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Opri to Birkhead -- Take it Back or I'll Sue!

9/6/2007 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained dueling lawyer letters between Larry Birkhead and Debra Opri and THIS JUST IN: It's gotten really ugly.

Opri is pissed that Larry B appeared on Larry King's show this week and claimed he witnessed Opri feed newly-minted author Rita Cosby confidential documents in his custody battle. Opri's lawyer, David Owen, fired off a letter obtained by TMZ, in which he says, "That statement is false and defamatory....we are giving Mr. Birkhead an opportunity to issue a retraction."

Not gonna happen. Birkhead's lawyer, Micheal Trope, fired off his own letter -- also obtained by TMZ -- in which he says, "Mr. Birkhead declines your invitation to issue any type of retraction," adding, "...truth is a defense."

Trope ends with this pretty funny salvo: Larry would "like her to avoid the expense of hiring a process server to deliver the complaint. I have Mr. Birkhead's authority to accept service."

In this case, every penny counts.


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Bahama Mama    

Larry keeps that cross-eyed baby hidden in Anna's mansion all cooped up like a veal. He dusts her off for media deals and photo shoots. I think that over now his despicable behavior has been revealed, those big money deals are over. Like with OK Mag.

Carnival Barker: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and Girls. Come see Dannilynn, the GIRL VEAL! See her crossed eyes and her pastey skin. She was worth millions. Now see her only possession, on disply, her mothers sunglasses.

2569 days ago


If larry or howard writes a book then i will read it,otherwise its not worth my time they are the ones who know the truth and i really dont care if they are gay are not.Dannielynn is being taken care of and thats all that matters.I see other baby pictures of celeb out there just as much theres nothing wrong with it.cathy

2569 days ago


WTG~~! Larry~!! Trope's ending salvo was pretty amusing......Opri may want to charge Larry a huge fee for having to serve him papers....Ha! Haa!

2569 days ago


Larry isn't anti paparazzi, it is his business. He can't go around taking pictures and then act like he is to good to have his taken. Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill.

2569 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Byyyyyeee Opri.......You know what you have done......very BAD!

ByyyyyeeeeVirgie.......You know what you have done.........and so will the world find out who is really behind the infamous Tape Lie........uuuuuhhhhoooooo Virgie........It will all come out soon..................

Rita's Sources are all LIARS......

2569 days ago

Virgie, Rita, O'Quinn, the A team.    

Howie taught Larry well, pimp and don't pay bills and maybe a few other things we won't talk about.
You just know O'Quinn is loving this, reeling them in.
Larry, when did you sue Rita?

2569 days ago


I wouldn't mind paying a bill for legal services, but this rottreiler was billing for taking a dump and that isn't correct. What legal services did she perform the day of the funeral or the day before "preparing" for it? The bill probably should have been around $200K or so even at her $475/hour rate. She is a disgrace to the legal profession. She shouldn't be billing to bring her husband along or to entertain at lavish dinners that LB wasn't even attending.

I hope that they go after her timesheets and all of her bills and maybe she will be disbarred. Billing for time not worked isn't ethical.

2569 days ago


IMHO they are all a bunch of users, mankind hs become most distant from HONOR

2569 days ago


Way to go Mark! Nail his ass...

2569 days ago


Some people are just never satisfied. I remember after Anna died people were on this board clamoring for pictures of DL. Now they have pic's of her and they look at it as Larry using her. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeez. He knows that many people want to see her pic's and how she is doing so he is keeping us informed. After she turns a year maybe there won't be so many pic's.

As far as the book, I find it funny that nothing was said about this book until the day it came out. As soon as it hit the shelf Rita was making money because people will read anything. Why didn't she have a lead up to the release date. Probably because she knew it would be stopped. Even if it is proven to be lies, she has made her money. Nobody knows what happened unless they were there. As I said before being gay is not a crime so what was the purpose of this book anyway other than a way to cash in on the interest of the public. H*ell the guardian AL in the Fl trial was gay, it didn't mean he did his job any differently than a straight man would have done. Get Real people.

2569 days ago


I specifically remember Larry Birkhead issuing a statement in front of the press and Ms. Opri pulling him arm and jumping into the limelight and adding her comments. This confirms that she was a "spotlight" seeker. Funny it all takes place before the baby's birthday to take the focus off the joy of her 1st birthday. Sick people!

as for the inquest, when is it gonna happen. Daniel's been dead almost a year yet we hear nothing about how or why he died. Is there really a judicial system in the Bahamas?

2569 days ago

Virgie, Rita, O'Quinn, the A team.    

So, they're pimping [=selling] the baby on her birthday with the most tasteless, tawdry exhibition.
Sorry guys, you're playing in the big leagues now, Debra, O'Qinn, Vergie's FBI son.
They're waitin' fer ya.

2569 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

E=mc2 @ # 16 You are weird! Get a life, You think the cops have not been through al
the phone records and Anna' s untimely death was due to drug overdose. Unfortunately
she did not listen to anyone and people around her could not force her to stop, she did not realize she had a problem and that Nincampoop (I hope I got the spelling right).

Cosby has a lot of explaining to do regarding her lies in the book. SHE is the one who
is insinuating a lot of things that she just grabbed out of her tuna crotch ass and some from her lover Debra Opri's tuna crotch and her he other sources so she can make money.

People are accusing Larry Birkhead of things and he has every right to sue them, it is not about the money! Besides people are filling law suits for less insulting things.

2569 days ago


Sounds like you need to order a Relaxing or Calming Candle from

2569 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Hey! What do you know? Debra is a man! I have told you all from the get go that she was
cross dressing. SHE wants to be a man and do Rita Cosby and Virgie Arhur!

2569 days ago
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