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Opri to Birkhead -- Take it Back or I'll Sue!

9/6/2007 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained dueling lawyer letters between Larry Birkhead and Debra Opri and THIS JUST IN: It's gotten really ugly.

Opri is pissed that Larry B appeared on Larry King's show this week and claimed he witnessed Opri feed newly-minted author Rita Cosby confidential documents in his custody battle. Opri's lawyer, David Owen, fired off a letter obtained by TMZ, in which he says, "That statement is false and defamatory....we are giving Mr. Birkhead an opportunity to issue a retraction."

Not gonna happen. Birkhead's lawyer, Micheal Trope, fired off his own letter -- also obtained by TMZ -- in which he says, "Mr. Birkhead declines your invitation to issue any type of retraction," adding, "...truth is a defense."

Trope ends with this pretty funny salvo: Larry would "like her to avoid the expense of hiring a process server to deliver the complaint. I have Mr. Birkhead's authority to accept service."

In this case, every penny counts.


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Looks to me like Rita and Deb have been caught with their fingers in the pie.

Take em down Larry!

2548 days ago


10. Larry will most definitely need to keep selling Dannielynn to the media to pay for all his lawyers. Larry is a dog & no wonder Anna left the country to get away from him. He's the biggest liar I've ever heard of.....he just makes it up as he goes along.

Posted at 5:05PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Princess

Any parent, with a Child who's picture alone is worth Hundreds of Thousands of dollars would do exactly the same thing. He would not have the time to hold down a full time job with all of the press and lawsuits following the baby.
You also act as if Anna was a Saint. She left the Country to Steal the rights to the baby for Herself. She Knew who the father was, She and HKS worked together to put the baby outside US jurisdiction. Larry may be a liar - I don't know, I flunked mind reading - But DNA is DNA - He is the babies daddy and he has legal rights as well.

2548 days ago

Time WILL Tell    

Get a job birkhead, and stop making DL pay the lawyers for all your childish games, I hope and pray you lose her to Virgie ! Maybe that will wake you up !

2548 days ago


This is Larry in body but Howard has taken over Larry mind.Larry has been blackmailed and Howard will control the rest of Larrys life. There is no way out Larry you sold your soul. IMO

2548 days ago


Birkhead is suing more than Tom Cruise. Do they both have something in common now?

2548 days ago


I hope they nail Opri to the dirt!!!!!! She deserves nothung but a jail sentence for stealing from Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2548 days ago


Everybody needs to get back to the Bahamas and start getting things settled. This is getting way out of hand whether its true or not! It just more cemented for life for Dannilynn to see.

Now I wonder if the judge in the Bahamas made a mistake. Maybe the child should be under care of the Bahamas until everything was settled. At least this way, Dannilynn wouldn't be the "centerfold" of all this crap!

2548 days ago


20 voice of reason I know where some ocean front property is. Its a million dollar home on the ocean. I hope it forsale

2548 days ago


Looks like Birkhead and Stern will be getting all the Pretty Book money afterall.

2548 days ago


Poor Dannielynn is a meal ticket for her father et al. $$$$$$$$$$

2548 days ago


We all make a choice in life to live on the good side of life or the dark side of life. Howard & Larry chose the dark side with all the drugs, sex, money laundering, pimping, drug-dealing etc. It's an awful way of life to choose but they don't want to give it up so of course they will keep fighting to continue living that way. Anybody who tries to expose them will be beaten up but there will be somebody who can bring them down to earth again. GOD DOES NOT APPROVE OF THE DARK SIDE & HE IS THE ONE WHO WILL BRING THEM TO THEIR KNEES.

2548 days ago


Birkhead has said numerous times this is what Opri did and why she was fired by him.

She is a slime bag.

2548 days ago


Birkhead doesn't even deserve any of the Marshall family money. Anna and Daniel are both gone. Dannielynn is a Birkhead and not a Marshall even if it was Anna's legal name. Daniel was the only true stepchild. They shouldn't receive one red cent.

2548 days ago

Boo Hoo    

If Larry really is chaneling all the money he makes through a trust for DL, I don't think Debbie will be able to get her hands on it.

2548 days ago


Stern doesn't need to get his greedy hands on the Marshall money either. He didn't build that empire. Well, maybe Dannielynn should get a little something.

2548 days ago
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