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Opri to Birkhead -- Take it Back or I'll Sue!

9/6/2007 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained dueling lawyer letters between Larry Birkhead and Debra Opri and THIS JUST IN: It's gotten really ugly.

Opri is pissed that Larry B appeared on Larry King's show this week and claimed he witnessed Opri feed newly-minted author Rita Cosby confidential documents in his custody battle. Opri's lawyer, David Owen, fired off a letter obtained by TMZ, in which he says, "That statement is false and defamatory....we are giving Mr. Birkhead an opportunity to issue a retraction."

Not gonna happen. Birkhead's lawyer, Micheal Trope, fired off his own letter -- also obtained by TMZ -- in which he says, "Mr. Birkhead declines your invitation to issue any type of retraction," adding, "...truth is a defense."

Trope ends with this pretty funny salvo: Larry would "like her to avoid the expense of hiring a process server to deliver the complaint. I have Mr. Birkhead's authority to accept service."

In this case, every penny counts.


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Phone Records

February 7, 2007

5:13 pm Dr. Erosevich calls Howard K. Stern. Call lasts for 7 minutes

6:38 pm Howard calls Ron Rale (Howard will make a least 5 separate phone calls to
Ron Rale during the afternoon and evening hours of the 7th)

6:41 pm Alex Goen calls Howard K. Stern

--- This is the last phone called received on Howard’s cell phone that evening.

February 8, 2007


10:00 am - Howard checks his voicemail

10:03 am - Howard checks his voicemail

10:42 am - King Eric Gibson calls Howard on his cell phone

10:45 am - Howard calls Moe

10:46 am - Howard checks his voicemail

10:49 am - Howard checks his voicemail

10:52 am - Howard calls Alex Goen

10:53 am - Howard calls Ron Rale (it is 7:53 am Cal. Time)

10:56 am to 11:19 am - There are several calls back and forth between Howard, King Eric and Moe during Moe and Tas’s drive to the airport.

February 8, 2007


11:59 - Howard calls the hotel liason twice

12:00 noon - Howard calls the boat broker Mark Dekema (conversation lasts 10 minutes.)

12:02 pm - Hotel liaison returns Howard’s phone call.

12:17 pm - Howard calls Mark Dekema (boat broker) for the second time.

Howard phones the Boat Broker - Mark Dekema three more times before 1:00 pm

12:27 pm - Moe calls Taz

12:44 pm - Taz calls Moe (call last 1 minute)

12:45 pm - Taz calls Moe again (this call lasts 4 minutes)

1:15 to 1:22 pm - Howard calls boat broker Mark Dekema again, towards the end of the call Howard abruptly says “I have another call, I have to take this”. Instead Howard calls his voicemail.

1:17 pm - Tas calls Moe (call last less than one minute)

1:19 pm - Tas call Moe again (call last one minute)

1:23 pm. - Instead of taking another call, Howard checks his voicemail

1:24 pm - Moe calls Howard (call lasts less then one minute) This is the phone call in which Moe claims to have told Howard that something happened to Anna.

1:26 pm - Howard calls Moe (call last one minute)

1:28 pm - Moe calls Tas (call lasts 4 minutes)

1:31 pm - Moe calls the hotel liaison - while she is trying to call him

1:32 pm - Moe calls the hotel liaison again.

1:33 pm - Moe calls the Hard Rock Gaming Commission Office

1:33 pm - Howard calls Moe

1:34 pm - Howard calls Moe
1:34 - Moe calls the hotel liaison

1:35 pm - Howard calls Moe

1:36 pm - Howard calls Moe
- Moe calls the hotel liaison
- Moe then calls Tas
- The hotel liaison calls her boss, the Director of Operations at the Hard Rock Hotel

1:37 pm - Howard calls the hotel liaison twice

1:38 pm - Tas calls the hotel operator who calls 911
- The hotel liaison calls the Director of Operations, again

1:39 pm - The hotel liaison calls the office of the hotel’s Director of Purchasing

1:40 pm - Hard Rock security calls the Seminole Police

1:44 pm - The hotel liaison calls Howard.

1:48 pm - The hotel liaison calls Howard

1:54 pm - Howard calls Dr. E.

2:02 pm - Howard calls Dr. E.

2:09 pm - Howard calls Dr. E.
- Dr. E calls the Hard Rock Hotel liaison

2:27 pm - Howard calls Moe

2:30 pm - Howard calls Moe

2:31 pm - Dr. E calls the hotel liaison

2:32 pm - Howard calls Moe

2:36 pm - The hotel liaison calls the hotel’s Director of Operations

2:37 pm - Alex Katz calls the hotel liaison

3:12 pm - Howard calls Alex Goen

3:13 pm - Howard calls the Hard Rock Hotel’s main number

3:14 pm - Howard calls Alex Goen

3:17 pm - Alex Goen calls Howard

3:21 pm - Howard calls the Horizon house

3:23 pm - Boesch Law Firm (who handle the Marshall case) calls Howard

3:37 pm - Howard calls Ron Rale

3:38 pm - Howard calls Ron Rale

3:49 pm - Howard calls Entertainment Tonight (call lasts 2 minutes)

3:51 pm - Howard calls Entertainment Tonight (call lasts 4 minutes)

