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Who Is the Latest Michael Vick Defender??

9/4/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You'll never guess who the latest person is to jump into the Michael Vick defense fray!!

It's Whoopi!

On her first day as "The View's" moderator, Goldberg made a big splash -- more like a big splat --playing apologist for confessed dogfighting kingpin Michael Vick's canine torturing, explaining that dogfighting was "part of his cultural upbringing."

Much to the obvious dismay of "View"-mates Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Goldberg suggested that Vick might not have known that he was doing a viciously horrific thing with his dogfighting ring. "You know, from his background, this is not an unusual thing for where he comes from," said the redundant Whoopi.

Not content to perpetuate stereotypes about Southerners and dogfighting, Goldberg also likened Vick and his outrage to the Chinese and eating cats. "People would not like it if we ate kitty," she said.

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Oh, Whoopie -- what a way to start. Just because everyone's doing it doesn't make it right (and I lived in the south -- everyone isn't doing it). Dog fighting is ILLEGAL. And those are federal charges he's up against, right? And the actual "sport" aside -- Vick tortured and killed these animals. That just makes him a sick freak who gets off on pain. Isn't that how serial killers start? Torturing animals? Must have made him feel like a big, strong man.

I stopped watching the view with Rosie -- was ready to give it another chance. I can't believe BW has allowed her reputation to be sullied in such a way. For shame, Babs, for shame... Just cancel The View and be done with it.

2572 days ago


If this is not a racial issue why are you calling Whoopi a racist?

2572 days ago


Oh, hell no! All the woman wearing Mink and Fur! I bet no one pelts them or take away their jobs. Hey, I am not saying what he did was right. But, they should have let him donate money which is needed to homeless animals. He could have done a lot!

Then he should clean and help with the animals. But, everyone is so quick to jump on the hang his ass wagan. I love furbabies just as much as anyone. But, If you are going to
put one man out there. THen Wall Street had better get ready. Wait until Fur season comes. THose animals die horrible too. But, of course you would not call all the fine ladies who nothing but that something that a female dog is. Bite that!

2572 days ago


I ran into Mike Vick this morning while taking my grandson to school, and first I was surprised to see him in a public school.I asked if he was "Mike Vick" - he said yes & I asked if I could get a picture of the two of us. He was very nice & let me take a picture. I know we all make mistakes for different things, and I don't know all the facts of what happened, but I just thought that it was super nice of him to let me take a picture of me with him.

2572 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Crime was a part of his upbringing to, but its still illegal!!

2572 days ago


She WAS NOT defending him. She said that no one had aknowledged that this is part of his culture. I, too, am from the South. Don't be fooled by previous, possibly naive, comments; in certain socio-economic Southern cultures, dog fighting is huge. I was wrong. He should have known better. But rest assured, dog fighting was part of his upbringing, part of his socialization.

2572 days ago


The culture excuse is okay if he never left his homestead and still lived with all his family. Unfortunately for him he is a college educated person who knew it was wrong and therefore went to great lenghts to conceal his involvement, including public denial. He is trash and should be fed to the dogs. I admire Whoopi but this is definitely a bandwagon she should not get on. Eating cats for food is significantly different that torturing dogs for fun. Even you should understand that Whoopi!

2572 days ago



She is defending him because he is black. she was one of the loudest opponents of Don Imus for WORDS that he said. Michael Vick condoned, bet on, and hosted dog fights. he killed dogs himself. Imus made a joke on a COMEDY SHOW, and she called for him to be fired.

2572 days ago


People who grow up in bad areas also gang rape women, should that be defended as well and forgive?

2572 days ago


u all are idiots! it is a part of black culture. it's about status. dog fighting, and breeding pitbulls are things that some black men like to do. get over it! stop making a big deal over it. she was giving her opinion as she knows it. stop reading what TMZ writes, they twist EVERY story into something bigger than what it is. watch the footage, she was just trying to make a point.

2572 days ago

Texas Tort    

I don't know why anyone is surprised at this.....Whoopi has been heading in a downward spiral for some time now. Yep, another Rosie....just way too full of herself and can't help mouthing off.

2572 days ago


If he is more of an animal than you would love him more...correct.

2572 days ago


When you live in a country that has LAWS to protect animals this is unacceptable, I dont care what Chinese people are eating !! It is very irresponsible to just say...well that's part of his cultural upbringing...B.S. !!!!! This is the United States not Singapore !!! a lot of people grow up exposed to violence, drugs, gangs, guns, you name it...doesnt mean that people who were born and raised in this country dont know right from wrong (from a legal standpoint anyway) he knew it was wrong !!!! What an unbelievably ignorant comment !!!

2572 days ago


I'm at a loss for words.

Barbara you just went from bad to worst...good job.

2572 days ago


Cultural upbringing? What a crock !! Then incest is also part of "cultural upringing" in the South
Vick is a reasonably educated person. He knew very well dog fighting was not legal or he would have advertised his Bad Newz Kennels on radio, TV and internet !!

2572 days ago
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