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The Beckhams -- Comedy Team?

9/6/2007 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After separately winning numerous music and soccer football awards, the power team of Victoria and David Beckham has finally been nominated for the same prize -- Funniest Double Act! Double maaaajah!

The Brit mag Loaded, which gives kudos to comedy connoisseurs in their annual Lafta awards, released nominations to be voted on by their readers. Editor Martin Daubney said the Beckhams were put up for Funniest Double Act because their move to the US got "the British public laughing." There's a bit of British humor that won't escape anyone!

David's recent knee injury may keep him sidelined for the rest of the season. Not laughing: Galaxy fans.


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So how do you make 25 million on the sidelines?? No man or woman is worth that much.

2605 days ago


there idiots to pay this loser a penny and his nasty wife she looks like and prositute

2605 days ago


I agree! But I heard LA Galaxy signed him on for a $250 million dollar contract . He is no way worth that! Comes over to the US in such a big hipe, to play 1 game and then gets injured and has been sitting out since. How rediculous! Get rid of him! And take back the money!!!

2605 days ago


DON'T YOU THINK.........that perhaps by NOW......the entire Galaxy Soccer team HATES that goofy Becks and his plastic wifey?

All attention was put on Becks as if he could really make America into a soccer loving country.

Imagine being on the team every game and the ONLY God in it is supposed to be this imported over the hill, over paid, underdressed player. YUCK! Now I hate soccer even more!


2605 days ago

Haha suckers...    

It was absolutely brilliant of Beckham to get that $250 million dollar contract. The Galaxy knew what they were getting into...he's here to create awareness and interest, not to win games at this stage of his career. Love him!

2605 days ago


These two need to go back to England. Ugly anorexic Victoria is hated so much here, I don't know why she would want to stay, and David is definitely a joke, but too sick of a joke to be funny. God, Victoria is SO unattractive, not even coyote ugly. They should have to give back at least half of the money Galaxy paid David to ACTUALLY PLAY, they are running a major con game getting paid all that money when he is too injured to even play and she does what, shop Now their PR team will start posting away for them, yawn.

2605 days ago


The Galaxy was had.

And I'm quite sure that his plan to begin with.

Perhaps it was hatched by his buble-headed wife.

Send him back over the pond (without the money) That would be too nice.

2605 days ago


Oh PLEASE, David didn't so anything for soccer, all he is doing is creating hate and discontent and soccer will end up being even less popular because of these limey idiots. People want to see Beckham play, think they sit in those seats thinking, go David, we love all the "awareness and interest" you bring here just sitting on a bench while your team does all the work. Yeah right, hahasuckers, get real, people don't part with their money to watch David sit on his boney ass, and they sure don't part with their money to watch skeletor Victoria frowning all day. Soccer will not be one little bit more popular, people don't like scams. When they leave, David's team will probably throw one hell of a party and THAT I would pay good money to be a part of!

2605 days ago


Send their asses back to their homeland........oh, they are hated there too? Well then get them out of our stores! Tired of looking at photos of this guy and his shopaholic wife.

They can take Katie Holmes with them.........she needs to hit the stores over in England, just incase she hasn't filled Tom's house to the brim with shopping bags and clothing garments.

Galaxy should demand a refund of all that money. Money made doing nothing but shopping and partying and selling pictures of themselves.

2605 days ago

phil shane    

What a couple of loosers

2605 days ago


She has got to be one of the ugliest women on the planet with all that plastic, botox and silicone!

Someone should tell her her nose is too large for her chiselled face and that f*** you look is really unappealing too.

She looks more masculine than feminine, and those blisters of silicone on her chest are anything but realistic looking.

I guess she has fallen victim to the distorted self image syndrome. I remember when she looked feminine, and was pretty. Now she looks like a footballer in drag, and an ugly one at that.

I'd say go back but even the Brits don't want you.

2605 days ago

no pervs allowed    

America... what a puinchline, I would be laughing too if I was from England. Guess this is they're payback to us for losing the American Revolution.

2605 days ago

phil shane    

Unfortunately the joke is on us

2605 days ago


I love the Beckhams!!! Victoria was always my favorite Spice Girl and she's beautiful and represents woman like myself, David is gorgeous and they make a beautiful pair. They're a "Power Couple" just like the ones we have in the U.S. just better looking and, better dressed they fit in just fine.

2605 days ago


These people are annoying and boring. BTW, it can only be called SOCCER in the US, and if you call it anything else you can go back to their own country!

2605 days ago
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