4:15 pm - Alex Goen calls Howard

4:26 pm - Howard calls Ray Martino

4:27 pm - Howard calls the hotel liaison

4:34 pm - Howard calls the hotel liaison

4:47 pm - The hotel liaison calls Howard twice

4:49 pm - Howard calls “information”

4:51 pm - Howard calls a local elementary school

4:53 pm - Howard calls the schools aftercare program

4:55 pm - The hotel liaison calls Howard

5:38 pm - Howard’s father calls him

7:12 pm- Moe calls Ron Rale

7:13 pm - Moe calls Ron Rale

Posted at 5:10PM on Sep 6th 2007 by E=mc2 did this get out? E this makes me wonder who you are....if this is real..way to go....and

2568 days ago


i smell a RAT

2568 days ago


howard calls ray martino..oh no..dont tell me hes mixed up in this mess ....say it aint so E

2568 days ago


Let me see.... The going rate is 1.7 million dollars for one photo shoot of the baby at her birthday... hmmmm how many people would say no? And wait before you get on your high horses and start throwing are words like Pimping and whoring . And that you are decent father and can earn a living. Remember that your lawyer stole $600,000 of your money. And that the public is demanding the pictures, and that if you don't sell the pictures yourself, the bootleg prices will increase on the baby pictures. Meaning, the pictures will be taken by paparazzi when you least expect it. $1.7 million dollars for baby pictures.... Think of what the average paparazzi would do for even a portion of that. Do you really think that is safer for the child? Heres one for you, don't buy any magazine with Danilynn's picture on it. Then you yourself will not contribute to the problem.

And still you think Larry is the sole problem.

2568 days ago


3:49 pm - Howard calls Entertainment Tonight (call lasts 2 minutes)

3:51 pm - Howard calls Entertainment Tonight (call lasts 4 minutes)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------wow wasnt that right around the time anna was dead at the hospital and howard was nowhere to be seen?.....

2568 days ago


For Debra Opri, Esq. -

It is now time to nail his lying fanny to a cross....

Birkhead certainly fooled a lot of people from September 2006 until the DNA test in April 2007 which was appealled by Stern. Without the direct DNA harvest for which YOU ferociously fought, Birkhead would still be fighting Stern for his biological daughter who he now uses for monetary gain while evading payment of his attorney fees. I truly feel such great compassion for the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith and, unfortunately, I sense he will be brought down along with some of the other inner circle.

You certainly gave him quite a makeover, Debra Opri, which fooled people who no longer support him in any of his personal efforts. He made a mockery of those who support the rights of the biological father and we do not like it! There is no substance nor ethical morality to this particular Kentucky boy!

Best wishes, Debra!

2568 days ago


They are all media whores. Larry Birheasd, Debra Opri, Rita Cosby and Howard K Stern. Opri is the biggest whore. SHE THINKS MICHAEL JACKSON IS INNOCENT/ But if she reoresented the other side then shr would say "hang him".

2568 days ago


Sorry to be irreverent to the innocent child's conception, but "turkey baster" is ironically funny with the news in "Blonde Ambition". The other day I was wondering if Birkhead had a mirror image of Stern in his mind whenever he plied Anna Nicole with his sperm!

A select few had him figured out on the onset of this story though I was one of the more older and naive women who bought into his sob story while supporting the rights of the single father.

There is a very serious side to this story and the Inquest on behalf of Daniel Wayne Smith must never be forgotten in the Bahamas!

2568 days ago


Dear Debra Opri, esq -

You've made a mockery of the laws you vowed to uphold.
You violated privacy priveledges between client and attorney
Your Billing was excessive by over $400,000 more than the actual hours worked
Instead of using legal avenues to collect the fees you were due, you confiscated (That means stole) $600,000 from Mr. Birkheads personal income.
You failed to address the theft, fraud and duress in a professional and legal matter. That is why the judge would not allow you to settle with an arbitrator.

Good luck on your lawsuit!
Good luck with the State Bar Examiners!
Good luck with the IRS!

You are by no means a Moral or ethical compass, and mis represent the entire legal community.

2568 days ago


Howard, Moe, and the doctor all failed in their jobs to protect Anna. ET flew Howard to the Bahamas that night and filmed it. He sold them that deal while Anna was at the morgue.


2568 days ago


hoho former lawyer going against him? yep hes lying

2568 days ago


hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha larrys is gonna lose, rita and opri kickin ass

2568 days ago


opri and rita are lovers and dogs

2568 days ago


Well we know shes desperate!!!

2568 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Ted, You missed my point. If Larry Birkhead was allowing his daughter to have a normal life, which she deserves, like…going to the park…taking her for a walk in a stroller…just normal every day things that a normal person would do with their child…If he did those things, then yes, he would get photographed with his child from time to time, and much less so if he moved out of L.A. I think a lot people would eventually lose interest because it wouldn’t be anything unusual to see and the value of the pictures of his daughter would drastically decrease. He then would not be able to demand anything near $1.7M for a photo shoot. Using Brad and Angelina as an example once again. They reportedly made $4.1M on their daughter’s first baby photos. They’ve frequently been seen out with their baby since. Do you really think every time a paparazzi takes a picture of their baby now that it’s worth millions? Of course not. What other celebrity besides Birkhead is making their living by selling pictures of their children? For the most part, the people that buy those magazines will consume whatever is put before them, and no one has the right to demand to see pictures of anyone‘s baby. I have never and will never buy a magazine that has pictures of Larry Birkhead and his baby. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.

2568 days ago
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