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Hogan Crash Victim's Family Brawl

In Police Report

9/5/2007 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

St. Petersburg Police have released a report with details on the brawl among Lance Corporal John Graziano's family members on Thursday. The report says Christin Graziano -- John's sister -- said that "her family received bad news concerning her brother's condition and her other brother, Michael, took it really hard." After Michael was crying for hours and finally fell asleep on the floor, their father, Edward Graziano, entered and started screaming for Michael to fix his computer.

When he was asked to lower his voice, Edward left the room but returned 45 minutes later and allegedly grabbed Christin by both wrists, shaking her and yelling, "You are dead to me, you are dead to me!" Christin told cops that her father then threw a cold cup of coffee in brother Michael's face. Family members were then able to get Edward out of the room and lock the door. Police showed up at Bayfront Hospital moments after the incident, but could not find Edward. He was arrested at the hospital the next day for violating a domestic violence injunction that his wife, Debra, has against him.

John Graziano, an Iraq war vet, was the passenger in Nick Hogan's car crash on Aug. 26. Unconfirmed reports say that his condition has deteriorated. TMZ spoke to Michael Graziano, who offered no comment on his brother's status.


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Upwith Pippin    

I dont hear no one.!!! I dont hear no one standing at his drive way YELLING RACING IS ILLEGAL... I dont see no one calling for HULK HOGAN who was probably the DRIVER of the Viper to get his SHOW canceled. Infact I dont hear NOTHING..

Posted at 3:05PM on Sep 5th 2007 by Sighhh

And clearly you've never been to school, either.

2573 days ago

Jack Schitt    

I would LOVE too see "whats in the closet of TMZ writers. Buncha juicy chit for sure. TMZ IS LOW LIFE

2573 days ago


The guy survives terrorists in Iraq, and escapes the accident of "friendly fire", just to get offed by a punk that was WAY too immature to be behind the wheel of anything but a go cart, - though he'd very probably drive that recklessly, too.

The Hogan punk has a long record of "proving" his immaturity and compromising his safety, and worse, the safety of others.

Maybe a stint in prison for vehicular manslaughter will make him grow up, - at the very least, it'll keep him off the streets (and us, a little safer).

2573 days ago



WE are going to enlist nick and hulk to the armed services.
They are better suited there.

nick and hulk's mission will be to give free rides to the terrorist! Just to make it fun we will have them race the Hummers into a Palm Tree( not to self :bring plastic Palm Tree).

Whoever survives will be met at the Clinic by DAD who will finish em off.

2573 days ago


That PUNK Nick is a POS and needs to be held responsible. The little Buttaface PUNK needs his assed kicked bigtime. Better army up your security, Hulk, cause you kid is going down...ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

Low-life white trailer trash family. How many brain cells have you lost being slammed in the ground Hulk. Feel the dimentia coming on...quite like Benoit.

One family of four...all losers.

Kiss my ass.

2573 days ago

just wondering    

....SCOTT ..u need therapy...ADVICE...stay away from drugs and alchohol..ur type of mentality is very abusive when under the influence..and if u r't under the influence now...u better RUN for help URSELF!!!!!!!....I'm just sayin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2573 days ago


First off PIMP UP THE ASS. I just asked you a simple question. I wasn't rude. it was a SIMPLE question. now I see it was a hard one for you. BUT ALL u had to say was I DUNNO. IF CORRECTING TEXT MAKES YOUR DAY.knock YOURSELF OUT. FUCTARD

2573 days ago


#30. I FEEL YOU..PISSES ME OFF TOO. it's a shame

2573 days ago


Sighhh, - "Pimp Up The Ass" (PUTA), HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaa!! Good One!!!

2573 days ago


im sure John knew Nick was gonna race and if he did n then he could have told Nick to let him out of the car but he didnt. racing is a big rush for some people. they actually enjoy it.

i feel really bad for both families!

i cant even imagine what Nick is going thru right now. his friend is in the hospital because of this BS racing that Nick caused but im sure nick is also dying over this.

2573 days ago


What a sad story. It could be reported in a more appropriately sober way.

It sounds like the hospital vigil is more of a long goodbye/ wake.


I don't like it when people say that this is a lesson or wake-up call for Nick. A man's life should be more than just someone's cautionary tale. If John is the sacrifice for a lesson, I hope Nick learns it well.

2573 days ago


I feel so sorry for this family. I lost my best friend 23 yrs ago to a guy speeding so fast thru a small town the speedometer needle was stuck...the guy was flying yet managed to walk away. My friend just dropped off her boyfriend and had her bags packed to leave for University the following morning and that was it...lights out. Gone forever leaving her family devastated. Her parents broke up, the mother who was a smart woman, a teacher is now and forever will have to be on medication...that was her only daughter and her life. The brother is an's a horrible, horrible tragedy for any family.

The Hogans on the other hand encouraged their son to speed...shame on them and God help their son if that boy dies.

2573 days ago

Upwith Pippin    

36. First off PIMP UP THE ASS. I just asked you a simple question. I wasn't rude. it was a SIMPLE question. now I see it was a hard one for you. BUT ALL u had to say was I DUNNO. IF CORRECTING TEXT MAKES YOUR DAY.knock YOURSELF OUT. FUCTARD

Posted at 3:37PM on Sep 5th 2007 by Sighhh

Are you addressing me? What simple question did you ask that I didn't answer? I wasn't correcting your text, but rather your communication skills. Education in this country is free, there is no excuse for your writing.

2573 days ago


This is exactly why I insisted my boys drive 4 cylinder, gutless wonders when they were young. Also why they were told they'd lose the keys for 6 months each time they got a ticket.
This isn't that unusual, too many parents bragging that they are best friends with their kid. They can't say "no" to anything because then the kid would get mad at them. I'll say it again and again, who cares if your teenager gets mad at you. They don't need you to be a friend, they need you to be the disciplinarian, the role model and the one they can talk to about anything on their mind. No matter how many, inapproroate, expensive toys you buy them you can not buy their love and you can not buy their way into being a responsible adult.

2573 days ago


"sassy", that doesn't absolve his "responsibility", that's why there is something called MANSLAUGHTER. The Hogan punk should never have been behind the wheel, especially, with his history of immaturity while driving on PUBLIC streets. He's a LOSER.

2573 days ago
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