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Halle Berry

... Baby on Board!

9/4/2007 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0904_halle_ex_tmz_01-1TMZ has learned that producers of the upcoming Lionsgate film "Tulia" have scrapped plans to start filming in October -- as the film's star, Halle Berry, is three months pregnant!

A source close to the production tells us Berry, 41, who is currently dating hottie model Gabriel Aubry, was set to star in the movie about the drug and racial profiling scandal in Tulia, Texas. The film, which was scheduled for a 2008 release, was to be directed by John Singleton and also starred Billy Bob Thornton.

We're told the project has not been shelved entirely; producers may decide to pick it up at a later date.

UPDATE: Halle Berry has confirmed the news of her pregnancy to "Access Hollywood." Congrats!


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I bet she has no idea who the father is.

2516 days ago


Reading these comments takes away the illusion of goodness in america.

I guess the stone throwers are visible now in the internet age as they were in the dark ages

2516 days ago


Quit lyin! I'm the father. (In my dreams at least)

2516 days ago

live and let live, or mind ur business    

wow, IDIOTS,, a few good and decent comments and then a ton of well, idiots. What I'd like to kknow is,,how many of you talking about Halle actually know her? OK, even ever met her? Let me guess, all this ses crazy, shes this, is based on??? MEDIA, and most likely TRSH media, right?
Get a clue. And besides, look at your own life, judge it. We're all flawed, and if you think you arent. you're the looniest of all.

2516 days ago


It isn't that difficult to get pregnant after 32 Willow. My mother had 4 children after the age of 32. Most women in the 19th century had plenty of children after 32. It is more difficult after 40 to get pregnant. Autistic children are born 1 out of every 150 women of all ages.

2516 days ago

Rachel K    

First of all She is not old, if the baby God forbid does have anything wrong with it as others have stated, she will be the Best mother any baby could want. She was a Great step-mom to her ex's daughter and she will be an even better mom to her own child! My child was raised with out her dead beat dad and I have the best 16 yr old daughter any parent could ever want and yes I know what is going on 24/7 with her because we talk and communicate about everything and in the end that is what it is all about. A woman can raise a child just fine on her own! Men (in Halle's case) are not good at keeping their word about sqaut.
You go Girl, prove all the non-believers wrong...CONGRATULATIONS the baby will be doubt.

2516 days ago


Claire- you are the piece of crap. Do you know Halle personally? DO YOU? Then how the hell do you know anything about her? You just believe everything you read on these websites? Wow, I feel sorry for you if that's true. As far as the baby being "born out of wedlock"- who the hell are you to judge? It's each person's decision how they want to live their life. There are many, many parents who get married just because they have a child and end up giving them a miserable childhood because of it. Stop acting like marriage is the key to a happy child. You must be 12 or a highly judgemental, ignorant person if you think that. God, I hope you don't have kids yourself. Do some research before you open your mouth- you just look stupid!

2516 days ago

Ms Kris    

Save the world from yet another BOMB Berry movie!!!

2516 days ago


Claire needs sex. "Halle Berry should not be having a baby" - who the hell are you?? You should not be posting your stupid statements either, but you are, aren't you? You've got alot to learn about life, little girl - you "piece of crap". Your statements are disgusting. Best of luck, Halle!

2516 days ago


To all the posters who say "marriage before baby" wake up. Its the 2007 and many of us have realized that many of our ancestors, be it grandparents, parents, etc. lived in marriage out of obligation and not out of desire. Marrriage is nothing but a piece of paper given by the courts and a ceremony performed in a ritualistic outdated manner. Halle tried marriage, twice actually, and she realized it wasn't for her. That is a mature decision rather than these people who have been married 3,4,5 or more times. If you are in a committed relationship and love each other, then you don't need a piece of paper granting you permission to have children. CONGRATS Halle!!

2516 days ago


An unmarried 41-year-old diabetic undergoes fertility treatments-she couldn't adopt one of thousands of African-American children in foster care in the U.S.?

2516 days ago


Great news! Best wishes to the Halle and her hottie... Age is just a number and I'm sure Halle is getting excellent prenatal care and taking great care of herself.

2516 days ago

Chuck Roast    

Does this mean she won't be shaving her head?

2516 days ago


Congrats to Halle, but c'mon girl tell your real age! You've been shaving 2 years off of it for YEARS and we've got the Bedford High School yearbook to prove it! Hubby knew ya WAY back when!!

And I agree, would be nice if some of these stars would get married, babies need daddies that are THERE for them!

2516 days ago

hello, it    

Are you nuts, or just trying to make people angry? Either way, you are pitiful.

72. great, another 1/2 breed, oreo bastard kid in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too many of welfare babies already.

Posted at 8:22PM on Sep 4th 2007 by post

2516 days ago
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