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PETA Gives Whoopi a Whuppin'!

9/5/2007 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi is the new Rosie on "The View," in more ways than one! Day one, and she's already pissed off a whole lotta people, including animal rights group PETA. Goldberg defended Michael Vick by saying there are things that are "indicative to certain parts of our country," ... meaning the South.
PETA and Whoopi Goldberg
PETA President Ingrid Newkirk fired off an email to Whoopi that very politely said just how ignorant Whoopi's statement was. "I think a lot of people who live and work in the South -- as PETA does -- will not appreciate the "view" that cruelty to dogs is an accepted Southern pastime. Those who fight dogs do so in New York, Chicago, and even the Republic of The View -- click to launchIreland, and what unites them is lawlessness and callousness, not whether they eat grits or Belgian waffles for breakfast." Newkirk went on to say that "animals are as vulnerable to abuse as children are, and they need your voice more than Vick does right now." Whoops!

UPDATE: On today's "View" Whoopi said she was "not condoning" Vick's actions. It sure sounded as though she was making excuses for them.


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the KKK is from the south and is their behaviour acceptable? no it is not! lets not forget this was NOT some lil dog fight, they dug up 52 murdered dogs out of his yard!

2607 days ago


Having lived in the South I can say for sure that Whoopi's comments are really far off base. In the 20+ years I lived in the deep South I never once saw anyone abuse an animal or make dogs fight. That is just absurd. It is NOT part of the culture. And I highly doubt that Michael Vick's neighbors in the really ritzy parts of town enjoyed hearing that their neighbor had pitbulls which he was intending to fight or kill. Thus, the outrage...

2607 days ago


Hello this America!!! We have a right to freedom of speech!!! We also have a right to our own opinion, right or wrong! I don't agree with her, but I respect her right to have that opinion!!!

2607 days ago


BRING BACK ROSIE!!!! The show is so boring now.

2607 days ago


Stay tuned - upcoming on Star Jones: Oprah, Whoopi, Michael Vick, Jamie Foxx, etc. a roundtable discussion. Good Lord. Why my TV is turned on only a few hours in the evening. I needed a distraction which is why TMZ is great. Mental respite from the boring, horrible job. I like to see what "other" bizarre crap is going on in the world. I am never disappointed.

2607 days ago


Whoopi's comment about dog fighting being a "southern thing" is ridiculous. As a southerner, never have I heard such a load of crap...this coming from a Yankee no less! Whoopi needs to stick to factual information and do some research before spouting her mouth.

#10 - Listanna: Gee, I hope you're not a pet owner. I see you didn't waste time on an education and master the English language. Try spell check sometime.....but then you'd need to actually know how to spell to use spell check wouldn't you? Hmm, quite the dilemma you have there.....

2607 days ago


LMAO at Barbar Walters. She deserves this. The View has gone downhill since Rosie left. It's unwatchable now.

2607 days ago


You people need to get a grip! No, really. Whoopi simply gave her view (It is "The View" right??) or rather her opinion on why Vick made the decisions that he did. The second she provides a logical explanation, then people are so quick to say, "She's defending Vick; She doesn't know anything about the South; She hates the dogs!" People get a grip. Psychologists offer the same insight into trouble people's lives all day and everyday. Whoopi's not racist! Afterall she's dated interacially and her daughter is biracial. I am convinced that 97% of the TMZ people who post these comments are ignorant.

2607 days ago


My career and reputation are crumbling faster than I can say retirement.

2607 days ago


# 15 - I agree with you ... makes sense to them, and that's why they do it. But regardless they (Vick and camp) knew it was wrong ! So what Whoopie is saying, that in the south, it's common to break the law, and be a criminal, and abuse animals, and I'm sure people as well, and not to mention, she did not make the people in the South look too good. But hey at least we all now know what Whoopie was doing as a young child, and teenager, and possibley adult.

2607 days ago



2607 days ago


Why does this surprise anyone? She's a racist, plain & simple. She defended a guy on death row who killed a cop, in cold blood, all because he's black. I lost all respect for her at that moment. I don't buy any products she endorses or is in any way tied to.

When it was announced she was joining the show, they lost me as a viewer. And after this, I definitely won't come back until she's out of there for good.

2607 days ago

cookie monster    

Shame on you Whoopie! I was born and raised in the south and dog fighting was unheard of. It was no more prevalent than in any Northern City. You disappoint me! Really! I would also like for any of you who defend Vick and his "pack" to do your homework. Check out his history at VPI when he was the football star. It wasn't pretty. Oh! One last thing! If they wanted to dispose of "unsatisfactory performing" dogs why was it necessary to torture them to death? Why not just shoot them between the eyes? At least it was instant relief for the poor animals.
Shame on you Whoopie! Vick is a fool, always was and always will be. Now you are too!

2607 days ago

Punk B*tch    

Should we bring back slavery? That was a "thing of the South" too.

2607 days ago

take dat betches    

so who was babs talking about? who's going to be the 5th viewlebrity?

2607 days ago
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