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New Jacko Tracko?

9/6/2007 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Raymone Bain, Jackson's power publicist, called us back. She told us that Mr. Jackson has "not released any new material" and as far as she knows this is not his song. She says it is a "smooth criminal pulling a fast one!" She did say, however, that if someone has leaked material illegally, their lawyers would pursue it. Who's bad!

Either the King of Pop is on a mission to reclaim his throne, or some other smooth criminal is pulling a fast one.
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Pittsburgh's 96.1 KISS FM claims they have a new song from Michael Jackson called "Mamacita," where the Gloved One rocks out ... sometimes in Spanish! Que' ridiculo!

TMZ couldn't confirm with Michael's rep if the new track is authentic, but Jacko hasn't released an original song in years and is overdue for a comeback -- like some other pop stars we know!


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He's simply creepy.

2514 days ago


Michael is the king he is coming soon ,and you allmust knee to his majesty !!
He is innocent and you know this in your hearts ,but you are all jealous that he is jesus like and you all go to hell soon

2514 days ago


Pittsburgh is slow. in LA had this before them. Thiefs!

2514 days ago


#38 YOU sound like a pedophile defending YOUR actions.

2514 days ago


It sounds like Justin Timberlake!!!!!

2514 days ago


Michael is the king ! He is innocent . the truth is so clear but jealousy can make some people blind .

2514 days ago


I'm going to say this and then I will desist in the matter as it is apparent to me that this is a point of obsession for you and I don't believe you are emotionally geared to handle this discussion in a balanced and orderly fashion. There is Myriad evidence to indicate that Mr Jackson has a long Histrionic pattern of malfeasant behavior with young people and this case to which you refer is only one case. I f you have had any personal contact with the American Justice system as I certainly have had in my former line of work. you would know that Justice and the Law have absolutely nothing to do with one another and to associate ones guilt or innocence by virtue of a Jury's determination is pure folly. Given all evidentiary and oral information presented and everything that I know to be true...There is not a dout in my mind that Mr Jackson fits the Clinical and Criminal profile of a classic Pedophile and I believe he is guilty. I also believe his behavior is sympto matic of that Pathology.

2514 days ago

Whammer Jammer    


The truth really hurts, doesn't it? Your boy was/is guilty of child molestation. YOU should stop believing everything that Wacko Jacko says, because he is a proven liar. The freak bought his way out. Your explanations are insane, as are you. All you Wacko Jacko fans are exactly the same: "Michael's innocent, he didn't do anything!". He had to flee the USA after his trial, because even he knew he got away with molestation.

He paid off many victims. He was/is guilty of pedophila. Your blind hero worship will never change that.

Enjoy your fantasy world!!

2514 days ago

L. P.    

geez it sure sounds like could anyone else mimic his voice and style of singing? It's too unique!

2514 days ago


Can someone PUHLEEEEZE do a plastic surgery intervention with this "man"? The next allergy attack will see him blow what little stub is left of his nose right off of his face.

2514 days ago


He's a pedophile. He should only drop dead.

2514 days ago


TomZ=Raymone Bain. No-one else would defend that hideous creature. His daddy shoulda pulled out early.

2514 days ago


Ok, you believe what you want to believe. Im obviously not going to change your mind, Michael Jackson is not a child molester. Sadly, most of you are judging him on the way he looks and acts, not even attempting to hear or see the facts.

Oh, and Ooba gooba? All Jacko fans are the same? And you haters are not? You are plainly not very bright anyway so I shouldnt really take much notice of what you say.

You people carry on trying to convince yourselfs that he is guilty, people far cleverer and with more knowledge about the case found him not guilty, he is innocent, not just 'not guilty'. Oh, and yes, I believe that 110%.

End of story.

Goodnight (afternoon for USA people)

2514 days ago


Tomz, I will concede to you on some points however, alot of what your experiencing right now that you might not understand is purely American. This whole "Child Molestation" thing. It is a Religious Fervor here as you may know that doesn't exist any where else in the world except the other Anglo countries but to a far lesser degree. It has gotten so much worse in the last15 to 20 years because we have so much publicity and fanfare fueling the public Hysteria. We have this idiot John Walsh every Saturday Preaching the fear of "A Pedophile under every bed and in every closet, behind every door...Look out, Look out...." and it has truly replaced Communism as our new "RED THREAT". WE even have NEWSERTAINMENT shows now where EVERY week the "News caster" will entrap men with ploys of sex with underage young girls for the general entertainment and amusement (and lots of ratings and money) of the public. No one is safe, not Teachers, Women, Children, the which hunts are very simliar to the MCcarthy type episodes of the 1950's when Communism was the threat. You are feeling the Cultural Hysteria with MJ

2514 days ago


Michael Jackson insurance company paid off that 20 million dollars settlement.

2514 days ago
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