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"Idol" Wannabeen Headlines at SC Balloon Fest

9/7/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" reject Bucky Covington got a real boost to his career -- as headliner at -- hold for it -- The Great Southeast Balloon Fest. The wha?
Bucky Covington
TMZ was on scene when Bucky boy blasted his own brand of hot air and spastic dancing for what looks like an audience of dozens of adoring old folks in Anderson, South Carolina. Bucky "performed" before the hot dog eating contest, and just after the wing eating contest. At least he was out in front of other bands like ... Morris Day and the Time! Oh-wee-oh-wee-oh!

When your final 15 minutes of "Idol" fame tick down ... this is where you go. There's always the balloon ride.


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Many of you have made some really good comments....#2 #66 #69 just to name a few. Maybe tmz will get the message!!

2605 days ago


Come on TMZ quit hating on Bucky!! I don't watch Idol at all, but when I first heard his first single on country radio, I ran out and bought his CD. I was very impressed with it, as were many other fans of country music. Who cares that he was playing at a balloon festival, a lot of country music superstars play free shows for there fans. Thats one of the reasons that I like country music soooo much is because the artists actually care about there fans, and they do these kind of free shows for the FANS!!

2605 days ago


Betcha didn't think you'd get so much response about a "wannabe" like Bucky, huh?!? Goes to show you that you know NOTHING about him, his success, or the passion his fans have for him. Writing BS like that just makes you look stupid. Can people really write those kinds of insults with no conscience? Shame on you. Your parents would be proud, I'm sure.

2605 days ago


I have followed Bucky since he was on AI and have seen him perform live on half a dozen occasions at all different size venues. He never fails to give less than 100% at any of his performances. I find it refreshing that he performs at these smaller types of shows. He is keeping in touch with his fanbase while his career takes off. He is a honest genuine person.

2605 days ago


You laugh. I saw Whitney Houston in 1986 at the New York State Fair in Syracuse wearing a purple satin jacket and didn't/couldn't dance. Her performance was awful, her voice was incredible and you know the rest.

2604 days ago


How DARE you suggest something negative about MORRIS DAY & THE TIME???

I don't give half a crap about this Bucky guy, but DON'T diss MORRIS DAY & THE TIME.

Just ask Jay & Silent Bob. They'll tell you.

2604 days ago


I am sooooo sick and tired of the Media making rude, nasty, hurtful remarks about Clay Aiken's sexuality. The fact of the matter is nobody's buisness but Clays. Those of us who know Clay's family and friends in fact DO know the truth. Clay has answered this question himself on NUMEROUS occasions. It's too bad that people have stereo-typed this nice man into some Girly,limped wristed, homosexual. Why don't we talk about the sheer inborn talent of this guy. He may not have "WON" the official title of American
Idol, but he has garnered millions of fans across the world who firmly stand by Clay. And MILLIONS of people have gone to his concerts,stood in line for meet and greets,attended Charity functions with him,and purchased his records. I have talked to Clay several times, and he is nothing but polite, sweet funny and very very smart. So before you go bashing Clay Aiken, stop and think about the winner of AI that year. Ruben Studdard????? Yeah, his career sure took of didnt it?????

2604 days ago


#61-your comment sucked.

2604 days ago


I love Bucky, just saw him at our local fair a couple of weeks ago. You all really are extremely shallow. Middle America does NOT relate to Hollyweird, and they do not relate to us. I hope it always stays that way too!

2604 days ago


By the way, do you know who plays with Morris Day in the Time? If you suddenly start losing access to certain celebs that the members of the TIME produce, it's because, once again, you clowns didn't do your research...

2604 days ago


Tmz shame on you! Didn't your mother's teach you any thing.Bucky is one of the nicest guys you ever want to meet and he does childern's charitys. And your bad mouthing him.I just don't get it why do you want him to fail. Why don't you try doing some thing for charity it might make you less bitter .I think you owe alot of your readers an apology And also Mr. Covington (Bucky Rocks)

2604 days ago


TMZ is a bunch of queens that hate southern people, it's obvious by your stories lately bashing the way we speak, and the way we dress and live. You all are a bunch of cochsuckers!

2604 days ago


Hey nasty comments about Morris Day and The Time please....I saw him in concert a few months ago and he was pretty damn fantastic!!! I don't know a whole lot about Bucky, but know he does have a fan base....go pick on someone else!

2604 days ago


Where do you go when you are a TMZ has- been? The county fair looking to make fun of celebrities who are bigger than you will ever be?

2604 days ago


Well, TMZ, I see you've corrected your mistake in your headline! Bet you're embarassed! Good! Majority of great responses to your Bucky bashing makes me proud! You were so very wrong on this one! The editing of the film clip was obvious! Bucky rocks!!!

2604 days ago
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