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Brad: Jen and I Have "A Deep Friendship"

9/7/2007 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's Angelina going to feel about this?! Brad Pitt says he and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are bound by "a lot of life together," and that they're still friends in a "deep" way.

Pitt tells V magazine (via People) that he and Jen "still maintain a deep friendship ... that isn't erased in any way" by their breakup more than four years ago. As for the split itself, Brad says, "I don't know how better to have handled [it] ... The thing guiding me then was ... you need life to be everything you need it to be."

And when it comes to his current baby mama and paramour Angelina Jolie, Pitt says he had to put questions about his marriage to Aniston behind him, "before an attraction to Angie could be answered."

Fitty Wants Hillary, Thinks He's a Soldier

Go shorty, it's your inauguration day, go shorty, it's your ... Can't you just hear it? It could happen, now that 50 Cent is on the record pushing Hillary Clinton for president.

Fitty tells Rap-Up magazine in its September/October issue, "I'd like to see Hillary Clinton be president and ... this is a way for us to have Bill Clinton be president again, and he did a great job during his term." Meanwhile, he also points out the difference between him and George Bush, "I actually go to war, when I go to war. Bush just sends [people] to war."

Party Favors: Larry Wachowski Is Still a Man ... Alyssa Milano Joins "Earl" to Love Lee

The buzz that bizarro-director Larry Wachowski -- one half of the Wachowski Brothers of "Matrix" fame -- was getting the chop and becoming a woman are, apparently, untrue. FOX News reports that Larry has not yet become Lana ... TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reports that Alyssa Milano will be joining the cast of "My Name is Earl" to play Jason Lee's love interest. In other child star news, Henry Thomas -- Elliott of "E.T."-- will be joining "Without a Trace" to play the nemesis of head guy Anthony LaPaglia. Phone home ... so we know where you are!


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Brad is such a liar.

2611 days ago


1: Brad is just doing all accounts jen hasn't spoken with him after his affair has she? she's moving on and he needs to deal with the fact that he needs to get those kids in a stable home...

2, 50 is dumb and lets think about something here...we're at war but he's still making bad rap? and how can the presdent go to war? he's kind of got a country to run...

both of these men need to grow up and get over their own mistakes for Brad and actually study politics before he pretends to know anything about it for 1 cent

2611 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Perhaps Jenn was gamely trying to solidify a bit of a movie career for a year or two before having that first child so that she had something besides 'used to be on Friends' to fall back on. Sure, she had money already; but everyone has a right and a need for gainful, fulfilling work, and I suspect she may have also simultaneously had that little internal red flag concerning Brad's (alleged) dog-in-heat character flaw, if he really was pinching AJ's butt on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith as that (possible) extra stated a few comments back, so popping a child out right then and there may have felt instinctively risky to Jenn, and perhaps rightfully so. She even now still has a few years to have a child or two. He could have waited, but he didn't. He was listening to the Siren call. Actually, I kind of view Jolie as collateral damage in this scenario.
What's certain is that both Pitt and Jolie are restless individuals, and both will have to live with that uncertainty in the other, and that is an unsettling feeling long term. Jenn can go on to someone more suited to her. I ultimately wish them all peace.

2611 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If Brad ever leaves Angie, I doubt at this point that Jen should or would have him back.

2611 days ago


brad and ange deserve each other....and their own planet.

it's disgraceful for him to even say jens name in interviews, why do it? after the public humiliation she suffered when her husband allowed himself to be publicly seduced by a person with a history of seducing married men, he just adds to that humiliation by talking about her in interviews...that's low down..jen doesn't deserve it, you self-centered, ego-trippin ass...are you that 'bummed'about losing your looks? yeah, i think someone IS missing that 'sensitivity' chip...jen is so above that kind of crap, no class pitt...

2611 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Rapper is an idiot. No president "goes to war." That would be stupid to send the leader into combat. Rapper's too stupid to vote.

Hillary should not even be allowed to run because she's already been in the white house and there are term limits.

