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Halle Berry

... Baby on Board!

9/4/2007 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0904_halle_ex_tmz_01-1TMZ has learned that producers of the upcoming Lionsgate film "Tulia" have scrapped plans to start filming in October -- as the film's star, Halle Berry, is three months pregnant!

A source close to the production tells us Berry, 41, who is currently dating hottie model Gabriel Aubry, was set to star in the movie about the drug and racial profiling scandal in Tulia, Texas. The film, which was scheduled for a 2008 release, was to be directed by John Singleton and also starred Billy Bob Thornton.

We're told the project has not been shelved entirely; producers may decide to pick it up at a later date.

UPDATE: Halle Berry has confirmed the news of her pregnancy to "Access Hollywood." Congrats!


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#85, you're a disgusting human being to wish pregnancy loss on ANYONE no matter HOW much you dislike them.

2583 days ago



2583 days ago


Ahhh the attention starved Halle finally finds a way to get her self-centered ass back in the news. She has followed the lead of many other immoral stars having bastard babies

2583 days ago


After a long battle with infertility, I gave birth at 39 and then again at 41. Both kids are healthy, happy, great-looking and much brighter than average. Older moms can and do have healthy kids.
I'd have loved to have had my kids earlier and even to have had one or two more, but I'd do it all again in a New York minute--even though my kids are nearing their teens now. It's that worth it.
Although the odds of things going wrong do increase with the mom's age, the odds of having a healthy baby are still quite good.

2583 days ago


I am so happy for you guys!!! Congrats and for all the haters eat your heart out!!!

2583 days ago

stephanie honorable    

I am so glad for her. Much love and happiness for them both.

2583 days ago


I think it is great for Halle. It is usually the "goody goody" people that look down their noses at others and can never just be happy for someoone. Just because we all don't have your "better than thou" attitude doesn't make us all jerks. From thoughs of us that still try to be happy for others, "Best wishes Halle and Gabriel!"

2583 days ago


Wow. I really feel for Halle and celebrities in general. There are so many hateful jealous people out there. Has it ever occured to anyone that it is hard to start and maintain a relationship if you are a celebrity? You work crazy hours so that is frustrating to your partner and then your under a microscope too. Every twist, turn, and sneeze is up for public scrutiny by some pretty pathetic people. I'm not surprised that some relationships don't work out. I'm also not surprised that some people opt out of marriage. I don't fault any celebrity and I definately wish them the best of luck.

To Halle: I wish you all the best with your pregnancy and relationship. I'm sure that you'll make a wonderful and loving mother.

2583 days ago


Halle is not too old to have a child. I'm sure she will have fantastic medical care, and I wish her the very best. By the way, a man over the age of 35 runs the same risks as a women over the age of 35 of causing birth defects. Sorry, guys, but even with your little blue pills you run risks as you age, as well.

On the bright side, the father is gorgeous and young. Good for you, Halle.

2583 days ago

jamie barrera    

Hey Halle, I am so happy for you especially if the news is true. You will be a beautiful mother. I believe that true elegance is being a mother. On another note to all that wish to judge or criticize, like Jesus says "He who is without sin cast the first stone" Jesus is standing next to you Halle saying "Go and sin no more for where are your accusers"! God bless you and your unborn baby

2583 days ago


Calm down people..You defensive ones act like shes your friggin sister! No one knows what kind of Mom she will be unless you actually live with her...
And it is a scientific fact that at forty your eggs are old and the liklihood of producing a child with some sort of birth defects goes sky high no matter how fit you are. Plus factor in to the equation that she has been very diabetic for several years and..... well figure it out for yourselves!!
That is the problem with the Hollyweird types, they want it all on their terms!

By the way, Halle got really lucky. While she is very attractive he is simply gorgeous!!

2583 days ago


I don't know what to say about this one.......I mean I love babies and Halle's cool kind of crazy but we can deal with that........but the AGE 41 that's not very young....but I bet the baby will be'll probably look just like her!!!

2583 days ago

Stephanie P.    

Not everyone is jealous of halle berry. some just believe 2 people should be married and have children - not just selfish and want a child no matter what the situation. by the way not everyone wants to breed - i don't - so nothing to be jealous of.

2583 days ago


I only needed to get through the first couple of comments to realize there are many confused people out there!
A baby is a gift from GOD, no matter how it comes into being! Remember Mary Magdalene?.....
Moreover, as far as age, I was in my late 30's when God surprised and blessed my with a beautiful baby girl, who, by the way, is completely normal and healthy!
For all those EVANGALISTS out there, remember, those who live in glass houses.......
Congratulations, Halle, and GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!

2583 days ago


Congrats and good luck to Halle and Gabriel !!!!

2583 days ago
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