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Plummer on Vick: "That's Some Bulls**t!"

9/5/2007 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Celebs for Michael Vick Club -- a short list -- has a new member: "Showgirls" star Glenn Plummer.

Plummer launched into a passionate defense of the disgraced footballer outside of Les Deux last night. "S**t, ni***s been fighting dogs since we were born!" Way to represent?

He then went on to explain that there's "a million people" fighting dogs, and that, "They catch Michael Vick and they want to put him on the spotlight, you know what I'm sayin'? Go find out who REALLY doing it!"

Actually, Vick REALLY was doing it.

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hey all of you of color that think that this idiot did no wrong...why don't you do what you do best...riot and burn down your own neighborhoods...and you wonder why we laugh at you idiots!!!!

2572 days ago


Who the hell is this dude? What is this 1960? Throw him into the ring with Vick's dogs!

2572 days ago


51 shame

That is a bold face lie. In fact I bet you don't even work at the welfare office, you just go there to pick up a check.

2572 days ago

Ted D    

56. As a mother of two mixed children and the proud wife of a mixed man, it breaks my heart to read some of these comments. If you cut a black man or a white man we all bleed the same. We all hurt the same. Why can't it be about the human race rather than individual races? Call me an idealist but I hope my children will face a world with little to no racism. The more you keep these ridiculous stereotypes alive, the more the foul stench of racism will permeate your hearts. Drive through any "ghetto" nowadays and you see members of EVERY race there. Drive through the "nice" neighborhoods and again you will see members of every race there. Get over yourselves. No race is superior.

Posted at 12:28PM on Sep 5th 2007 by Kate


If you make the "cut" near the head (the brain), the difference will be clear. Yes, you are an idealist. These arguments are not about superiority but relate to intelligence. Education is the key to ignorance....

2572 days ago


what an idiot.
Is it no wonder why our world is going the way it is. With all the money from his new acting gig, maybe he can get an education.

2572 days ago

stop the madness    

White or black you fight dogs go to jail!

2572 days ago

26th & Cal Chicago    

This is NOT racial or geographical...it's immoral and sick. I KNOW people who's dogs have been stolen for "training purposes". Given the egocentric comments made by people who's salaries will go down to zero within at most, 5 years, get over yourselves. Steal my dog for your sick contests and I will get my meat cleaver out...if I can even find your miniscule appendige. But feel free to put Paris, Brittany and all the other Leona Helmsley dogs in the ring. Just make it quick...you'd be doing those dogs a favor.

2572 days ago

Crazy C    

My thing is, if Michael Vick was really doing what he was doing, it's not right to kill the dogs just because they didn't win a fight but I personally don't see a problem with fighting dogs because we don't make a big riot of the sport of fighting humans!! We got boxing, wrestling, you name it but everyone wants to see that but it's a big problem when someone has dogs fighting? People say "well dogs can't decide to fight on their own!" That is a very stupid thing to say. It is a dog's instinct to fight just like it is ours. Who do you think decides to lift a paw in the first place? So what a person trains a dog to fight? A person trains another person to fight! It is wrong to kill them, but there's nothing wrong with fighting them if you would kill for front row seats to see a human get their heads bashed in! The real problem in the whole scenario is that we should value the worth and the life of humans more than animals! We as Americans seem to have it a little backwards.

2572 days ago


K-9: I feel sorry for you. It must be really scary to live in a world with such divisions and fear of the unknown. You really should venture out of your closed off world and visit other cultures. There is good and bad in all of us. Thankfully our current education system for the most part teaches diversity. It is an eye opener to visit a playyard and see children of all races playing together. Hatred is a learned virus and sadly your parents saw fit to teach their children hate.

2572 days ago


We been breakin laws since we was born. You feel'n me? It's our heritage. Why you gotta go and take our heritage away and make us obey THE LAW.

So what if there are more of us in prison than other peeps. It's not because we break laws and teach our kids to do the same. we bein singled out! ya hur?

OJ didn't do it! Vick is the victim! We need to stick together my brothas you know "thick as thieves".

2572 days ago

Jus D truth    

K-9 commando- I still like your style. No matter what kate has to say!!!

2572 days ago


Crazy C get your head out of your ass. The difference is a trained Fighter knows when it's ok to fight and when it is not. A dog can not distinguish the two. Especially when they are beat into being aggressive, injected with steroids, and kept in a cage. How many professional fighters you know live in a cage and get zero compassion?

Secondly you're wrong again my ignorant friend we as a species you have it backwards. We need animals as much as they need us. Not only do they perform jobs for us they are involved in so many aspects of the ecosystem that if they went extinct so would we. Put down your cellphone and pick up a Science book. For all the extra intelligence humans possess you sure let yours go to waste.

2572 days ago


*************************** 2 FOR 1 ******************************

PUT THIS A@@H@le is the cell next to Vick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2572 days ago

Angie-OBX, NC    

I agree with #2 all the way. It's ok for them to say the N word but God help the white person that says it. Also, # 9, they are not African Americans......they didn't come from Africa. I have NEVER agreed with that political term.....it's ridiculous!! But I agree with you also, good point!!

2572 days ago


K-9 commando, I salute you for holding ground. You know something, each and everytime there is an argument for things like this, the one that holds to honor and integrity in actions and consequences is made out to be some kind of close minded animal. The fact of the matter is Vick was doing something both inhumane and Illegal and there is NO defense. Then two stupid people stand up to defend him and they are black and of course they are black because they defend their own, and there is always excuse, but the slavery and putting down the black race doesn't hold water with me. Its been to long and this is our country falling apart, so whether the race is white, black or any other, we need to get rid of the trash!

2572 days ago
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