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Opri to Birkhead -- Take it Back or I'll Sue!

9/6/2007 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained dueling lawyer letters between Larry Birkhead and Debra Opri and THIS JUST IN: It's gotten really ugly.

Opri is pissed that Larry B appeared on Larry King's show this week and claimed he witnessed Opri feed newly-minted author Rita Cosby confidential documents in his custody battle. Opri's lawyer, David Owen, fired off a letter obtained by TMZ, in which he says, "That statement is false and defamatory....we are giving Mr. Birkhead an opportunity to issue a retraction."

Not gonna happen. Birkhead's lawyer, Micheal Trope, fired off his own letter -- also obtained by TMZ -- in which he says, "Mr. Birkhead declines your invitation to issue any type of retraction," adding, "...truth is a defense."

Trope ends with this pretty funny salvo: Larry would "like her to avoid the expense of hiring a process server to deliver the complaint. I have Mr. Birkhead's authority to accept service."

In this case, every penny counts.


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When will this nonsense end? Larry's 15 minutes of fame is wayyyyyyy over.

What exactly has this guy done to warrant such attention? Besides getting ANS pregnant?

The last thing he is thinking about is his daughter.

All he is thinking about is $$$$$$$$$ and who he can sue next.

2606 days ago

Boo Hoo    

I wonder if Larry's attorney gets to help pick the jury!! Believe it or not there people out there that don't follow this story and Larry handles the "ah shucks" guy image fairly well.

2606 days ago


HEY NUMBER 41 - Hope,
You don't know if I'm a millionare or original comment stands.........and it is not your place to decide what I can opinionate on.

Also........quit with the "jealousy" crap. What makes you think that because someone has a comment or an opinion on here it makes for some kind of jealousy? signed K.

2606 days ago


The public wants to see pictures of Dannilyn, People love to look at at babies, Larry should sell them and have the money so he doesn't have to work and can take care of his daughter! He would be stupid not to.

2606 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Even after Larry and Deborah parted ways, Deborah still had the class to call Larry after the DNA results were revailed to congratulate him.

2606 days ago


Didn't she give confidential information to someone because she owed them a favor? Or is this that situation? (not sure if it happened more than once). If she said "i'm a lawyer, trust me" I'd laugh in her face.

2606 days ago

Allred Tree    

Every time Birkhead threatens a lawsuit he gets publicity that this wannabe celebrity craves so much.

2606 days ago


these stories become more intriguing with birkhead and stern and everyone else involved......i was always on larry's side, and virgie's.....but larry is hellbent on stopping this book of rita's...makes me wonder.....i don't think rita would risk something stupid...i think she has the goods....and the two boys are scared.............

2606 days ago

mickey lou    

These 2 need to grow up!

2606 days ago


Anybody actually read the damn book? What's in it besides the rumors and innuendos already speculated upon by this site?

2606 days ago

mickey lou    

I am looking forward to reading Rita's book!

2606 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

He said SUE 14 times during hie LKL interview the other night. This guy eats, drinks, and sleeps .........SUE, He probably dreams about whom he'll SUE next.
Posted at 5:01PM on Sep 6th 2007 by INQUEST

I know…..but then again he doesn’t work, so he needs to find other streams of income besides selling pictures of his daughter.

2606 days ago

Allred Tree    

Ah, this is one case I'd love to be called to Jury Duty for! DL is cute but so are most babies. She is going into toddlerhood and the terrible twos and she may not be cute much longer! I hope her cross-eyes are her only problem and can be corrected.

2606 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Any parent, with a Child who's picture alone is worth Hundreds of Thousands of dollars would do exactly the same thing. He would not have the time to hold down a full time job with all of the press and lawsuits following the baby.
Posted at 5:33PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Ted

Ted, He chooses to stay in L.A. where there are literally hundreds and hundreds of photogs out on the streets. The only reason his daughter’s photographs are worth so much money is because he keeps her hidden away so no one else can take any pictures of her, so therefore her image is more valuable. He wants to make sure he is the only one that profits from it. I don’t believe he’s keeping her hidden because he is trying to protect her. I believe he wants to keep his cash cow out of the public eye so she can remain as valuable as possible. She deserves to have a normal life. Even Brad and Angelina take their kids out. They profited off the initial photos and donated it to charity. Now photos of their kids aren't nearly as valuable. If Dannielynn were living a half-way normal life, do you think he’d be able to command as much money for photos? Absolutely not. And as far as working is concerned…think back to when President Bill Clinton was being impeached…yet he still somehow managed to run the country in the midst of all that drama. Do you think LB’s schedule is more jam packed than slick Willy’s was?

2606 days ago

Amy Silverman    

What a freak show,I thought when Anna died this mess would be over. Miss Larry is your middle name Sue? Cry me a river big baby!

2606 days ago
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