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Who Is the Latest Michael Vick Defender??

9/4/2007 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You'll never guess who the latest person is to jump into the Michael Vick defense fray!!

It's Whoopi!

On her first day as "The View's" moderator, Goldberg made a big splash -- more like a big splat --playing apologist for confessed dogfighting kingpin Michael Vick's canine torturing, explaining that dogfighting was "part of his cultural upbringing."

Much to the obvious dismay of "View"-mates Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Goldberg suggested that Vick might not have known that he was doing a viciously horrific thing with his dogfighting ring. "You know, from his background, this is not an unusual thing for where he comes from," said the redundant Whoopi.

Not content to perpetuate stereotypes about Southerners and dogfighting, Goldberg also likened Vick and his outrage to the Chinese and eating cats. "People would not like it if we ate kitty," she said.

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2604 days ago


47. I cannot believe Whoopi defending Vick implying people from the South are ignorant to laws regarding animal abuse. Guess what Whoopi, we have dog fights EVERYWHERE including Michigan, Ohio, New York and probably every state. What a slap in the face to everyone from the south! You say it's a "cultural" thing? Come on. Whether we are raised Caucasian, African-American, Japanese, Chinese, Latino, etc. we live in the UNITED STATES where animal abuse is ILLEGAL and we all know it. Most animal abusers are also known to eventually kill people.


For the love of some semblance of intelligence, do not type if you're going to be this deluded.

For one, she did not say ALL of the south, did she? No. That would be a grand generalization that would have been completely and totally false. What she DID say was that it was a part of HIS cultural upbringing, from where HE grew up, in HIS part of the SOUTH. Fried Pickles is considered a "southern" thing, but not ALL southern people know what a fried pickle is, much less have eaten them. People assume that the south is full of confederate flag waving hicks, but that's not true either. Perhaps rather than taking only bits and pieces of what is said and then making an assumption and grand generalization about that assumed grand generalization, you'll spend more time reading and educating yourself on the dos and don'ts of proper reading comprehension.

On a side note, animal abuse differs in each state. While it is totally unacceptable to kill a dog in some states for food, it is perfectly legal in others. In some states, it is illegal to tie your dog to a tree your own the shade. And, despite this being the "UNITED STATES", each state has its own constitution, and own county, district, and municipal laws that differ from other areas, even if separated by a few inches, so don't lump up ethnic differences without taking into consideration simple geographical ones based solely on tax revenue.

2604 days ago


Cultural upbringing plays a factor in most lives, mine included. But seriously, any heritage of which I may feel pride does not supercede the laws of this nation or, equally as important , human decency and responsibility. I also could not imgaine supporting a "culture" that engourages perverting an animals inbred desire to please humans into something brutally violent and painful so those same "thinking" human beings can add another thrilling betting event to their quiver. I am ashamed to share my species with these human animals. Michael Vick knows exactly what he has been doing and is sorry he was caught subjecting and slaughtering the winners and losers. I thought I had seen it all. B Gray

2604 days ago


This is true! From where we are from we do see dogfighting -ALL THE TIME- as just something in the hood- mostly for money. I'm almost sure that Mike didn't know that he was going to get fed time for something that if we get caught for in our hood- they take the dogs and give you a hefty fine. He simply didn't know. I just hope that he invested his money into some other ventures where he can really see a profit-but, I doubt it!

2604 days ago


#61, you are 100% correct.

In addition, the view has had no credibility now for a year. It needs to fold and go off the air for good. It has become a disgrace and an insult to our intelligence. I stopped watching it when Barbara hired Rosie. I was hoping Whoopi would be an improvement, but obviously she showed her true colors today (no pun intended).

2604 days ago


Hey "give it up" Whoppi should have stood up to say what he did was terribly wrong and even though he may have learned this outrageous behaviour from his "deep South" roots (although that's debatable) he should never have taken part in such cruel inhumane activity. Shame on her for even suggesting what he did was learned from his culture. I think there are many people living in the deep south who would beg to differ with her. But then again she's never been one who makes the best choices in life. I think the View made a big mistake if this is the kind of view she is bringing to the table - we are never watching it again. She sounds like a moron and is if she believes what she said. They should all be punished for what they did and they should all be stopped no matter where they are living. And by the way WHOPPI if this is something Vick saw as a young man and thought it was OK then why did he hide it?????

2604 days ago

Diana Baker    

Vick is not that dumb. Killing a dog is killing a dog no matter if it is a pet loved puppy of one he would turn into a fighting dog. Wrong is wrong and he had to know it. If not he is brain dead from playing his ball sport.

2604 days ago


Totally ignorant just like Vick. That's right! Keep on blaming your smallmindedness on something else instead of just saying you were wrong!

2604 days ago

southern lady    

IS she serious? It is a 'part of his cultural upbringing" Please, let me make one thing perfectly clear, just because he's from the south is NO indication that this is an acceptable practice. As a southerner I can assure all who read this blog that we DO NOT condone this behavior! I wonder what Ms. Goldberg's reponse would be if the guilty party was a white guy named Bubba from WV, would she still defend his actions as being "part of his cultural upbringing"....I doubt it very seriously!

2604 days ago


Watch first thing tomorrow morning Barbara will annouce the view doesn't support vick or dog fighting.

2604 days ago

JeFf RogerS    

Whoopie, I have always thought you sucked, and now you tell me why!! Have a GREAT day Rosie/Whoopie Cushion, better to have Al Sharpton on there.

2604 days ago



2604 days ago


Being a slave to culture is no excuse.

2604 days ago


Hey Whoopi, didn't Vick plead guilty? I'm sure you know what that means right??

2604 days ago


hey whoopi, Didn't M.Vick plead guilty? What do you think that means???

2604 days ago
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