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Birkhead Blasts Cosby: Calls Book "Pure Fiction"

9/4/2007 10:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comLarry Birkhead came out swinging tonight on CNN's "Larry King Live," telling TMZ's Harvey Levin that "Blonde Ambition," the new book by Rita Cosby, is "pure fiction" and should be sitting next to "Harry Potter."

Larry also responded to what Rita told FOX's Bill O'Reilly tonight, as to why the two former enemies now get along. Larry says he simply decided to put the best interests of his daughter first, so he buried the hatchet with Howard. Refuting what Rita claims in her book, Birkhead states flat out -- there were no secret deals between him and Stern.

Larry's bottom line -- he'll see Rita (and everyone else) in court.


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Bahama Mama    

Nice Rolex Fairy!... Dannielynn must have bought that for you.... Fairy, what is your schedule like on Thursday? LOL Is the Baby feeling better?

If you think the tape doesn't exist... .think again... lol!!!!

Howard has Fairy by the balls... literally! Great Job Harvey! You put these dumbasses on the carpet! Ron Rale is the worst Lawyer ever! I loved watching Opri get him all tongue tied! Fairy, what's it like sitting next to Rubber Head Ron Rale on Larry King... Ron used to be the enemy.... maybe Larry and Ron have a special relationship too... lol

2572 days ago


I think her book is a bunch of rubbish. I expect she will be paying big $$$ for writing this trash. Jackie has been proven by many, not to have been a friend of ANS. Anna didn't even like4 her. I wouldn't believe ANYthing this woman(or Cosby)says about anything. In my opinion she(Hatten) just wants her name in the media/news

2572 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

This was to be little Dannielynn Birthday......a happy time for this baby.....

Rita and her low-life friends.....are TRASH.....

2572 days ago


Speaking from the heavens, daniel says, make every day of september a miserable day for howard and larry. i wnat them to think of me every day of september and wonder what's next.

keep them nervous until they turn on one another.......but put the SEPT INTO THEIR EMBER!

2572 days ago


Larry's body language was horrible. He made a huge mistake by coming on the Larry King show. He is uneducated like Anna and is allowing the news media to help him show his stupidity. He seemed to be lying through his teeth.

2572 days ago


Larry has been seen in gay bars for years, it has been an open secret that he is gay. I wouldn't be surprised if Howard Stern was also diddling Anna Nicole's son Daniel.

2572 days ago

Topix is Toxic    

AMANDA PANDA M-----------

Puhlease stop SHILLING for RITTER and VIRGIE--------
No matter what WIKIPEDIA says, Rita's integrity and career are NOW over!
Along with her very close good friend Soap Opri.

And yes, Virgie needs to stay strong...after her lawyer--she's next.for good reason.

2572 days ago


"mary", it's NOT about homosexuality, per se, - it's about lying, manipulations, the "selling" of a little baby, on-going debauchery in the child's name, murder, cover-ups, pay-offs, and on and on. You're being naive, or sly, by trying to narrow the topic to a twig when it's about the whole forest

2572 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

There must be a place for horrible wicked people like OPRI AND COSBY......

2572 days ago


#38 who else

so does this mean sleazy looks like a million bucks and sexy too?

2572 days ago


I should have expected Stern and his forces would put unwiiting Larry out there to deflect the real target of the book...HKS.
How dare Rale ask for sympathy for Stern's mother after what they have all put Anna's mother through!!!

2572 days ago


I'm sure Rita is well aware that she opening herself up to a substanital lawsuit, and I'm sure she had many legal consultations so me thinks that she has some proof up her sleeve like the video perhaps. I seriously doubt she's going to open herself up to a HUGE libel suit by two parties without an ace in the hole unless she's a complete knucklehead.

If Larry and Howard suddenly back off from any legal action, that's a sure sign that she showed them the video she has of the encounter. That would be just like Eddie Murphy, out of nowhere, dropping his lawsuit witih The Enquirer way back when -- when Eddie was trying to make his late night transvestie hooker pickup into a boy scout good deed. It may be a rag sheet, but they obviously had the goods on him and showed it to him and whooops, lawsuit was instantly dropped and never brought up by him again. C'mon, who was gonna believe that stupid, ridiculous story of Eddie's anyway. Oh yeah, I just happened to be in the seedy part of L.A. at 3 am (even though I'm married and should be home with my wife and 4 kids at 3 am), and I gave this transvesite hooker a ride home just to be a nice guy. Yeah, Eddie, right.

2572 days ago


Texaslady, - the sales of the book says otherwise.

2572 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Well our prayers are with you Larry and Dannielynn.....

It's like a pack of vicious wolves that have come against you: COSBY, OPRI....AND WE ALL KNOW THAT VIRGIE HAS HER 2 cents in there too....

2572 days ago


Larry may be able to deny and disprove every allegation in Cosby's book but I am not sure he can back up his statement of wanting to do what is best for his daughter. Clearly he is self motivated because I can't imagine any parent would agree that having an US Weekly or an OK! camera in your infant and now 1 year old daughter's face is in their best interest. This is all about manipulating the situation to his advantage and he's got his eyes on that big score of the Marshall money that he thinks is due to Danielynn but I think he's going to be in for a shock when he doesn't get any of it. Then I guess he'll be forced to sell the trimmings from her first haircut to pay the bills.

2572 days ago
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