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New Jacko Tracko?

9/6/2007 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Raymone Bain, Jackson's power publicist, called us back. She told us that Mr. Jackson has "not released any new material" and as far as she knows this is not his song. She says it is a "smooth criminal pulling a fast one!" She did say, however, that if someone has leaked material illegally, their lawyers would pursue it. Who's bad!

Either the King of Pop is on a mission to reclaim his throne, or some other smooth criminal is pulling a fast one.
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Pittsburgh's 96.1 KISS FM claims they have a new song from Michael Jackson called "Mamacita," where the Gloved One rocks out ... sometimes in Spanish! Que' ridiculo!

TMZ couldn't confirm with Michael's rep if the new track is authentic, but Jacko hasn't released an original song in years and is overdue for a comeback -- like some other pop stars we know!


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London Lyric    

This is a great strong come back song. Michael is the best and his voice is earth shaking sending chills up and down the spine of every living creater that walks the face of this earth. People are just haters and jelous of this brilliant man. You dont see white people putting down their god Elvis even though he was on drugs and killed him self. Michael is the king. Welcome Back Michael! Let me see all you untalented haters sell 80 million of one album. He will die a legend will you? Nuff said!

2602 days ago

vin will    

to the ones living outside of america...i'm in america but don't consider myself american because of the media. there are still fans here who are smart. the others are typical americans if they're not fans. to the schoolteacher...remind me to homeschool my kids. no wonder the school system sucks. to the haters who are attacking the one using race as an are no better. hate is hate in any form, so leave the 'race baiter' alone, hypocrites. MJ is a legend. pittsburgh sucks...i used to live there. no self respecting person who wants a decent life, lives there. their radio stations suck. they know that's not MJ, and they're trying to spread bad publicity with a horrible track that is way beneath MJ's songwriting abilities. anyone posting on here, who is a hater, is an idiot, because they're helping with free publicity for MJ, just by posting on here... so he's obviously as interesting to you as he is to us MANY fans of him.

finally, i notice that the haters focus mainly on money as a means to escape....obviously they know they'll never make nearly the money that Michael makes, in two or more of their lifetimes..and they're jealous.

2602 days ago


That's not Michael. It doesn't sound like his voice at all although there are some similarities.

And for those who think Michael is some kind freak- well I used to think so too until I actually did some quality research on him. You'll be surprised by how normal he is- seriously! Oh, and he's not a pedo. do the research and you'll know why.

2602 days ago

Here comes the judge    

He's creepy, wacko, weirdo, pedophile all in one. And his face is falling off. He's gross.

2602 days ago


This is not Michael Jackson everyone. This is a scam artist named Sanjaya Malakar. He thought if he could make a song like Jackson could then he thought he would be famous. Guess what he sucks and always will

2602 days ago


Sarcastic Sage: Maybe I should clarify my point. Any adult male accused of and investigated of suspected child molestation should not share a bed with a child. The first time around people were willing to believe him. We believed that the parents were seeking money but then when it happened again??!!! And he sat during an interview with Ed Bradley bragging about sharing his bed and his home with young boys...c'mon. I am not some backwards hick who is ignorant and believes that EVERY adult male is out to get our children but if an adult male or anyone by that fact has been accused and investigated for child molestation they should know better. He thought he was above the law and could do whatever he wanted. If you believe he is innocent than you are a fool.

2602 days ago

puddin tane    


2602 days ago

joe blow    

From the color of his fingernails he prob. is suffering from major liver damage.

2602 days ago

Keith Patterson    

This song is awesome. Go Michael!!

2602 days ago

angie wills    

Ithink that mike is a pediphile and should be put in jail and not walking aronund talking about a comeback!!!!! perve!

2602 days ago


What the HELL is up with his fingernails?

2602 days ago


"I never had plastic surgery on my nose"-BS! That little nub is deteriorating fast!!!

2602 days ago


KISS is an awesome radio station and I do not believe it is fake! Some people just don't know what real comedy is ! Those guys are great and wake me up in the morning! I LOVE MIKEY AND BIG BOB!!!!!

2602 days ago


Freaky?? Who gives a damn...Maryln Manson is a freak and i dont see people complaining about him. I just want MJ to release some music, regardless of all the crap that he has been through...i just want him to do what he does best.

2602 days ago


Hey now!? Marie? Kiss 96FM in Pittsburgh ROCKS! ESPECIALLY the morning show!
BOB & MIKE...they are the BEST!!!!!!!!
As far as Michael Jackson goes...the guy is a whackjob, but he can sing...if the music is good I don't care who sings it.

2601 days ago
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