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Spike and Brad:

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

9/5/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While there were probably several thousand fathers and sons at last night's New York Yankees game, there were no more famous papas in the crowd than Spike Lee and Brad Pitt.

Brad and Spike were sitting in the first row along the first base line with their sons, Maddox and Jackson, respectively.

The Yankees beat the Mariners 12-3, but the real winners were any aspiring screenwriters in the crowd holding a script that Brad and Spike would be just perfect for.

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what a waste of great seats. the only one who prob knows whats going on is spike. why does that kid madox always look so smug?

2574 days ago


Oh Lord !
I hope that ANGELINA
hasn't tried to 'adopt' SPIKE LEE.
True, he is a sad looking little thing
with a dark complexion, and well,
we all know what that does to her...............

2574 days ago


"Cover your faces, cover your eyes !"

2574 days ago


In the case no one mentioned it first, the box the sons and fathers are sitting in belongs to NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg. The question: Is there any significance?

2573 days ago


i'm laughing at all the white people who have the audacity to get offended by someone who "claims" not to "like" your race. How terrible! What an abomination - someone hating another for the color of their skin?

Get over yourselves and find something better to do.

Spike Lee might be a "loser" but he can still afford the best seats in the house. Call me back when you can too.

2572 days ago

Haters Please Get A LIFE!!!!    

All these people that talk bad about Angelina and Brad and their beautiful kids are just dying of envy!!!! They wish they were at least 1/1000 as beautiful and rich as these people are.... not only that... Angelina and Brad help needy people all over.... How many of you, jealous idiots, have done anything good for others lately.... not many... so lay off.

Dumb asses!!!!!
Another thing...

For all you, high and mighty haters out there, criticizing the parenting styles of Angelina and Brad.... stop being concerned about other people's lives...... keep an eye on your own children, relationships, marriages, jobs, and households.... I bet all of you got screw up lives. No family is perfect!!!! Instead of being in peoples’ business and writing hateful things about them (which by the way, are by far better than you are) in blogs, go see if you can do any good somewhere!!!! Or if your kid is not getting high or knocked up somewhere.... I don't have children yet, but when I do, I guarantee you I won't be on a blog wasting my time on stupid, trivial things. My life isn’t perfect. I might not be beautiful or rich, but one thing I know….. I do NOT have a hateful, envious, jealous heart like many of you!!!!! Leave Angelina and Brad alone, or anybody else for that matter.... Mind your own damn lives.... Angelina and Brad are so much better than you are anyway. They have a good heart, love their kids, love each other, and help people in need. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????? Just ask yourself that!!!!

I feel so sorry for many of you!!!!

2571 days ago


What's up with Maddox's hair ? He looks like some little old balding man losing his hair on top. Let the kids grow his hair out, geesh !

2571 days ago


Where is Brad's kid?

2571 days ago

mr chase    

Alll yall Spike Lee haters can go to hell because how many times have white people famous or not said something deregatory about black people and then all of a sudden try to take it back or try to make light of it or explain why they said what they did. Then what do they do they front just like Spike and spend time with those that they degraded in an effort to remain liberal in the public's eyes. He just pullin one of yall moves but of course it wont just slip by or recieve a positive comment like "i guess he has changed his feelings..." or what ever no it will be percieved in the most negative way possible. Dont be mad he just pulled a white one, one day we hate you and the next your great not even sure why we said what we did pal...

2569 days ago


Um...alot of you guys are really embarressing...At least Brad and Angelina, whoevever they really are, cos we don't know them personally, or Spike Lee, know how to write a sentence, or spell...? Do you think they are writing negative, hate ridden crap about people they have never met, or do you think they have lives to live instead??? So you can criticize them?

2564 days ago


Cool another reason to hate the over rated rich kids of baseball {yankees} the over rated rich kid of look at me and mine BRAD STINK`IN PITT, hope they both drop off the face of the earth!

2561 days ago
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