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Birkhead to Rita - You're Gonna Pay!

9/5/2007 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead is planning to sue Rita Cosby over her salacious new book -- and he says it's going to be "one of the most expensive lawsuit settlements in book publishing history."

Birkhead told the AP that he intends to bring the hammer down on Cosby, her sources, and Grand Central Publishing over what he calls a work of "pure fiction," as he told TMZ's Harvey Levin last night on CNN's "Larry King Live." "It's totally false and defamatory," said Birkhead. "She never once tried to contact me or Howard to see if any of these things were true."

Nicole – I Was Engaged Post-Tom, Pre-Keith

Nicole Kidman reveals that she was engaged to a man after the end of her marriage to Tom Cruise -- but won't say who it was.

She tells Vanity Fair that after her breakup from the Scientoloman, "I didn't really want a relationship, "yet shortly thereafter got engaged to somebody ... but it just wasn't right." She also says that she had a miscarriage with Cruise, and claims that she was "in love" with Tom.

Kate Gets Brushoff from Owen's Peeps

Kate Hudson has been trying to get in touch with Owen Wilson in his time of need, but his family "doesn't want her anywhere near him."

Gatecrasher reports that Owen's ex has been "very frustrated" that she's getting the cold shoulder from the Wilson camp, but an insider says that the Wilsons "don't think Kate is good for him." The pair got together during the filming of "You, Me, and Dupree," but the relationship took a dive earlier this year.

Party Favors: Spice Girls Get George Michael to Pen Song? ... Amy Declinehouse and Blake Not-So-Civil Get Help – From a Rabbi?

The Spice Girls are going to contend for that mystical Brit pop-hit title -- Christmas number one -- and we hear they've enlisted George Michael to write it for them. They'll be taking on "X-Factor" winner and Simon Cowell pet Leona Lewis for the crown. ... Amy Winehouse and husband Blake have been offered some spiritual guidance -- from Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin of the London-based charity, Drugline. "I will happily offer support and advice," says Rabbi Sufrin. Meth is definitely treyf.


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stop the madness    

Kate is an idoit like her 80 year old mother,keep her away poison!

2608 days ago



2608 days ago


Well they say its not over till the FAT LADY SINGS....Rita is pretty Fat...

2608 days ago

Redneck Messiah    

I went to a Sullivan University (a "culinary academy", if you will) in Louisville Kentucky. While there I worked several of the famed Barnestable Brown Kentucky Derby parties (where Larry met Anna) and met many people (locals, who i became great friends with) who went to Doss High School in Louisville with Larry. Word has it that even back then (in high school) that he was gay. Also rumored, Larry's twin bother Louie was gay as well. Gay, straight, bi-sexual who cares! Anyone can see that he loves that baby and that he is in it for her, not just the money and/or fame. Anyways, to get to the seems that Larry has a thing for media whores. I'm sure Kerrick (Kerri) Waddle Ross (the ex-model/guy that Larry had a fling with in 2000) is just itching to get his .02 cents in over this whole Rita Cosby book deal. Let it be known that while Kerrick has no problems talking dirt about someone else for money, he'll forget to mention that his modeling career is shot to hell and that he often resorts to slinging drinks at a gay dive-bar called "The Connection" just so he can make rent before the eviction notice is tacked on his door. The ONLY modeling that Kerrick does this day and age is for the men cruising Cherokee Parks restrooms. I think maybe he has forgotten that EVERYONE in Louisville knows his sordid personal story but, never thought to discuss it with the media.
I hope Kerrick made enough money (by selling his soul to the National Enquirer) to cover his meds, eye creams and knee pads because I can't imagine that Rhodes Clothing would want to continue putting your mug in their ads now. Sordid peoples faces don’t exactly sell clothes to blue-bloods and their babies.

2608 days ago

Mary T.    

