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Opri to Birkhead -- Take it Back or I'll Sue!

9/6/2007 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained dueling lawyer letters between Larry Birkhead and Debra Opri and THIS JUST IN: It's gotten really ugly.

Opri is pissed that Larry B appeared on Larry King's show this week and claimed he witnessed Opri feed newly-minted author Rita Cosby confidential documents in his custody battle. Opri's lawyer, David Owen, fired off a letter obtained by TMZ, in which he says, "That statement is false and defamatory....we are giving Mr. Birkhead an opportunity to issue a retraction."

Not gonna happen. Birkhead's lawyer, Micheal Trope, fired off his own letter -- also obtained by TMZ -- in which he says, "Mr. Birkhead declines your invitation to issue any type of retraction," adding, "...truth is a defense."

Trope ends with this pretty funny salvo: Larry would "like her to avoid the expense of hiring a process server to deliver the complaint. I have Mr. Birkhead's authority to accept service."

In this case, every penny counts.


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What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

2. YEAH.........when does this Birkhead sue-head stop? I'd rather have Anna back amongst the living than to watch this guy's sue happy meltdowns!

Posted at 4:49PM on Sep 6th 2007 by K.L.

*** DEAR K.L. ~ Larry Birkhead is merely defending himself against injustice and doing the exact thing that you or I would do in his place. The difference is that we aren't millionaires. Quit being jealous of a celeb that you don't even know.

2569 days ago


that rita lady is a stupid as$. does anyone really care if larry and howard MIGHT have had something going on???! Oooohhhh woooow, we so needed to know that rita!
go back to reading a teleprompter!!!

2569 days ago


Is Larry a Scientologist? He is beginning to act like one with all the lawsuits!!!!!!!

2569 days ago


Opri and Rita are done , goooooooo Larry and Howard LOL

2569 days ago


Ted.................I don't know of any people who would sell their children's pictures to earn a living. All the people I know earn enough money that they don't have to pimp their children out besides they're all educated & smart enough to want privacy so as not to let sexual predators & other evil people know much about their children. Apparently you must need money real bad.

2569 days ago


In my opinion I do not think they will take Rita Cosby
to court to sue her, I may be wrong........ however ........court's mean
witnesses, statements, lots of people called to testify who have
given information within Rita's book ...........mmmm.......not truly
credible is it?
I mean she has quoted 50 sources already within the
book plus perhaps many more she has not disclosed at this point.

Lots of huffing and puffing by the opposistion but I dont think they will bring Rita's house

When Is Daniel's Inquest? That is shamefully long Overdue

Good on you Opri

Good Luck Virgie

2569 days ago

Saint Judas    

Opri is the one who succesfully took Larrys case to the point where it was obvious to Howard that he was going to lose in court. Then the dna testing that would prove that Howard was not the father would be ordered. Before that had a chance to happen, Larry decided to hedge his bets and team up with Howard. Big mistake. It was Opri's strategy that ultimately reclaimed Dannielyn from Howard and returned her to Larry.

Larry did not have to make a deal with Howard but he did. I remember Opri's strong objection to Larry making deals with his adversary behind her back. After all she was his lawyer. It was shortly after that when Larry and Opri parted company, but all the heavy lifting had been done... by Opri.

I really believe that Larry thought he would get away clean. Now Larry is in a lot of trouble by being hooked up with Howard. Howard knows how the system works.

If I were Larry I would opt for telling the whole truth. He and Howard were working together the whole entire time.

2569 days ago


It's quite probable that Anna got pregnant by a turkey baster.........she couldn't stand Larry and didn't want him anywhere near that baby! That's why she moved away from Larry.

Larry has been lying about how much he and Anna cared about one's all made up by Larry, now that Anna can't defend herself about him.

Anna should have gotten off those drugs and realized just what was REALLY going to happen to her baby daughter. If she could only have known Larry (whom she did not want around) would end up pimping her daughter out whose than she did.

2569 days ago


Me so stupid!

2569 days ago



It's all about MONEY!

2569 days ago


I have friends who saw a video of her doing it. So, of course, it's true. Duh.

2569 days ago


received my book yesterday. already finished it. great book and it is amazing how many lies were told. Even things that shouldn't even matter, like Moe's wife Tas didn't find the body. A lady named Brigette did. Tas was on the computer. Unless I missed it, I kept hearing that Moe's wife found Anna. People should read the book and keep an open mind before being so sure Rita is a liar

2569 days ago

Bahama Mama    

Yeah.... Larry won some big victory.against Opri. NOT!... He gets to pay high priced Lawyers in a jury trial in a case where he signed every page of a fee agreement... very funny!

BirkGivesHead: "Howard said Opri would work for free... yes I paid her $20,000 to her" (precedent that confirms he knew he had to pay Opri's fees)

I think Opri knew what she was doing and wants a public jury trial. Now she gets to parade all of her witnesses against Larry telling the stories in a public hearing instead of behind closed doors with an arbitor who would have most likely had them split the remaing money in Deb O trust account. Now Opri will get the full boat after 12 decent people hear the case and how Larry used her and her credit card.

"The Boy Named Sue" better start taking pictures of Dannilyn with tourists out in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater... He is going to need the money to pay Howard's attorney's in cash. They know first hand that Larry doesn't pay his legal bills! LOL

Who is advising Larry legally? Must be Howard. He has been so successful and was so smart to advise Anna not to take the 88 Million that Marshall offered as a settlement. Good "Job" Howie! pun intended! LOL

2569 days ago


What's the big deal if Alex katz called? He obviously received a call from Dr. K so he knew what was going on.

2569 days ago


Keep Going Larry! Forget about all these nasty comments. Fight for what is right and keeping take GREAT care of Dannielynn

2569 days ago
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