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"Secret Witness" in Spears Custody Case

9/7/2007 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned attorney Gloria Allred is on her way to court in the Britney Spears/K-Fed custody fight.

We're told Allred will inform the judge that she has a secret witness who wants to testify at the Sept. 17 hearing. Allred will tell the judge the witness is "intimidated" and concerned about revealing his/her identity (TMZ is told the person is a he).

Here's our take: Gloria's gonna be unceremoniously thrown out of court. We're told last Tuesday, K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, also informed Judge Scott Gordon that he had a "secret" witness. Judge Gordon basically said, "We don't do secret witnesses." Do Gloria and Mark have the same "secret" witness? It sure feels that way.

Britney's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, told TMZ: "With all due respect to Ms. Allred, she's attempting to bring her own ring to what was already a three ring circus."

Brit Don't Tip -- click to playPoor Brit, with all her legal bills, she must be trying to save a little dough -- by stiffing a valet?! She makes more than $700,000 a month, but Britney Spears can't kick over a few bucks to the valet? Ding dang it, that ain't right!

Sporting a pair of ripped stockings, her favorite pinkish-creamish fedora and a yarn looking weave tucked underneath, Britney hit Opera nightclub in L.A. last night -- It's wash n' wear night y'all!

After gettin' down inside the hotspot, supermom was in a rush to leave -- hiding her face in her hat, beelining straight for her car -- and somehow forgetting to pay the parking attendant for a second time! Oops! She did it again!

Clooney Loves Him Some Brunettes

George ClooneyIt's no surprise that eternal bachelor George Clooney hasn't settled down. Whether he's settled or not, Clooney seems to know what he's looking for. Hot ... and definitely brunette.

Clooney's current squeeze, Sarah Larsen, is the perfect example of what Georgie boy likes. Luscious legs, stunning smile, and a head full of raven-ish hair.

Check out all of Clooney's dishes to see what melts his butter.

Zahara Gets Mom Look-Alike Purse

Zahara Jolie-Pitt is creating a rage among emaciated supermoms and humanitarians -- with her purchase of a "just like me" purse for her mother, Angelina.
Angelina and Zahara
Mothers and Daughters - click to launch Z, who will be 3 in January, created a paparazzi frenzy after a play date in a NYC park. The tiny trendsetter broke with tradition and busted out her white bag after Labor Day. So did Zahara.

Happy First Birthday, Dannielynn!

Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn from OK! Weekly It's hard to believe that it was only a year ago, but on Sept. 7 of last year, little Dannielynn was born to Anna Nicole Smith ... and, it turned out, Larry Birkhead. Larry is pulling out all the stops for his girl's first birthday.

Baby Dannielynn will celebrate with a party tomorrow in Louisville, KY, at the home of Tricia Barnstable Brown, which is where her daddy and late mommy first met in 2004. The party's reportedly going to be bathed in pink, with hot-air balloons that Dannielynn probably can't ride. All told, more than two hundred friends and family are slated to show up, including Howard K. Stern.

Rumor had it that the party favors for the big people at the party included a coupon for a DNA test, but we're hearing that's not true. Though it really is a great idea.


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Big LOL.......    


2605 days ago


Not only does Brittany Spears not tip...neither does Emeril Lagasse (check spelling) he was on a fishing tournament in Orange Beach Alabama with his huge yacht....asked for ice to be brought to his boat and had it filled up at the marina by the marina employees and not even a 50 cent tip...when most of the guys sometimes tip 50 to 100 dollars....but then again they are both from Louisiana so what do you expect.

2605 days ago


I don't think K-Fed or Britney should get custody - neither one is anyone's choice for a full time guardian. I think they should share custody AND be supervised at all times.

Supernanny - they really need you!

2605 days ago


It's a slow ride to hell.

2605 days ago


My vote is for : Talia Balsam. She look REAL !!!!

2605 days ago

Laura M    

there are no witnesses in the Britney case she just can't get over the fact that K-fed is going to get custody of the kids. Wah Wah Britney GET OVER YOURSELF BRITNEY

2605 days ago


Is there not ANYONE who could corral Birt and sit her down , perhaps needs held by the scruff of her neck and given a good shake as a wake-up call..She's flailing about, truly UNBALANCED..she is looking scraggly and haggly and far beyond her 26(or whatever number it is) years !!! WIth an "income" of over 700,000 a >>>MONTH

2605 days ago


I think Britney's just so wrapped up in her own little world that she doesn't show consideration for things like tipping...
I think she lacks a lot of common sense that "normal" people take for granted....
It's really sad, but she's only hurting herself in the longrun.....

2605 days ago


What are the creatures that grown around empty potato chip bags, cigarette butts and disgarded g-strings behind Britney Spears house?

- Her Children

(Joke by comedian Neil Hamburger)

2605 days ago


Big deal that Brit forgot to tip the valet!! Come on, really.. There's been a few times I forgot to tip either a valet or the pizza delivery person. What's the big deal? Oh, b/c it's Britney, and every move she makes is scrutinized by the media! Also, I wonder why Brit decided to hire attorney Gloria Allred?? She sucks!! She is nothing more than a media hound! Gloria loves to be in front of the camera, with her whiny voice..

Also, happy birthday to Dannielynn Smith Birkhead, or whatever her full name is.. I really don't believe the stories that are circulating about HKS and LB caught in a homosexual relationship! Ok, I don't know what goes on behind closed doors, but Larry just doesn't seem like the type of guy to go for a guy! HKS, on the other hand, is capable of anything! After murdering Daniel and his Mom, Anna, he is an evil bastard!!

2605 days ago


im so damn tierdof britney

2605 days ago


Brit and K-fed don't deserve to have custody of the boys , I think the grandparents need to step in and take controll of boys . Britney makes single Mom look bad and Kevin is even a poor excuse for Man . They need a good butt kicking to knock some sense into them.

2605 days ago


Please, no more Baldwin stuff...everything about him gives me the uber-willies...

2605 days ago


Why does everyone still trying to make a quick buck off of the death of Anna Nicole Smith? I just hope that Danielynn never has to hear about all of these stories when she is old enough to understand them. Happy First Birthday Danielynn!!! I wish both her and her father Larry Birkhead the best because we all know that Anna would want them to be happy.

2605 days ago


talking about running things into the ground.

2605 days ago
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