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Clooney Loves Him Some Brunettes

9/7/2007 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George ClooneyIt's no surprise that eternal bachelor George Clooney hasn't settled down. Whether he's settled or not, Clooney seems to know what he's looking for. Hot ... and definitely brunette.

Clooney's current squeeze, "Fear Factor" competitor Sarah Larsen, is the perfect example of what Georgie boy likes. Luscious legs, stunning smile, and a head full of raven-ish hair.

Check out all of Clooney's dishes to see what melts his butter.


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unless you are a dude and have slept with him yourself keep the gay talk to yourself. You are probably writing from Iowa and the closest you've ever been to Clooney is in the first row at the cineplex watching his latest film. I can tell you as a woman who had sex with him that he is not gay. he is not gay.

2571 days ago

Therapist Online    

George Clooney is not gay! He's consciously using POOR TASTE when choosing the woman he dates. This is because he wants to be able to easily find a fault to the woman his dating and then he'll have a reason not to see her again. But I must say sooner or later he'll meet his match and she'll walk away from him.

2569 days ago


I see a George who gets "life". It isn't something you can explain but it is something you look for in a partner when you know what it is. There are too many people that think looks and money is all a celeb is looking for but George is way beyond this level of maturity. He is looking inside his partners and seeing what internal qualities they have. Living life isn't about the glamour, partying, look at me times. I have been there, done it and it's so lonely. I admire him for not giving in to what society views as a normal lifestyle for a celeb. You go George!!

2566 days ago


I agree, based on just his actions he isn't gay. I can't say he is using poor taste in who he is dating because I will not judge people I don't know. We all experience different situations in our up-bringing that influence our adult-hood. As for his match walking away, if it's only a game to her, she will walk and she wasn't his match. If she feels he is her soul mate, she will stay with him and work out their relationship. It's not rocket science, just love, commitment, and communication. Too bad in todays society 2 out of 3 aint bad.

2562 days ago


Sarah Larsen and beautiful George - I have a feeling he may have met his match, the kids will be to die for. Congrats to both, they look like they belong together.

2557 days ago


You crazy kids. I admire George, his career, his outspoken political views and the relaxed way he goes about his life. Part of that deal is he dates ladies who appeal to him - and what exactly IS wrong with that? He's left pretty light footprints on the world and made some great entertainment... So cool it down.
PS Has any one of his ex's gone public to claim he's gay? No, thought not.

2556 days ago

Ron S    

I see comments like the one from the so-called "Therapist Online" (#34) and I have to laugh, and cry as I lose some of my respect for my fellow human beings. Your agenda is so transparent. I have known therapists, I have therapists as friends, and my dear, and you are no therapist. For you to say he is using "poor taste" is for you to judge what kind of a woman Sara Larson is.
I do not know Sara and neither do you. You know what the press says and from a few minutes on Fear Factor. Tell me, how would you like or endorse anyone judging another on such limited information?
In the first few postings (#1 and #2) there are words such as "(he) is a nasty a**" and "why doesn't he date anyone with any substance...” Wow, ladies - should I judge you and just assume you are both jilted blonds? You are obviously very much affected by what good 'ole George does. Such expressed passion, both positive and negative' is usually born of deep feelings about such person. Just ask the "Therapist Online," that is if she really actually knows anything about psychology. So admit it you ladies that are putting down George, you secretly have night dreams of a liaison with Mr. Clooney.
So ladies, you might stop putting down those who have found some happiness in this world, however short or long lived. Stop spitting your venom and go out and find your own happiness. It is out there, it is possible but you need a positive attitude. Oh, and by the way, start learning to love yourself first. It is obvious to the "Therapist Online" that you are lacking in this area.
"Anotherbrunette" sounds like a very grounded woman. Ladies, you could learn something from her. I’d like to think there will be more positive comments from here on out, but then again I still believe in Santa Clause at 42.
I'm NOT a therapist, but I do have lots of life experience. FYI, I myself did not find true love until I learned to love myself. Just so you know, my woman is an amazingly beautiful woman. She is not bad to look at either: D

2556 days ago


I'm glad that he loves Brunettes. But I don't care much for him.

I'm proud to have Dark hair (because of my culture; Argentinian, Italian, Irish, and Cherokee). I could never be Blonde with all that going on!! HAHAHA!!!

2545 days ago
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