2611 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I doubt Pitt is considering Jen's feelings here (again); these comments are about his own personal catharsis. It's still all about him. I'm starting to think Jen dodged a bullet.

2611 days ago


Jennifer could have had a child at any time, even working on Friends. Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox both did. The truth is she does not really want a child, which is fine. Brad and Jen maybe should have gotten that straight beforehand. It is possible they did not know then, though. I just think they both grew in other directions.

2611 days ago


I think as time went on, Jen was not sure she wanted a child. I think she has unresolved issues with her mother, and she needs to get that straightened out. That needs to happen before she can consent to have a child. Someone else said she also has issues with her father. Don't know if that is true, but if it is, that is getting in her way to commit to a child.

2611 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If you're married, you make sure you don't 'grow in different directions.'
That's psychobabble for 'he went the other way without me, while I stood there stunned that I wasn't invited along, and at the disregard and lack of character, loyalty, commitment displayed by my so-called wandering spouse.'

No, I'm not divorced or single. Just saying this possibility exists.

2611 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

OH, come on. Everyone has issues with their parents in some way or at one time or another.
That's more B.S. Adults determine when they're ready for kids when the time is right, regardless. Jen was almost ready; just needed a movie or two under her belt. It wasn't the 'unresolved parent issues', or Jolie would never have had kids at all. Jen's husband *ucked off, mid-marriage, imo.

2611 days ago


He must be really worried about his new movie flopping like " A Mighty Heart" did.

Two years later and he's rehashing this BS. Aniston has moved on with her life. Brad and Jolie have now become a joke for the tabloids. He and Jolie tried to give the impression that his marraige to Aniston was more of a brother/sister relationship, and he had finally met a real woman -Jolie, in order to live the life he wanted. It backfired.
The public has turned against this adulterous uber-couple.

Their life is so over the top, it's pretentious and laughable. He now needs to interject Anistons' name to save his career. For the past two years he and Angelina have behaved as though they are better and more worldly than Aniston. Now he just looks like the scoundrel we all thought he was.

Aniston is so fortunate he chose Jolie over her. I can't begin to imagine what she tolerated being married to this arrogant idiot.

2611 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

different women different relationships.

AJ is all excitement, "vision" and globetrotting, Jen was solid and just happy doing what she was doing. There is nothing wrong with that.

Brad obviously wasn't happy with himself because he didn't need Jen to do any of what he wanted to do - he is just using that as an excuse and Angie allowed him to fulfill it, and bag what was THEN the hottest woman in the world. It seems more angie "grows" as a person the more she shrinks in size and loses her healthiness, her spark and her looks. I think she has much deeper issues than we all realize.

The real question is how long is AJ going to be exciting to Brad. Sooner or later all her issues will get tiring - and he thinks he's getting old now....

2611 days ago

Just wasted my time    

Brad - Gorgeous, sexy, rich, humble, good father, realised he needed higher pupose in lifeand has found it

Angie-Beautiful, sexy, rich, has lived life, realised she needed higher purpose in life and has found it, good mother

Jen - Attractive enough, rich, trapped by good girl image, Life still centered around herself and the superficial

I will be happy for Jen when she starts really 'living' -it won't be with Brad though, he's found someone who matches him physically and I think matches what he percieves as his reason for living - Let them be!! (Also Brad shows by his comments he's a gentleman)

2611 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Uh, that's another complete fallacy - that Jen is centered around herself and superficial. Gee, who floated THATrumour, and why? Bait and switch? Jen gives to many, many charities anonymously. Now, that's class.

If he's such a gentleman, why bring her up at all? Why intimate that Jen was unable to 'grow as a couple' instead of owning up that he just wanted to bug out for the latest 'it' girl? It implies Jen was a waste of his precious time. He implied that Jen was 'brother, sister' material, and Ange was a 'real woman'. He needs to quit trying to justify his actions in the press, using Jen as fodder, and just do what he does and leave Jen alone. That's what a gentlemen would do.

2611 days ago
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