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Dad: Benoit Was Demented

9/5/2007 10:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comThe father of dead WWE star Chris Benoit says that it might have been the effect of multiple concussions, not steroids, that drove Chris to kill his wife and son and then hang himself.

Michael Benoit told Diane Sawyer on this morning's "Good Morning America" that after the tragedy, he turned over part of his son's brain to Julian Bailes, a neurologist at the Sports Legacy Institute. Tissue analysis, said Bailes, showed that Benoit's brain tissue revealed damage similar to those of Alzheimer's patients, suggesting that he was suffering from a form of dementia, which could have led him to snap.

Benoit's dad told Sawyer that his son suffered "multiple concussions," and Dr. Bailes said that just three could lead to serious consequences. Whatever the case, said Michael Benoit, "The person that did this is not the man we know and love."

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So Disgusted    

The pain and sorrow that shows on Mr. Benoits face is so gut wrenching it's hard to look at him without almost tearing up. I can't even begin to imagine the depth this poor man's grief. It makes you wish you could somehow take it all away. I hope he and his family can draw strength and support from one another in dealing with this horrible tragedy. I also know that GOD will soon bring peace to them.

2608 days ago

Phil McCrevis    

Waaaaaaaaa, my son's an over-roided homicidal maniac that bumped his head too many times, Waaaaaaa

2608 days ago


There is a behind the lines show on ESPN all about this...the whole concussion theory and how it causes Dementia

2608 days ago


Artie Lange, concussions are nothing to joke about. True, many people who have had them didn't do what Chris did HOWEVER, they are known to cause severe headaches, limited motor skills and a variety of things.

You know, I was all ready to accept that Chris Benoit was a cold blooded killer but this news has made me rethink that. While nothing will ever excuse what he did, this could explain a lot.

I have long ago wished for Nancy and Daniel to rest in peace and be with God. Now, with this revelation, I hope that Chris can rest in peace too.

2608 days ago

"d-bol"breakfast of champions    

Where are all the know it all idiots who only a couple of months had it all figured out screaming "ROID RAGE". I'm sure Nancy Grace and that whole gang will still stick to "them roids mustve done it" You do more damage to your body taking 1 aspirin a day than 50mg of winstrol. Get a clue America, stop being sheep!

2608 days ago


mr benoit is a great father..to go through this extreme measure to help clear his sons damaged reputation ... god bless you and your family and the wife of chris benoits family.
now the ones who condemed him..ridiculed him and put him down... like mr mcmahon..apaulogize for ..what theyve said against benoit?? sayign how his name isnt to be mentioned ont he wrestling shows anymore period//? had chris benoit guilty of a crime and not knowing why or what caused this tragedy..before disowning chris benoit?? and all th hundreds of fans who turned their backs on chris benoit.. god forgive you all...and i respect and highly admire chris benoits parents for going through all they have..and now finding out concussions and all the damage from wrestling is probably what caused him to go off as he did... also i looked at this story like the stories ive read from war vets and ive been told by war vets....and their families... their fine one day and the next..something happens and their having flashbacks of being in the war..thinking their families are actually the enemy they fought and they end up hurting them or killing them.. only to find when they come out of this state of mind.. it wasnt the enemy at all.. sad for all...

2607 days ago


What upsets me as well is that some even in the wrestling community are even disputing this finding, saying they've known plenty of wrestlers that had concussions that didn't do what Benoit did.

While that may be true, they probably didn't have the level of brain damage that Chris did either.

As I said on another board, nothing can excuse what he did. However, I can live with Chris Benoit - Brain Damaged Killer better than I could Chris Benoit - Cold Blooded Killer. On other boards, I have also said that if its proven than Benoit wasn't in control of his actions or wasn't the killer, I would stand up and apologize. Well, I do that now and this thing as taught me definintely DON'T JUDGE UNTIL YOU KNOW ALL THE FACTS!

As for Mr. Benoit, I say he's definitely a compasionate man for doing this and not accepting things at face value. I know some will knock him but what kind of parent would he be if he didn't question why his son did this? A son who, other than the 2003 divorce thing, had no prior history up until this. Most serial killers usually have a history leading up to an ugly incident and most don't commit suicide.

I have had relatives with this kind of damage and believe me, they WILL do crazy things! I even had one tried to kill me when I was a baby because I wouldn't stop crying! Anyone that says this couldn't make Chris Benoit do this, I say to them "you've never known someone with these symptoms, have you?"

2607 days ago

Laure H    

Whether benoit had concussions or not that is "no" excuse to kill your wife and child. I don't care what he had wrong with him, he planned all this out so "his brain" must have been working at the time he killed everybody. So that's just a b.s. excuse. He knew full well what he was doing, how else could he have carried it all out otherwise. Mr. benoit get a life and take responsibility for what your son did, he knew full well what he was doing. SICK! SICK! SICK!

2607 days ago


laure hole rot in hell i hate peeps like you he was sick

2607 days ago


Laurie Hoe, as someone that was once almost killed as a child by a relative who had brain damage similiar to Benoit, I know what a bad mind can do. I can definitely sympathize with the Benoit family on this one. If Chris would've done it with a sound mind, then I would be saying "rot in hell" but knowing that this may have caused this terrible incident, I've backed off a lot in making statements like that.

While I do agree that nothing excuses what he did to his family, it isn't an excuse because it has happened (I know it can because I was nearly on the end of it firsthand as a child just like Daniel, I was lucky however because my mom and other family was nearby)! If Chris did in fact have dementia and had the brain damage that doctors (professionals I might add) said he did, it is VERY plausible!

Concussions doesn't cause this, HOWEVER, the damage it leaves could cause this! They aren't saying concussions caused this, they are saying the damage left by them may have caused this!

You knock Michael Benoit for trying to find answers but what kind of father would he be if he DIDN'T try to find answers. I personally don't know of any parent that wouldn't have done the same thing he's doing right now! He doesn't need to "get a life" because he's an example of what a man should do. Again, if Chris would've done this out of a sound mind, that would've been one thing but considering he had no signs prior to this (as most killers do) would make me want to find an explaination too.

In the end, I hope it brings some kind of closure to this whole thing.

2607 days ago


By the way, whatever your stance, I think attacking Mr. Benoit is uncalled for. He's a father grieving for his son and grandson and even Nancy. I give him guts for even trying to find answers because he has to know people are going to be skeptical.

As for wishing hell on anyone, be careful about that because we are all sinners and the same God you are telling to send someone to hell is the same God YOU are going to have to go before.

2607 days ago
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