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9/7/2007 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Think you can figure out Donatella Versace's genetic twin?



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lindie lou    

she looks like Hedda Nussbaum to me

2547 days ago


Hopefully when she see's this photo of herself, she will stop with the collegan and botox and knife. I have been in the beauty business 30 yrs. ther is no reason for her to look like this. i actually could make her pretty.

2547 days ago


Cat Lady

2547 days ago


I thought it was going to be a picture of Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. LOL! She needs some major derm-abrasion or derm-a-peel...laser resurfacing....acid wash. LOL!!! DANG! Step away from the tanning bed!

2547 days ago


DANG!!! I'm scared....

2547 days ago


OMG - What is that?

2547 days ago


Hedda Nussbaum -- OMG, I have not heard her name in a LONG time! For our younger readers -- this is a truly horrific, and instructive, tale:

Hedda was married to a man who turned into a very evil person behind closed doors. They had an adopted daughter (Lisa? I think that was her name--) who had come to the attention of her teachers because of the very depressed expression that was on her face most of the time. I seem to remember that Child Protective Services, or the New York State equivalent, was called in to investigate. Whatever the outcome, the child was allowed to remain in the home.

Evidently this horrid man was beating them both up, and Hedda was afraid to say anything.

One day Lisa did not appear at school. Upon investigation the police found Lisa dead in the home and Hedda beaten to a bloody, swollen pulp. The father was arrested ----- AND SO WAS HEDDA ---- for the death of this child.

He was ultimately convicted of murder and, if his fellow inmates have not had their way with him, is currently a permanent guest of the governor of New York. I think Hedda was exonerated, but charged with child endangerment for not protecting the child.

Ladies. Please. Listen Very Carefully.

If a man EVER hits you, get out at the first opportunity. Just take the children by the hand and walk out the door. Don't EVER listen to his promises to never hit you again. Once a hitter, always a hitter. You are not going to change him. Maybe he is keeping you a prisoner. You can put a note in your mailbox for the postman to pick up -- just say, "We are in danger. Please call the police." If you are in a public place, it is ok to scream that you and the children are in danger. If you are in the car and spot a police car it is ok to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to attract their attention. If the kids attend school and you can manage to get a note in their lunchbox to the teacher or principal, that's ok.

Never stay with someone who hits you and says he will never do it again. That's not the way it works. Don't wind up like poor Hedda, or let your kids suffer like Lisa did.

2547 days ago


I'm afraid of that i wouldn't want to see her,him,it what ever it is in a dark alley.....

2547 days ago


with all her money i mean her brothers she couldn't do better then that

2546 days ago

show me the $$    

I thought it WAS Steven Tyler in drag until I read the caption. LOL She looks like she has 5 o'clock shadow.

2546 days ago


duh - it's the geico caveman!

2546 days ago


Someone should tell aging celebrities that having their lips injected doesn't make them look younger, it just makes them look even older and more desperate. Not a good look!

2546 days ago


She is one scary looking woman!

2546 days ago


Oh God, she does look like Hedda Nussbaum, or the Swedish Angel or Primo Canera or Andre the Giant or any fighter who has had his face beat in a few hundred times. Alexis Arquette is not that bad looking actually, with out the make-up he is a nice enough looking guy. I would add Stephen Tyler to the mix except he has a nicer nose, thats what a bowl of coke a day will do for ya Ms Versace.

2546 days ago

Looking in from out here    

She looks like Steven Tyler in drag -

2546 days ago
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