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Graziano's Mother Confirms Second Car's Driver

9/5/2007 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hogan and GrazianoThe mother of Lance Corporal John Graziano, the passenger in Nick Hogan's car crash, has confirmed that the driver of the silver Viper was Danny Jacobs. In an exclusive email sent by Debbie Graziano to Bay News 9 in Florida, she says, "His (John's) best friend Danny, the driver in the other car, is devastated." Now rumors that the Hulkster himself was the driver can be dismissed.

Debbie Graziano also voided reports that the Graziano family will make the Hogan's pay. "Two families are devastated, two mothers are comforting each other and caring for each other's children according to their needs, and will continue to do so until, as Terry said, we walk John out of here ... Terry and Linda love my son and saw him as a good role model to Nick. ... Since day one of this nightmare they have been with us physically, emotionally, mentally and financially."


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Lock 'em all in jail and throw away the key.
Spoiled SOB's

2550 days ago


Think charges should be filed!!!!!! Racing is Illigal in florida. 1 more for manslaughter charges if john dies. Hope he gets through it thou, Prayers to that family, but much hate for the hogans,,, u losers!!!!!

2550 days ago

Tired OfLohan    

How sweet. It's nice that they are all making nice, for now.
It won't last. If that boy dies I'll bet that money will begin to become important.
Regardless, little Nicky needs his ass charged and needs to spend some time in jail and no driving for a few years!

2550 days ago


Does it really dismiss the rumours that Hulk Hogan was driving the Viper? She wasn't there (especially as fast as Hulk Hogan was), she is just going by what she was told by the people who have been with them "physically, emotionally, mentally and financially". Does Danny Jacobs have a Viper registered in his or an immediate family members name?

2550 days ago

Desease control    

ok that all sounds realy cozy
but well Nick be charged?
well he still race on the track and on the streets???

2550 days ago


If you watch Hulk's interview on the Insider he says they were all going to dinner, he was like 10 seconds behind them, that is how he got there so fast. He came up on the accident scene as he was driving to the resturant not even knowing it was his son involved. Everybody should just back up and give these people room to breathe. Regardless of anything Nick is a 17 year old kid who got in a bad car accident that critically hurt his friend, I'm sure he feels bad enough. Everyone should take all the negative energy they have towards the Hogans and put it into prayers for John as he really needs them right now.

2550 days ago

Tired OfLohan    

Ashely, you are one ignorant fool.
Nick Hogan has broken the law MULTIPLE times, and now someone has been hurt. Lucky for him this time it was a "friend" and not a stranger.
Little bastards ass needs to be charged, time served, and he needs to be kept off the streets.
No more driving unitl he is 21, then maybe he'll be mature enough for the responsibility.

2550 days ago

Desease control    

Nick well speed agin he well wreck agin

2550 days ago


I don't care what anyone thinks, Nick needs to be arrested and prosecuted and do some jail time. What (HS dropout) 17 yr old gets 4 speeding tickets and crashes 3 expensive cars in one year..gets behind the wheel and critically injures someone and gets away with it?

This Nick kid is a punk IMO. His parents are to blame for raising him to be a punk.

I hope Garziano recovers physically and mentally.

2550 days ago


There's a cover-up going on, bet on it.

Just because you are a privileged brat doesn't mean driving is not a privilege. Your parents did nothing to teach you to be a responsible person. Having everything handed to you.

Guess what Nick? You weren't smart enough to finish High School and had to drop out. Nobody can hand you smarts or an education. That's something you have to work for, but since you know nothing about work ethics, I guess Daddy will just have to support your dumbass for the rest of your life.

You don't deserve to drive again for a long long time. You definitely don't deserve a career in race car driving.

You really are a PUNK.

2550 days ago


Nick Hogan... the new face of the american idiot. And its UGLY.

2550 days ago


ALL of these people are really hurting right now. I think some of the comments on this thread are outrageous.

Yeah, Nick Hogan (Bollea) has been in trouble for speeding in the past. But it's a very safe bet that nearly killing a good friend of yours will make you learn a lesson REAL fast.

The emotional pain he must be going through right now is unimagniable, as well as the pain of the mothers and rest of families. Guilt and pain felt by Danny Jacobs (John's best friend, driver of the other car) is also simply unimaginable.

Please people stop with the conspiracy theories and I agree with what someone said earlier - put your energy into the right place: praying for the hurt kid to come out of this.

2550 days ago


well, duh! with a minor kid that has a driving record like Nick, where else would Terry and Linda be but beside the victim's mom trying to make trailer trash-nice? You honestly think the Hulkster hasn't privately lawyered up to keep his sleazy little empire from a lawsuit? Get Real!!!

2550 days ago


Linds Binds, the name is Ashley and I don't really think calling me names is getting anybody anywhere. I hate to break this to you but there are people that drive irresponsibly on the road every day and there are people that get in accidents that hurt or kill people every day and not charged. I am not saying that Nick shouldn't be in trouble all I'm saying is that the stupid cover up stories and all the comments on what a bad driver he is and his past record doesn't help anybody at this time. There is a man sitting in the hospital fighting for his life, why doesn't everybody take all the energy and put it towards praying for this man's recovery. What we're hearing in this area (Clearwater) is that John wasn't wearing his seat belt but Nick was, if that comes to light do you still blame everything on Nick? Just let these people have peace.

2550 days ago

Pearly Whites    

NO arrest yet? Breaking the law for the umpteenth time and Nick is still free?
Key word in this story - "financially" supportive. Same old story . . . ANYBODY else would be facing charges by now. Maybe they are waiting for the young man to die and then FELONY MANSLAUGHTER CHARGES!

2550 days ago
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