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Birkhead to Rita - You're Gonna Pay!

9/5/2007 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead is planning to sue Rita Cosby over her salacious new book -- and he says it's going to be "one of the most expensive lawsuit settlements in book publishing history."

Birkhead told the AP that he intends to bring the hammer down on Cosby, her sources, and Grand Central Publishing over what he calls a work of "pure fiction," as he told TMZ's Harvey Levin last night on CNN's "Larry King Live." "It's totally false and defamatory," said Birkhead. "She never once tried to contact me or Howard to see if any of these things were true."

Nicole – I Was Engaged Post-Tom, Pre-Keith

Nicole Kidman reveals that she was engaged to a man after the end of her marriage to Tom Cruise -- but won't say who it was.

She tells Vanity Fair that after her breakup from the Scientoloman, "I didn't really want a relationship, "yet shortly thereafter got engaged to somebody ... but it just wasn't right." She also says that she had a miscarriage with Cruise, and claims that she was "in love" with Tom.

Kate Gets Brushoff from Owen's Peeps

Kate Hudson has been trying to get in touch with Owen Wilson in his time of need, but his family "doesn't want her anywhere near him."

Gatecrasher reports that Owen's ex has been "very frustrated" that she's getting the cold shoulder from the Wilson camp, but an insider says that the Wilsons "don't think Kate is good for him." The pair got together during the filming of "You, Me, and Dupree," but the relationship took a dive earlier this year.

Party Favors: Spice Girls Get George Michael to Pen Song? ... Amy Declinehouse and Blake Not-So-Civil Get Help – From a Rabbi?

The Spice Girls are going to contend for that mystical Brit pop-hit title -- Christmas number one -- and we hear they've enlisted George Michael to write it for them. They'll be taking on "X-Factor" winner and Simon Cowell pet Leona Lewis for the crown. ... Amy Winehouse and husband Blake have been offered some spiritual guidance -- from Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin of the London-based charity, Drugline. "I will happily offer support and advice," says Rabbi Sufrin. Meth is definitely treyf.


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I think that is pretty messed up that Owen's meddling family won't let Kate see Owen. Its not like she is going over there to have sex with him. lol why do family always have to meddle in private lives? He choose her, they spent time together, I doubt she put a gun to his head so that they can hang out. the family needs to loosen up.

2606 days ago


By the way, why hasn't the California Bar taken action to disbar Stern? Having sex with a client, dispensing drugs to a client, bribing a public official. This is all illegal and completely unethical.

2606 days ago


Go get 'em, Larry!!!

2606 days ago


'one of the most 'expensive' lawsuits in publishing history' says larry....that means lots of money and exposure for you, right? the publicity over this 'lawsuit' will probably generate alot of 'income' for you...rita too, no doubt....rita's selling a book, you're selling a baby and profiting from a very brief 'relationship' with the baby's mother, who happens to be dead....

2606 days ago


Ron Rale "implied" that the inquest to Daniel's death may never happen. HOW SAD!!! Howie gets away with it AGAIN!!!!!

And why is Howard STILL being allowed to squat at Horizons?????

2606 days ago


I thought it was interesting that one of the hosts on ET flat out told Rita Cosby she was lying about Howard being on the phone saving a block of rooms for ET instead of going to the hospitial with Anna in the ambulance as she was dying. By the way .... no one can ride in the ambulance other than the patient and medics.

2606 days ago

Always amused    

#11 Of course that's what you believe because you are part of a closed min society that broder line on a serious mental problem of this country called "gutter". If Jesus Christ came to you personal and told you differently, you would still believe the smut.

2606 days ago


If I were Larry Birkhead, I'd sue the pants off Rita as well!

2606 days ago

Ms Kris    

"Drop Your Clothes in Bomb Movies" Kidman WILL BE ENGAGED AGAIN when marriage #2 is over.

Keep in mind 4 months after "Naked" Kidman & "Drugs"Urban married last year HE WENT INTO REHAB-OR THE TOILET.

So, you know where this marriage will end up.

2606 days ago


Jerkhead contradicted his own SWORN TESTIMONY that he PERSONALLY saw Howard dispense drugs to a pregnant Anna from a duffle bag in the hospital, BY KEEPING HIS MOUTH SHUT when Rale lied to the American people, saying Stern never gave Anna drugs.

2606 days ago


Larry Birkhead is a GOOD guy - no matter what they say. He is taking care of his baby and fought for her - unlike too many deadbeat dads these days.
Rita Cosby's credibility is as good as her raspy-ugly voice. No-Good!
We all know that Nicole Kidman was engaged to Lenny Kravitz- no secret there.
Owen Wilson is old enuf to make his own decisions about Kate Hudson or anyone else

2606 days ago


And oh, by the way, what kind of a person would EVER team up with a creep lawyer that he claims he saw give drugs to his pregnant girlfriend?

Rale and Stern of course, didn't even bother to keep Anna's will up to date, and let her disinherit her future heirs, Dannilynn. That's what good lawyering they did for Anna. Real lawyers are going to chew these creeps up and spit them out, and I guarantee you, it won't get that far to take Jerkhead, Rale and $tern's depositions.

2606 days ago


Uh....people..... Obviously Owen Wilson was already into hardcore drugs, which is probably the reason she left him.....she does have a little boy to think about! I've seen people post that she probably drove him to it....he was doing it before....who goes from dead strait sober to using heroin and cocaine? Kate did what every self respecting woman with a small child would do....remove herself and the child from the situation.....too many kids are exposed to that....good for her!

2606 days ago


#11: That's my guess as well...Lenny Kravitz.

As far as Kate Hudson goes, stay away from him and wish him well. Period. People cause people pain, and then when the pain becomes known to the world, those same idiots are the ones wanting to see if there's anything they can do.

2606 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Owen's not good for himself! Nice of Kate to try and reach out.

2606 days ago
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