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New Jacko Tracko?

9/6/2007 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Raymone Bain, Jackson's power publicist, called us back. She told us that Mr. Jackson has "not released any new material" and as far as she knows this is not his song. She says it is a "smooth criminal pulling a fast one!" She did say, however, that if someone has leaked material illegally, their lawyers would pursue it. Who's bad!

Either the King of Pop is on a mission to reclaim his throne, or some other smooth criminal is pulling a fast one.
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Pittsburgh's 96.1 KISS FM claims they have a new song from Michael Jackson called "Mamacita," where the Gloved One rocks out ... sometimes in Spanish! Que' ridiculo!

TMZ couldn't confirm with Michael's rep if the new track is authentic, but Jacko hasn't released an original song in years and is overdue for a comeback -- like some other pop stars we know!


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The voice is too deep.

2606 days ago


Molest this Mickey !!!!

2606 days ago


He is a vile human being. To take advantage of sick children and then to put out a smear campaign is disgusting. He is the perfect example of America's current justice system in which you can buy freedom. Any adult man who sees nothing wrong in sharing a bed with a child (not their own) is sick and twisted. Stay out of the US. Our kids are safer that way.

2606 days ago


U have GOT to be kidding me. He's still allowed in the country? And the track? C'mon, it's tired. Sounds like a rip on "Smooth". Santana already did this. Over it. And, seriously, why's he still singing about girls? I don't get it.

2606 days ago


I love it----Hope he makes a big come-back!!!

2606 days ago


Now I guess we know what he was singing about when he was singin'

"You need some lovin" 'PYT' ...."Pretty YOUNG Thing".....

I guess there really are extended applications.........

2606 days ago


jacko is wacko and lives under a bridge

2606 days ago


2606 days ago


Hey #10 - - it would be "me gustan los niños" - - gustar, the verb "to please" is being modified not by "me" but rather by "los niños", a plural noun that requires a plural ending to the verb. Directly translated says "The children please me", informally (and how I assume you meant it) "I like children" but anyway - - foreign language grammar lesson for the day.


2606 days ago


Oh I know what you mean, Kate, OBVIOUSLY two people can not sleep in the same bed without having sex. I mean if they are in the bed together, they MUST of had sex. What else are beds used for? That's all people do in beds is have sex. I mean it's not like people do anything else there like say sleep. And if a kid is going to be molested, it's BOUND to happen in a place highly associated with sex- like the bedroom., because pedophiles like to be obvious like that.

Personally I think anyone who would even share a COUCH with a child who is not their's is seriously ill. I mean come on, we all KNOW that an adult that is within 3 feet of a child is GOING to molest them, so we just shouldn't let adults get close to any child that is not theirs. And actually, since a lot of kids that are molested are molested by their parents, we shouldn't let parents get within 3 feet of their kids either. That should totally be a law, you know just to protect our children. Actually since about 50% of child molestation cases and 20% of child rape cases have an adolescent offender, we should keep kids away from kids too. So maybe we should just require that all people stay at least 3 feet away from all other people at all times. That would work.

2606 days ago


this is soooooooo totally awesome and real!!!

2606 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

Michael Jackson is a mentally ill, gay pedophile who should be rotting in prison for his crimes against children. When this freak finally dies, he has a seat waiting for him in Hell, right next to O.J. Simpson. He won't be able to buy his way out of that one.

2606 days ago


Weirdo or no weiredo, he's talented. Everyone should be allowed their madness and weiredness, afterall, Ghoulina the incestdo is a weirdo. It's a free world. If that's really Micho Jacko, it's a definite COMEBACK. I feel the song in the first listening and whenever I feel it, it always turns out to be a hit.

2606 days ago


Oooba Gooba, Michael Jackson won't ever die- that's what the Oxygen Chamber was for, don't you remember! Duh! LMAO

2606 days ago


Yeah I have to agree there Kate....Sharing a Bed, in and of itself with someone is no Great Egregious crime and as much as it sickens me to agree with or be on the same planet with Michael What's his nose'..... You're responding to Culturally processed nonsense. Get off the Victorian bus for a while and see clearly....

2606 days ago
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