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Brad Pitt: Aging is the Pits

9/5/2007 12:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even the hottest movie stars sometimes feel old and decrepit. Take two-time Sexiest Man Alive honoree Brad Pitt, who admits in the October issue of Details that turning forty took a heavy toll on him. "One thing sucks, your face kind of goes. Your body's not quite working the same. But you earned it. You earned that, things falling apart," he said. Yah, he's a wreck.
brad pitt, angelina jolie
The beauty crisis didn't stop pretty Pitt from appearing half naked in 2005's "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," where he met current flame/baby mama Angelina Jolie.

And what about his tres internacional family? "They have the same dynamics I had growing up," Brad said of his three adopted children and one biological daughter, Shiloh. "It pleases me so much." So much, in fact, that he and Jolie are planning to expand their multi-ethnic brood, saying, "We're not done."

One thing that is way too done -- Brad's cyborg-looking face on the mag's cover. Who cares about aging, when you have Photoshop?!


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Personally, I don't think (horse-face) Jen deserved him. I think he and Angelina make a great couple. They seem truly happy. Obviously, Brad and Jen didn't have the right chemistry, just one of those things, it didn't last. However, if Brad and Angelina found their soul mates in each other, nothing can stop that kind of love. It's all-consuming but allows you to be yourself and grow as an individual and as a couple without SMOTHERING each other. I really hope the best for them.

2607 days ago


so over the brangelina thing

2607 days ago


I was being sarcastic when I said he looks Old...duh...he hasn't change hardly at all. don't be so quick to jump over to the negative side...

2607 days ago


Brad's cool, but he should never have left Jen. LOVE HER!!!

2607 days ago


I'd do him.

2607 days ago

Dutchess (as in: from the Netherlands)    

No Photoshop. Give people the real deal.
It's "like", you know, "like" erm.. life?
And let them know that growing (a) little older is not something to be afraid of.

2607 days ago

Desease control    

When your married to a crazy woman like Jolie your bound to age befor your time.
The adopting kids has got to stop. she cant have any more beacuse her diet pill
adiction has her so skinny. So now that orpahnges hae found out you dont give money as promised and your not taking care of the kids you got where yahh gonna get your nexted Kid from?

2607 days ago

Desease control    

Dad please no more adopted kids Im tired of getting beat up!

2607 days ago


It truly is a cyborg-looking face! Scary as hell!

2607 days ago


It truly is a cyborg-looking face. Scary as hell!

2607 days ago


Brad looks chemically exhausted. And Angie looks chemically damaged. Her face is beautiful, in my opinion, but the rest is just damaged. I'm happy for the kids they've adopted only because at least they will be financially secure for life. Other than that I can't say too many positive things about Angie and Brad. Ever notice that no other celebrities are ever named as being their friends or hanging out with them? Tom and Katie got together with them once as a publicity stunt, but other than that everyone seems to steer clear of them. That's 'cause the folks in Hollywood know a lot more than we do about what's really going on with these two.........

2607 days ago


~ ~ SHA ZAMMM ~ ~ Looks yummy but with the air brushing and loosing his sole to Jolie his sex appeal is somewhat lacking. Still...he is easy on the eyes.

2607 days ago


Don't Another One of You Say Anything Bad About My Boy Brad! STOP IT!!!!!!! You All are Just Haters!!!!!!!!!

Damn Right He's Wipped!! and he' s Loving Eery Second of the Wippin!!!

Angie, Get that Wipp out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2607 days ago


Wait till the "interest" goes away.

See what they think when they are all teens.

This may be amusing to both Brad and Angelina NOW, but it takes
complete commitment till they are ALL GROWN UP.

What happens if they split up???

Then who's going to want responsibility for all those kids?

2607 days ago

Britney the loser    

Brad has nothing to worry about. He's got the look that get better with age.

2607 days ago
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