couple were gay. I had friends in the same situation and the daughter grew up in a gay home rather than a violent, foster home. And she thrived and was very happy. So, who cares? This is all about money - money for Rita, money for Jackie, money for Debra. Leave the kid alone. She sure looks happy to me ! What is their problem? They are mercenary, vicious, selfish people after MONEY ! Rita - SHAME ON YOU, I thought you had more class !! Larry may have his faults but give him a break - he is the father and was proven to be the father. Amen. It is OVER.
You go Larry - be happy with YOUR daughter!!

2574 days ago


What about the inquest of Daniel Smith? Should it be know the cause of death? There a lot of cover up going on here!!!! Howard is responsible for this fiasco!!! I don't trust him nor Larry. Save Dannielynn...Save Dannielynn from Larry and Howard!!!!!! The truth will be prevail you can't stop it. It is meant to be reveal!!!! So if you are innocent you wouldn't have to worry about a fictional book, you know what's is true.

2574 days ago


He better do a great job raising his baby girl. He's already made millions of dollars off of her and she hasn't even turned 1 yet. With that track record, he's gonna be one of the richest men in the world by the time DL is 10 years old. And thats just because he's DL daddy pimping her likeness. His job? BEING DL DADDY. Way to go, LOSER LARRY!

2574 days ago


I don't know if it's true or not, but Larry's body language during his denial of doing anything with Howard K. Stern is notable. When making his denial, he is looking down and not making eye contact with anyone especially the person asking the question, Harvey Levin.

I think if you were telling the truth, you'd also be angry about the allegation and your body language response would be body forward, direct wide open eye contact and adamant denial. We got squirming, shifting, looking down, slumped shoulders and a not very strong voice.

If it were true, it wouldn't surprise me. They're all a bunch of weirdos including Rita Cosby who is irritating beyond words.

2574 days ago


It's already begun....

14. Did anyone notice Birkheads HUGE PUPILS? He was definitely on something.......
Posted at 10:16PM on Sep 4th 2007 by Brighton


Larry's gone to be the GAY ANS. Little howie's got hi duffle bag ready and in-hand.

2574 days ago



Fiction dont cause people to fight as if someone is about to taketheir breathing space away.

larry you dost protest too much, and tht ron rale clearly dont want to help you one inch. you are in big doooodo

2574 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Rita is such a SLEAZE BAG....NEW LOW-LIFE.....


2574 days ago


Her first tooth. The first walk. The first sentence. We can see it all for the right price. Geez...he's already taking offers for DL's Sweet 16.

2574 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#26 Amanda - You must be Rita Cosby or how else would you know so much about her??You writing an unauthorized book full of lies and made up stories is despictable. And you, Opri, have you won a case in the last few years???? Both of you are slimy snakes to try to ruin Larry's life. Larry, you are doing a great job raising Dannielynn. Don't let all of the jealous dipsticks get you down.

2574 days ago

show me the $$    

I think Mark Spear(s), the security guard Larry mentioned, should sue Larry for implying that his background was shady. It's okay for Larry to insult and insinuate about people, but do it to him and he yells "SUE"!

He was so smug tonight. He thinks he's got all the answers. I'm waiting for the day that someone wipes that smug look right off his face. Nobody likes a smart aleck.

2574 days ago



yeah, dumb enough to throw over an apple cart that makes lawyers fart!
dumb enough to make howard and larry come out with gloves on.

dumb, like a fox?
Rita probably said to herself, "i am sick and tire of this guy walking around spending this woman he killed money and running her child's life. Larry is not man enough to do it, so I'm gonna get this ball going....." AND SHE DID!

2574 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

The same language Rita uses so does all of Virgie's friends use here......

It would be a new low for Virgie and her friends to do this to another human being.....a new low.....

2574 days ago


Larry is GAY GAY GAY

2574 days ago
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