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"Idol" Wannabeen Headlines at SC Balloon Fest

9/7/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" reject Bucky Covington got a real boost to his career -- as headliner at -- hold for it -- The Great Southeast Balloon Fest. The wha?
Bucky Covington
TMZ was on scene when Bucky boy blasted his own brand of hot air and spastic dancing for what looks like an audience of dozens of adoring old folks in Anderson, South Carolina. Bucky "performed" before the hot dog eating contest, and just after the wing eating contest. At least he was out in front of other bands like ... Morris Day and the Time! Oh-wee-oh-wee-oh!

When your final 15 minutes of "Idol" fame tick down ... this is where you go. There's always the balloon ride.


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Bucky has been doing well on country radio - better than most of the Idol Winners. True, he may not be the best dancer, but what does it matter! He was having fun, his fans were having fun - that's what matter!

2540 days ago

J Thomas    

Hey TMZ, howz about staying within your Thirty Mile Zone? I'm no country fan, no midwestern hillbilly, no huge American Idol-tard and never attended a balloon festival, but this seems like a cheap shot at somebody making their living in the entertainment business.
From this post, I take it TMZ only approves of 'stars' who have 'already made it big.'
I see absolutely no reason to bash this kid over the fact that he's playing a gig at - what appears from the ad' to be a pretty big deal in that particular area.
TMZ, how about sticking to bashing those in the entertainment industry WORTHY of being bashed - there certainly SEEMS to be enough 'Lilos' and Michael Richards et al worthy of your contempt. Make fun of the not-news-worthy heirs and heiresses, but leave hard-workin' folks alone, even when they don't fit your particular style of 'entertainment.'

2540 days ago


Same here Steve! he's a hotty!

2540 days ago


Well said Tammy. Country artist are the best. They go to military bases and do FREE concerts for our soldiers. Don't hear any other artist doing this. Have you thanked a Soldier today. Happy Friday everybody and have a great week-end.

2540 days ago


I agree with most of the comments on here. Bucky Covington is doing VERY well and def. much better than most of the winners of past American Idol seasons. And also... country music is pretty damn popular right now, so maybe TMZ (which I love and visit every day) should start realizing not everyone needs to be a hollywood trainwreck or drop dead gorgeous to do well and have a lot of fans. I'm just saying, maybe TMZ should consider giving more credit to successful artists in different areas of the entertainment industry, not just the mainstream gossip mag. cover people.

2540 days ago

SC Chick    

ummm...south carolina is in no way the midwest!

2540 days ago


Until I saw this video. Bucky sure is entertaining Y'all (heh), but not in the way he was shooting for ... What a punk.

2540 days ago

Proud Marine Mom    

#16 gagal - Good for you! I am a marine mom; you said it right! Country stars look after our soldiers! (Except for a few chicks....hee hee!)

Stop picking on Bucky!

2540 days ago


TMZ - you are stupid. Anderson, South Carolina is not in the Midwest and nor was "The Great Southeast Ballon Fest" held in the Midwest. You people are so busy coming up with something rude to say that you can't even handle simple geography. Morons.

2540 days ago

What's this?    

How many entertainers start out doing small venues and opening for other people before making it big? I'm sure Bucky gave a great performance at the event and probably enjoyed doing it too! TMZ - that was a low shot.

2540 days ago


At least Bucky to my knowledge doesnt lip sync his performances unlike someone else we have been smothered by from TMZ articles for months Bucky hasnt been to rehab either that I have been aware of and his career is climbing steadily where miss crotch shot Brit's is DEAD!!! Sure she is trying to resurface and the upcoming awards show is suppose to be where this will happen for the trainwreck but I am hoping that mr mind freak fwill fumble his gig and make her disapear once and for all. TMZ keep writing about trainwrecks that have already proven themselves worthy of this title and leave the others alone to prove why they are stars and the trainwrecks are on a crash course here on earth!

2540 days ago


Guess you guys don't do country music cause the Buckster is doing mighty fine. His music video is also wonderful. I suggest doing some research before you stick your foot in it.

2540 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

I'm really beginning to understand how vile TMZ is. Who works there? The devil and his minions? How about getting a conscience before you all go to hell.

I'm not a Bucky Fan per se but I like him and know that he is having a really successful career in country music. He seems like a very nice person. He never speaks ill of anyone when he does interviews.

The previous poster who wrote about Bucky's success on the charts and so forth is exactly right.

Let's see. Would Bucky Covington trade his career for a chance to be one of Harvey's minions on TMZ? Fat chance. Ha! So who has the last laugh?

Yeah, Bucky and Britney and all the wealthy celebrities and performers who are just killing you with jealousy.

2540 days ago

Wasabi Pea    

Your headline says "Midwest" How 'bout correcting that -pleeze and tank u - pass the corn chips Bucky....

2540 days ago

Wasabi Pea    

TMZ - you need a map? Miss South Carolina might need to help you out!


2540 days ago
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