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Allred's "Secret Witness" Can't Stay Secret

9/7/2007 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria AllredJudge Scott Gordon will let the "secret witness" try and weigh in on matters Britney, but ain't gonna be no secret.

The judge said the witness would only be considered if he files a written declaration and only if he reveals his identity, and maybe not even then.

The guy is someone who worked with Britney after she left rehab.

Allred told TMZ "It appears we hit a raw nerve with Miss Wasser, Britney Spears' attorney. We think she would like to prevent our client from testifying. Perhaps she has a sense of what he might say."


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LOL at Jess ]

Manly Men, my centiments exactly, it's not like this is a mob trial lol. and Allred should know better - actually, they all should know better. While I would want the best interests of any child, and if Britney clearly is crazy and cannot take care of the kids, sure they should be removed, but Kevin's team seems to be working some crazy angles and working way to hard at stuff to get admitted and heard, and repeatedly gets shot done. just leads me to believe she is doing nothing wrong, and its all about the dough....

2573 days ago


I agree with Michelle. If he really did have "solid" evidence of neglect, abuse etc.., then they wouldn't be pulling out all of the stops on this. AND if he REALLY thought all that, then THEY would call Child Services on her and not be afraid to admit it. It's sounding more and more like he's trying to pull a rabbit from the hat.

2573 days ago

Harry Nipples, Jr.    

Allred should just face the fact that she's not quite the man she used to be.

2573 days ago

tuna marie    

allred is a disgrace. she will do anything to get publicity. is she a real lawyer or just one for the tv cameras. she should be disbarred.

2573 days ago

Hop Off    

Michelle, you need to take Gloria's license away and start practicing law!

K-Fed's case is weak if he's got to resort to these ploys.

2573 days ago


Stephanie, I already do, but am "off" today LOL

2573 days ago


Kevin's team seems to be operating on the theory that if you throw enough mud, some will stick. So far all investigations have been dropped by Children's Services, which means they've seen doctor's records and so forth. The kids are in good health. Whether they are in the best environment is yet to be proven. Kevin just may have to bite the bullet and live off the $13,000 he gets a month with the 50/50 child custody. This is far more then the average American makes in one month with a 9-5 job.

2573 days ago

Hop Off    

You are a credit to your profession, Michelle.

Gloria, on the other hand, maybe she'll follow the money trail to Larry for her next publicity stunt.

2573 days ago


I think Britney's behavior shows she is whacked out of her mind on something. Part of that is those narcotic suckers, and we all know she likes to drink. Those kids would be much safer with Kevin. He's in the business, he's taken alot of flack for those desires just because he married Britney, which is ridiculous. But he doesn't endanger those kids and exploit them. And he doesn't buy them t-shirts that say, "Don't you wish your mom was hot like mine" - which Britney reportedly did, or leave them with complete strangers (nannies for hire) . I'm sorry, but like pretty much everything she does, that's whack!

2573 days ago


Geez, Gloria Allred gets in the middle of every single thing she can just for the publicity. YOu will see her on Larry King or Nancy Grace tonight I am sure

2573 days ago


Gloria Allred is a disgrace to the world! What WON'T she do to get her fugly mug or name in the news! Man, she is one desperate broad (tranny)!

2573 days ago

jack Shite    

Leave Britney alone.

Fed-Ex is a disgusting piece of human garbage. She made a mistake having kids with him and now she can't get away from him. He's a parasite and a leech, desperate to hang unto his 15 minutes. HIS lawyer is asking that britney pay for his fees. Watch him slither away when this is rejected and he realizes Fed-Ex can't pay him.

Sort of like when you are in the grass and step on dog poo. You can scrape and rub your shoes but it's really really hard to get the smell of dog poo to go away.
K-Fed is dog poo.

2573 days ago

just wondering    

...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....toooooooooooooooo funny # 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...ridiculous isn't it ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

2573 days ago


Britney and drugs? Maybe, it's yet to be proven though and I really haven't seen anyone say she has. KEVIN on the other hand has Shar CONFIRMING that Kevin does weed and X (perez hilton's site, it's a video so there is no way to smear it how you like) and all she can do is speculate that Britney does drugs. And that you can chalk up to her being bitter.

2573 days ago


Kevin needs to pay his own attorney.. Oh ya he can't cuz he's a broke wannabe rapper.. Why should Britney have to pay for someone who is doing nothing but trying to fabricate stories about her every way possible

2573 days ago
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