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Denzel's Kid Sent Packing

9/5/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the world of pro football, they just don't care who your daddy is -- unless his last name is Manning!
J.D. Washington
Among 11 players cut by the St. Louis Rams last week was running back J.D. Washington -- Denzel's son. But his NFL dreams aren't entirely dead -- J.D. was signed to the team's practice squad just a few days later.

It wouldn't be too big of a tragedy if the whole football thing doesn't work out for the 23-year-old -- he might know a guy who could help him get an acting gig.

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El Duque    

Anyone who doesn't think JD worked to get in and out of Morehouse in 4 years while playing football, should show up at pre season training camp in 08'. If you make it through the 1st day... then you can talk about JD, you can talk to JD and tell him what you think - ohhh, but that would be face to face..... nevermind.

2492 days ago

Democrats are evil    

I have a suggestion. How about this guy use his own brain and get a job on his own merit. Waiting for your daddy to get you a job is a sign that spoiled little boy never grew up. With everything going for this family, did he ever take the time to get a college education? That wasn't mentioned. I have a feeling I know why.

2570 days ago


He's a good lookin kid...nice to see a celeb's spawn grow up and actually do something with his life. Gives me new hope that Britney's kids might actually grow up into something more than the current crop of celebrities kids who do something with their lives....unlike Rumer Willis, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, etc.

2570 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

#1 did you have a glass of haterade today... How do you know this kid didn't get a college degree. Why don't you check your sources before opening your pie hole..... This young man came from two loving parents whom I'm sure instilled good thing into him.... Don't hate because he's athletic and damn good looking ( like his daddy... I'll bet you he won't pull a Tom Brady.......... Check your self # 1...

You go boy, ya looking damn good........... I luy you Denzel

2570 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

Pump your breaks #1, how do you know this young man don't have a college degree, let's not jump to conclusions because he's Bl___ , athletic, and good looking... I quite sure his parents did an excellent job in raising him. Did you take the time to find out if he has a college education before you opened you big fat pie hole....... This young man as a matter of fact has a college degree.... What did you have to say about Mr. Tom Brady.... I guess he's a role model...... R U evil.... Republican???????

Get a life and a grip

I luy you Denzel & Pauletta Washington... Good job on raising your children.....

2570 days ago

ImPeAcH BuSh    

I agree with last 2 posts. He earned his degree, and so what if his daddy pulled a few strings. Who cares as long as he appreciates the life he is blessed with.

2570 days ago



2570 days ago

Queen Mother    

#1 I am calling you out because you are out of line!
First, what do you know of JD schooling history/background?
Second, All celebity kids are not spoiled.
Third, Get your facts together before spit out trash about folk you know nothing about.
Fourth, It's best not to write anything at all if you can't say something positive.

You need Jesus..


2570 days ago

The General    

I seen the youngster practice and at pre-season games. It looks like he has a nice work ethic, but needs to work more on his skills. There seems to be a log-jam at the position he plays, which is running back. So here's hoping he gets a shot to show his stuff one day! Go JD!

2570 days ago


Denzel Washington's untalented son gets a job

while a DESERVING athlete loses their chance

2570 days ago


#1, you're an idiot.

Washington went to Morehouse College in Atlanta where he played college ball. He has also played for Atlanta last year, also on the practice squad. In the mean time, he played in the NFL in Europe for the German team whose name escapes me now. The reason his success in the NFL is doubtful isn't because of his lack of talent, but because he is only 5'8" tall. He was a record-setting player in college, but when the competition is 6'4" and weighs 250, you have to be an extraordinary player, not just very good.

Shut your mouth when you clearly know nothing of the subject matter.

2570 days ago

Davis J. Tomasin    

Dear mindlessy dumb and pointlessly nasty editors of TMZ:

If any of you pooves had a clue about athletics let alone professional sports, especially PROFESSIONAL football wherein a handful of players of the several hundred college and university rosters actually make one of the few pro teams----- you would be rightfully impressed that MR. WASHINGTON, not his dad, actually was signed to the practice squad.

As most of us throughout the country, but apparently not you sorry lot, know that this is a big deal. The team wants him and will afford him the opportunity to learn and grow.

Next time, you mind numbing under achievers who could'nt run for daylight if the opposing team left the field----- THINK before you run your childishly envious mouths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2570 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

Excuse me #1 Mr. Washington went to Morehouse In Atlanta GA.... Now calmly go crawl back under your rock or go back to your hole... you idiot.... everybody hates you... now go back an apologize to Mr. Washington..

What you did is comment without the facts... R U a news reporter? get the facts straight.. he is a college grad.. R U a college grad

2570 days ago


The team "wants" him, Davis Tomasin, because HIS FATHER IS A CELEBRITY

Just like celebrity kids get into "great" colleges. It's not because they are smart!

2570 days ago


And if father were not a celebrity, then a CUT would be a CUT

Not shifted into "practice" so he can play let's pretend and pick up $$$$$

Give a talented (poor!) kid a break instead!!

2570 days ago
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