Rita Cosby is A HAS _BEEN and anyone buying this book loves to read unproven facts and lies. COS _ A +BEE can't keep a job so she's resorted to the techniques of losers....I hope she gets prison time and they get her off the streets..she is a danger to society and the sanity of Americans.

2608 days ago


To those of you who look at this man's money/fame and fail to understand what--to quote a few of you--his problem is: all the money in the world cannot buy you peace. Personal demons, as many of us many already know, often refuse to simply name their price, let you pay, and move on. Having a higher net worth than the Average Joe does nothing to change this fact of life.

2608 days ago

Mary T.    

Rita Cosby ,

Have you called Jenny Craig?

2608 days ago

blast from the past.....    

Connections has a great drag show! Hurricane Summers rocks!

2608 days ago


Danilynne's mother was so greedy and died in the midst of an ongoing lawsuit against the Marshall family. And now we have Danilynne's daddy who is out to sue the whole world. Boy, this kid has great genetics.

To anyone who thinks Larry is a wonderful dad-PLEASE. Would you exploit YOUR daughter for money? That baby is a MEAL TICKET to him, that's all. I thought he said he was going to Kentucky to live a peaceful, NORMAL life once he got custody of the baby. And when is this going to take place?

2608 days ago


I have a tape of Rita Cosby and Virgie Arthur and Debra Opri all going down on eachother in front of John O'Quinn while he tries to get it up...I NEED TO CALL THE ENQUIRER ASAP.

2608 days ago


This book's just like my childhood in New know what I'm sayin' Texas?...Tex...T? You get what I'm sayin' here? When it's all said and done, we all go home and all each of us truly has to hold on to is a cheese sandwich and a spatula! Ya know?

2608 days ago


I was with Larry all the way up until a few months ago.This man is supposedly a celebrity photographer,but seems no one ever heard of him until after he got Anna pregnant.No matter what any of you say Birkhead has not worked since he has won custody of that baby he is to busy trying to make money off of a 1 year old.The courts need to step in and make sure that this money is going into a trust and not Larrys pockets.Which I highly suspect it is.If you think it is okay for a man to make money off his baby something is really messed up.The fact is that most rumors are created from some sort of truth.Larry is sue happy to keep his real life out of the public eye which could damge his credibilty as a father.The reason he fired Opri had nothing to do with her bill,it was because she found out the truth about Birkhead,and his shady dealings with ole Howie boy.Did not agree with it.How do you think that Rita got alot of her info to write this book.Opri of course,and dont you think she had an insider perspective to it all.I have been in a involved in a lawsuit before.It is not like a criminal case where they have to watch everthing they say.There may be somethings that Birkhead may not want to come out in a civil case.You better know what your asking for Larry,casue you may bite your ownself in the ass in the end.

2608 days ago


I'll bet O'Quinn has a contingency plan for Howard squelching an inquest. He was already caught bribing a government official, Shane Gibson, with a Rolex. I look for Daniel's natural father to file suit in the eventuality of Howie getting off the hook from an inquest.

2608 days ago


Me thinks Lennon and McCartney had Cosby's personality and career arc pegged way back in the day...

Lovely Rita meter maid
nothing can come between us
When it gets dark I tow your heart away

Standing by a parking meter
when I caught a glimpse of Rita
Filling in a ticket in her little white book
In a cap she looked much older
And the bag across her shoulder
Made her look a little like a military man

Lovely Rita meter maid
may I inquire discreetly
When are you free to take some tea with me

Took her out and tried to win her
had a laugh and over dinner
Told her I would really like to see her again
Got the bill and Rita paid it
Took her home and nearly made it
Sitting on a sofa with a sister or two

Lovely Rita meter maid
where would I be without you
give us a wink and make me think of you

Lovely meter maid
Rita meter maid
oh, Lovely Rita meter, meter maid

2608 days ago


Remember when Grandpa Munster used to smoke, he would go fold his arms, and
smoke would come out of his ears!!!!! ha ha ha i can't stop laughing!!

2608 days ago
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