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Who Is the Latest Michael Vick Defender??

9/4/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You'll never guess who the latest person is to jump into the Michael Vick defense fray!!

It's Whoopi!

On her first day as "The View's" moderator, Goldberg made a big splash -- more like a big splat --playing apologist for confessed dogfighting kingpin Michael Vick's canine torturing, explaining that dogfighting was "part of his cultural upbringing."

Much to the obvious dismay of "View"-mates Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Goldberg suggested that Vick might not have known that he was doing a viciously horrific thing with his dogfighting ring. "You know, from his background, this is not an unusual thing for where he comes from," said the redundant Whoopi.

Not content to perpetuate stereotypes about Southerners and dogfighting, Goldberg also likened Vick and his outrage to the Chinese and eating cats. "People would not like it if we ate kitty," she said.

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Dixie in Myrtle Beach    

I wonder why his Mother let him hold dog fights in the family home garage as has been reported by his Father. I am Southern and was raised in the mountains of Upper East Tennessee and I have never seen a dog fight or even knew where any were being held.

2614 days ago


I didn't say he is excused. I am saying that it IS a par tof his culture. When you surround yourself with people who have not yet matured, you in turn do immature stuff. Of course it's not right! She was just making the point that he probably had NO IDEA how much trouble he would get in if he was caught because SOOOO many people he knows and knew growing up do the SAME DAMN THING and NEVER got caught or seriously in trouble for doing it. Again. she WAS NOT DEFENDING HIM! just making a point on how this is what he grow up doing! WATCH THE CLIP BEFORE YOU JUDGE!

2614 days ago


I live right down the street from where Michael grew up. We went to school together also. His upbringing was not that bad. Yeah times were/are tough but that is no excuse to know right from wrong. She is trying to make it sound like in VA all we do is dogfight. That couldnt be farther from the truth. Not only that, his own father, whom granted he is estranged from told the media to stop sugarcoating it that Vick knew what he was doing was wrong and has been dogfighting since 2001. This is just another black celebrity playing the race card. Because I guess she has nothing better to do than make it about culture or race. Shame on you Whoopi.

2614 days ago


It would be great to hear comments from someone who actually watched. Just believe anything you read huh??? Get up, get out and stop living through the media. They spin everything just for your reading pleasure. Then all the great thinkers start flaming each other on threads. Racist posters followed by a healthy dose of gay bashing one minute, jealous folks bash celebs they wish they could be the next. Get it, they love to get a rise outta ya, and they actually get paid for it. Thanks for your support, no life having *$&*^&%.

2614 days ago

Boycot all Jesses Business    

I saw it and it made me sick. She would not drop it either, on and on she went, bringing it back up. It seemed like she had promised him she would do it or something. Worst View i've ever seen, people do not want to watch that. Rosie was better and she was awful. The View is FINISHED. How sad.

2614 days ago


Dogfighting is not a southern, cultural thing. I grew up in the south, and lived there for 20+ years. I knew people in the cities, and I knew people in the country, and NO ONE I knew participated in dog fighting. In fact, pretty much everyone I knew that did have dogs cherished them as members of their family. I'm sure if dogfighting was so "normal" then I would've come across it at some point.

2614 days ago

pay atention    

Torture is torture!! Anyone with a soul knows that it would be wrong to do what Michael Vick did. It isn't about culture it's about being a human!! One with a soul and conscience.

2614 days ago


Seriously.....when are they going to take this show off the air!!!!! Way to go really know how to pick them!!!

2614 days ago

Sarah Silverman Looks Like a Beast    


#29, can you say "Star F_cker"?

2614 days ago

Helene Frankel    

There is NO explanation for what Michael Vick did. And why is everyone JUST talking
about 8 dogs he killed? What about ALL the dogs that fought and died from
wounds? This went on for a long time- the dead count is not just 8 I assure you.

I am NOT surprised by Ms Goldberg's comment- you just take it and Vick's behavior
And it sadly is very true, Asian culture does eat dogs and cats.
It's a very sorry world.

2614 days ago


Whoopi knows about dog fighting in the south and hasn't called the police or stepped up and brought it to the public's attention? Sounds like she herself has been involved with it.

Really Whoopi PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO PUT A STOP TO DOG FIGHTING AND KILLING? You obviously were aware it was taking place. Use your celeb status to put a freaking stop to it instead of making excuses for it.

2614 days ago

Boycot all Jesses Business    

I watched it. Woopie was defending him, no question about it,

2614 days ago

Fred Parker    

Whoopi is qs geographically challenged as that beauty queen from South Carolina saying that Vick was from the "deep south." Richmond is not that far from Washington, D. C.

2614 days ago


You people are ridiculous. Whoopi wasn't defending him, It's NOT JUST a black thing,dogs are eaten in Asia, and try feeling just as passionate about this sort of thing when your child is sick, or people die. They're just dogs. I mean, they're great, I love animals, but, feel this passionate about other things. A lot of your comments are just as pathetic as M. Vick. No race is perfect, they all do stupid, assinine things. Realy, grow up.

2614 days ago


Quit making excuses for bad and criminal behavior. I would like to think that we have come farther than the barbaric ways of our ancestors. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I get so tired of these entertainers, sports stars, rap stars making the big bucks and they haven't learned to leave the "street" behind, so they are no more than rich criminals and thugs that now have the money to continue their illegal ways. Throw the book at him and slam the jail cell door he knew what he was doing was wrong.

2614 days ago
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