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Rosie's "View" Review: Too Bad It's Beige

9/5/2007 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comRosie O'Donnell and her two JaHeRo video blog pals, Janette Barber and Helene Macaulay (who worked with Rosie on "The View"), dished the show's debut episode. What did the trio think? "It was very beige," said Macaulay, adding, "I meant that metaphorically, as well."

"Nah, it was all right. It was good," said O'Donnell, who had high praise for her replacement, Whoopi Goldberg. "Whoopi was good. It was okay." O'Donnell took issue with the bland set design. "Why did they change the set back to beige? That was an error in judgment."

JaHeRo answered dozens of fan questions. Asked whether she felt sad while watching "The View," Rosie said, "No I wasn't sad. I thought It was interesting to watch. I was sad that the set was beige. Truthfully, it's just wrong."


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not sure any of us care what her opinion is of the show she left

2602 days ago


Is anyone watching the view after Rosie left?

2602 days ago


Rosie's so nasty. I pity her girlfriend, she probably bullies her.

2602 days ago


I used to like Rosie but she's just too weird for me these days. I wonder why she has changed so much.

2602 days ago

Scott Butler    

Did anyone watch The View while "man hands" was on it?

2602 days ago


Have never found any reason to watch that show since Meredeth

but IMO that show could use a lot of "beige" .

To begin with, how about toning down all that catty yelling over each other?

2602 days ago


Trying hard to care.........mmmmmmm..........nope. Sorry.

2602 days ago


Rosie ! ugly inside & outside...
Why she watched the View? She said she wasn't sad to watch, yeah right.
Sorry, but all her friend ugly too.

2602 days ago

just wondering    

....LEAVE ROSIE ALONE!!!!!!!!!...if ur not interested in her comments then don't visit her website or read TMZ'S website with HER website on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...she is entitled to her opnions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11.....LOVE U ROSIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......

2602 days ago


Hey RO, you look great with the darker eyeliner! the view SUCKS w/o you!

2602 days ago


once again ROSIE you are annoying!!!

2602 days ago


Please check your TV screens. The set is RED/ORANGE!! Flames, hot!!! I love the new look! I love Whoopie!! This is a good show made great!

2602 days ago


Who cares what she thinks?

2602 days ago


Does anybody wonder why she would be watching "The View"? Trump was right. Loser.
I watched it the past 2 days and I thought it went pretty well. Whoopi is so much more intelligent than Rosie. Unlike Rosie, Whoopi's attitude is healthy and she makes valid points without being mean.

Did she quit or did she get fired? I bet she was fired. Long live Whoopi!

2602 days ago

kill the queen    

I hated The View and only started watching during the Trump vs. Rosie debacle. And I gotta tell you, Barbra Walters irratates the He#$ out of me- if she doesnt agree or like what someone is saying she rudely interrupts or switches the subject- She did it to Rosie, she does it to Joy, she does it to Whoopi now too- what the heck? Maybe she should just get rid of the "panel" and it can be just Barbra since apparently she only wants us to hear her. (and Elisabeth occasionaly)... its not THE View, its BARBRAS view... its BS

2602 days ago
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