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Howard to Rita: Back Off, B***h!

9/4/2007 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Breaking NewsTMZ has obtained a statement from uber-attorney Lin Wood about Rita Cosby's scandalous new book, "Blonde Ambition." Wood represents Anna Nicole Smith's lover Howard K Stern:

Mr. Stern and I are in the process of reviewing and evaluating Ms. Cosby's book. If the statements about Mr. Stern cited in recent media and Internet reports are in fact contained in her book, Mr. Stern will file and aggressively pursue a libel case against Ms. Cosby and her publishers, Hachette Book Group USA and Grand Central Publishing. All of the accusations in the published reports are false and defamatory. On Friday of last week, I reminded Ms. Cosby and her publisher of the obvious fact that Jackie Hatten is not a credible or reliable source for any accusation against Mr. Stern. Copies of that correspondence are attached hereto. Any publication or republication of false accusations based on Hatten as a source will be published with a reckless disregard for truth or falsity.

The more information I have received over the last several days about Ms. Cosby's book, the more convinced I am that she has, as a practical matter, authored a work of pure fiction. It appears that Ms. Cosby has joined the ranks of sleazy tabloid journalists who are willing to publish the print equivalent of sewerage to engage in character assassination for profit.

Ms. Cosby obviously conducted no investigation into the accusations she makes against Mr. Stern. Ms. Cosby obviously has no credible or reliable sources for the accusations she makes against Mr. Stern. With minimal investigative effort, Ms. Cosby would have known that the accusations were false and factually unsupportable. Ms. Cosby apparently admits that her information is in many instances based on second and third hand hearsay, rumor or gossip. She also apparently admits that she did not even meet or interview the sources for her most scurrilous false accusations against my client.

In the proper forum, at the proper time, Mr. Stern is prepared to submit overwhelming factual evidence clearly refuting these false accusations. The coverage of the tragic and untimely deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and her son, Daniel, has too often been focused on false, sensationalized and scandalous accusations. Again, if Ms. Cosby's book contains the statements being reported in the media and on the Internet, she has taken the coverage to a disgusting new low for which she will be held legally accountable.

It appears that Ms. Cosby made a decision out of personal greed to publish false rumors with a reckless disregard for truth or falsity. In my opinion, Ms. Cosby's involvement in writing and publishing this trashy book for personal profit should be a professional embarrassment to her former employers, MSNBC and Fox News. It will certainly be a matter for litigation against her and her publishers.

The public record establishes that the reported accusations by Ms. Cosby are false and factually unsupportable. Republication of Ms. Cosby's accusations by members of the media who knowingly give them additional print or broadcast coverage may also be actionable. I would urge responsible and principled members of the media to refrain from republishing these false and defamatory accusations against Mr. Stern.

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Go Howard!

2608 days ago


Go get him Rita!!

2607 days ago

Stephanie Goldmin    

So whens THIS movie going to come out?

2607 days ago


Yawwnnnnnn ...

2607 days ago

Boo Hoo    

I assume Howard will find one or two things that he can prove false and use that to sum up the credibilty of the whole book.!! Just my opinion. I am sure he is going through the book with a fine tooth comb looking for whatever he can prove to be false.

2607 days ago


These culprits have dirt all over them & just trying to scare people from telling the truth. Howard & Larry are acting like bulldogs after a bone. Chew them up spit them out & stomp them Rita.

2607 days ago


Drop dead Howard - pimping mrdering f^%^$% idiot,

I hope ya die!!! die!! die!! and Larry too

2607 days ago


It's pretty obvious to me that these men are being overly defensive. Which leads me to believe that there is some truth to what Rita is saying. Being an attorney herself, its hard for me to believe that she would be stupid enough to write a book that's ALL LIES.

I always thought Howard and Larry's reconciliation smelled fishy. Something just wasn't quite right about the whole thing. Howard seemed determined to keep that child, then suddenly, they reconcile and are all smiles?!?!?!?

Sex, lies and money!!!! LOL!!

2607 days ago


Come on somebody, shut them up with the video of Larry and Howard on U-tube !!! Let the truth begin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2607 days ago

white trash america    

sheesh! won't this sensationalism around anna nicole smith ever go away?

she was a poor girl from a small town, she turned to stripping, got lucky with the old guy & GUESS... turned to drugs to cope with her less then innocent lifestyle (i assume) and lost herself. in the process, her drug abuse affected her parenting skills & her poor son suffered as well... then she died. THE END!!!

must we continue to talk about her & create this FRENZY especially when she has a lil' baby girl who will undoubtedly be affected by all of this exploitation? that poor lil' girl doesn't stand a CHANCE at normalcy.

2607 days ago

Boo Hoo    

If you ask me, nobody can make Howard look worse than he does all by himself!!

2607 days ago

Spell Check.    

Any entries in Ms. Cosby's publication referring to my client as a "bone smuggler", "pole smoker", "butt pirate", and/or "turd burglar" will result in swift legal action.

2607 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Howard are you gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

2607 days ago


Somebody is scared!!! LB and HS!!!! Let us read the book, we saw how you wanted your position to be seen....Let us take a look on the inside.....Don't be scared.....let us judge for ourselves.....I still find it to be shocking that LB turn against VA......HS must had something over his head......I want to see the video!!!!!! This sound like a whopping case of extortion by all parties.....Greed! Lies! Sex! Video! Scandal!

2607 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Howard, did you choose Lin Wood as your attorney because his last name is Wood?

2607 days ago
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