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Spike and Brad:

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

9/5/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While there were probably several thousand fathers and sons at last night's New York Yankees game, there were no more famous papas in the crowd than Spike Lee and Brad Pitt.

Brad and Spike were sitting in the first row along the first base line with their sons, Maddox and Jackson, respectively.

The Yankees beat the Mariners 12-3, but the real winners were any aspiring screenwriters in the crowd holding a script that Brad and Spike would be just perfect for.

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2567 days ago


#14, maybe you'll understand this......Brad is one french fry short of a happy meal. lol

2567 days ago


#15, (Crabby) you're so right.

2567 days ago


Brad seems like a follower not a leader and in every relationship he's been in he comes across as a trained puppy dog. With Juliette Lewis he was an "edgy actor' complete with the same braids, with Gwyneth Paltrow he was "fashion guy" going to the fashion shows and getting matching haircuts, with Jennifer Aniston he was "laid back guy" and changed his fashion to match hers. Now with Angelina he is "international good guy" and is involved with the charities and baby adopting. Its really pathetic actually. Does this man have his own mind?

2567 days ago


A lot of you guys have been hating Ang and Brad for long now, come on, what do you want from this guys. They are just a regular couple going about their daily lives. So what Brad left Jen for Ang, none of you knew what was going on in their married life (Jen & Brad) all you saw were pics of them in the tabs. Nobody wakes up one morning and decide to leave someone they are in love with. Yes they were beautiful together and but it is clear they had diff wants and needs from their marriage. Brad never hid the fact he wanted kids and Jen never pretended that she did not want to pursue her career in the big screen. So why should they have stuck together, unhappy with each other cos of pressure? Just so you guys can point out and say such a beautiful couple? Smartest thing Brad ever did. He is in his forties, and one day all that will matter to him will be his family and not hollywood. He has built his life so well and he will never be lonely cos he will be surrounded by his kids and grand kids regardless of their color. As for Ange, yes she is beautiful and humane yet no likes her. All you guys remember was her wild days. But here is a smart girl who who turned her life around and is making it more meaningful. It does not matter wheather you think she is a skank, one thing for sure there are a handful of people in this world who will forever be grateful cos she touched their lives positively and that is priceless. As for her kids, common guys who said you get the best education in a classroom. They are privileged to travel around the world and they are learning from the world around them. The world is not made of America alone there are such great places and people you will never know or meet cos you seat in your classroom.

2567 days ago


I have to laugh.....guess Spike Lee loves white people or at least doesn't hate them if they are celebrities. All of these celebrities do make exceptions. Yes I have to agree we will be seeing Pitt ad nauseum since he has a film coming out.....another movie I won't spend a dime to see. Why put money in their pockets.Jolie's movie bombed..hopefully Pitt's will too. Yep most of us are just sick and tired of the adoption stuff and citizens of the world crap. Give us a break..and esp. your kids.....find a home and stay there.

2567 days ago


#21, Kate, all those facts are more evidence that his elevator doesn't go to the top floor. He's also a wimp - Obviously doesn't have a mind of his own when it comes to females. He sure selected a sorry one to follow and traipse around after this time.

2567 days ago


#22, Amen!! I couldn't have said it better.

2567 days ago


kate yer rite on,and dont these to even like each other,it dont appear that way at all,the whole family looke crabby,and with all that money?

2567 days ago


weeeeee are making them rich....we gave them their million dollor homes and there shpping spreez,when are we gonna keep our money and use it on us and are loved ones?

2567 days ago


#26..I agree completely. Haven't spent a dime on their movies...guess few saw Jolie's latest bomb.....won't see Pitt's latest flick either. Let it bomb too. Why put more monies in their pockets.

2567 days ago

castra regina    

Aren't they special? NOT

2567 days ago


Dear Lord....please deliver me from the idiots of the world....

I know Mr. Lee. He doesn't hate white people. That is what you think. He has many white friends....he simply points out issues.....Did you even see "When the levees broke"? There were just as many white people on that movie cursing out the government as Blacks......I agree with number 12....All I see are 2 dads....who in real life happen to be friends.....watching a game together with their kids. I pray that your kids don't grow up to be like you all.......this is getting out of control.......and you wonder why blacks, some whites. latinos, and others call your racist behinds out....build a bridge and get over yourselves...it's easy to talk crap on a computer but I dare you to do it in real life......

2567 days ago


Spike Lee racist? The same guy that directed Inside Man in 2006 that starred Clive Owen, Willem Dafoe and Jodie Foster? These 2 guys are just spending time with their kids. How many of you people are getting child support withdrawn out of your checks every 2 weeks?

2567 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Brad is friends with Spike Lee? Really! If anyone doesn’t think Spike Lee is a racist…just google him. But then again black people can't be racist according to Spike...he has been quoted as saying that black people are incapable of racism because they lack social, political, and economic power.

2567 days ago
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