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The Britney Plot Thickens

9/4/2007 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsLast week we told you that the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services was conducting an investigation into Britney Spears and the way she's raising her kids.

We now know more: Three separate anonymous complaints were filed the week of July 2, accusing Spears of this and that. We're told all three were investigated and two were promptly closed out. As for the third, DCFS just dropped the ball and left it hanging.

The complaint that wasn't closed-out centers on allegations that the dental hygiene and eating habits of the kids were bad. There's also a claim that her kitchen cabinets were not babyproofed, and the kids could get into dishwashing liquid and whatnot.

Here's a clue: DCFS could have gone to the dependency court and filed a petition, which would signal the Department was taking it all seriously. That hasn't happened, partly because we're told Brit's kitchen cabinets have proper kiddie locks.


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Man, its great what you find out after people jump to conclusions. Glad to see that K-Fed's defense and all this court crap are getting more and more ridiculous

2583 days ago


Pick, Pick, Pick.

2583 days ago


Why won't the ,edia just leave Britney alone? We always seem to have pics of her doing things "bad" but never seem to have her doing anything good which i'm sure happens. She's a young mother struggling with super stardom and an idiot ex-husband. Let her attempt her comeback . If it least it was on her terms. Find someone else to pick on!!

2583 days ago


And we wonder why DCFS doesn't have time to always fully address the critical cases where children are actually in danger...

2583 days ago


Amazing, nobody at CPS in NY wanted to hear how my ex was abusing my child....yet they crucify Brittany over Dental hygiene of the kids ?
Give me a break.
Somebody better investigate K-Fed for making all these reports

2583 days ago


I think all this crap is coming up because KFED wants cash from Britney....everyone knows what she is worth and you know since he was married to her he wants more of the action. Leave her alone, and investigate the cases where kids are being truly abused.....KFED sucks azzzzzzz.

2583 days ago


While they are at it...let them investigate K-Fed as unfit for his drinking, drugs, and going to prositutes.....thats real good as a father..right ?

2583 days ago

Here comes the judge    

Can't anyone see this is all Kevin??? He's doing everything he can to make her look bad.

2583 days ago


Kids get into stuff - That's a fact of parenthood. I have 3 and they all get into something now and then that they shouldn't, regardless of the child-proof locks I have on cabinets and doors. They find ways around. You can't blame the parent because occasionally the child gets into something bad. You can't blame the child. You can't BLAME at all. It's a fact of life. Why do you think we stock up on BandAids, Neosporin, and Ipecac...

2583 days ago

mo dewme    

i think its one big scam by the loser ex husband who needs to find a JOB

2583 days ago

Desease control    

Once I reported a Moter who wasnt watching her baby properly.
The dFC never did anythin, and then about a month later the baby fell off a balcony and died.

2583 days ago


Why can't they just leave her alone.... Move on, Brit would be just fine if "people" would leave her alone!!!

2583 days ago

Sheree M    

It sound like the people that write this stuff might need to clean out from under there own door step and leave this young lady alone...People who write about this has nothing else to do...I never said she was the best mother, but I don't feel she is a bad one by far..... I bet who ever writes this trash on people they need to pull there kids dental records I just bet they have not had the best check up...

2583 days ago


hey...what about K-Fed?...he has 50/50 custody...he is JUST AS RESPONSIBLE for these children's teeth!!!

Furthermore...gimma a freakin break. The kid is 2. How many of you went to a dentist at 2? My oldest is only alittle older then S.P. and she hasn't gone to the dentist.....oh, and she eats French Fries! OMG....someone save my little child!!!

I think many of your are loosing focus on what the real problem is.....that this woman can't even go to the bathroom without people telling her that she did it wrong.

What really amazes me is that there thousands and thousands of little children that really are mistreated and neglected in this country everyday and the media instead focuses on someone who is probably a pretty good mom. Perhaps you should try comparing her to a few of the real CPS cases and see how bad she fares. My guess...oh, maybe is isn't so bad....

2583 days ago


I think that the complaints filed on July 2 may have been made by a few bloggers on this site
I wouldn't doubt it. It is just a shame that people are allowed to do this whether the allegation is true or false. And while that social worker from DCFS is investigating these false allegations there is a child out there really being abused.
There should be a law against this, and these people should have criminal charges pressed against them

2583 days ago
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