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Zahara Gets Mom Look-Alike Purse

9/7/2007 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zahara Jolie-Pitt is creating a rage among emaciated supermoms and humanitarians -- with her purchase of a "just like me" purse for her mother, Angelina.
Angelina Jolie and Zahara
Z, who will be 3 in January, created a paparazzi frenzy after a play date in a NYC park. The tiny trendsetter broke with tradition and busted out her white bag after Labor Day. So did Zahara.

UPDATE: It looks like Zahara favors the Valentino "Histoire" bag.


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Oh Please    

by feed a country for a bag: Look in your house, how many non-necessities have you gone without to feed somebody in your local shelter. A pair of shoes you didn't really need? Is makeup and absolute necessity, that could feed a few people. How about cable? That could take care of some hungry children for awhile. Why don't we who live in glass houses stop throwing stones. She contributes so much to others that we have no room to talk, at all.

2571 days ago


god forgive me but that is one ugly lil girl lmao im sorry it shouldnt be funny:( but she is ugly hope her beauty come out as she get older

2571 days ago

Your Mom    

Why does this look photoshopped?

2571 days ago


Z looks very beautiful and intelligent. she has an inquisitive expression.
why the hell does she have to smile?
we don't see her 24/7. perhaps she smiles when she and her mom aren't being hounded by paparazzi

geez, whatta bunch of losers hatin' on a good baby!

2571 days ago

Too bad.    

TO: I hate Jealous Peasants

Did you seriously write that and do you honestly feel that way? A majority of this continent lives paycheck to paycheck, but you say that God has blessed you. Were you born to wealth or were you just lucky enough to have a family member make their fortune for you?

I am an honest mother of two, hard working, trying to raise two fair minded, open hearted boys. I fear that they will continue to have run in with people like you that only give merit to those that are wealthy.

She works hard you say, seriously, she is a freakin actress. She has someone to do her makeup, baby sit her kids if she wants to take a hot bath or go shopping, she probably has a massage every other day... I doubt she is working that hard. At least not with true physical or mental labor.

You are a poor representation of your wealthy counterparts. I hope you disgrace them and you certainly don't deserve whatever it is that you have...

2571 days ago


JMP, i have children also but they can walk even my one year old. I have to agree Z is a ugly child who never smiles. Maddox is six and just started to walk, now she carries Z and Pax who should be able to walk. Your comment about security, lmao. If this is the case why does Maddox walk now instead of Ms Holie carrying him. She does for people to say oh what a good mom she is. Holy cow, this weirdo is talking about adopting another child.
She stated she would take off a year to be with her children. Just another lie Holie has said.
The only one who she should be carrying his the baby, Shiloh. Oh, you very rarely even see her with Shiloh. She has made it very clear she feels more love for the adopted children than she does her own biological child. Thank goodness Brad is around to protect Shiloh.

2571 days ago

Oh Please    

To I Hate Jealous Peasants:

I second that motion. All it is is jealousy, so blatantly obvious.

2571 days ago



2571 days ago


Awwwwwwww, that's cute! Maybe she'll grow up to walk in mom's shoes by busting up someone else's marriage too.

2571 days ago


#41 when was last time you seen Britney at the park with her kids.? I'm so sure TMZ would of put that picture up and made a big deal, Gwen is also another mother who seems to not want her kid to walk. Look they have all the recourses to have privacy and with out being photo graphed. Look at tom cruise older kids they were never photographed like the pitt jolie clan. Posh and her family same thing, and Madonna keeps her kids out of the limelight to. You did not see her oldest kids ever photographed like the pitt jolie clan.

2571 days ago

Shame on you    

Amen to you, #42. When Mia Farrow did it, everyone thought she was a saint.

42. If this couple only adopted cute blue eyed blond haired children, would anybody really care? I doubt it. You might want to take a deeper look at your hatred and it's roots.

2571 days ago

no pervs allowed    

So when is TMZ starting the countdown until this celebuspawn turns 18?

2571 days ago


People who say she shouldn't let her kids walk just don't get it.

Why is she bringing them with her in the first place? If they're too small to walk, then they should stay home. If it's OK to leave Shiloh behind most of the times, then it's OK for the adopted ones too. She is so obviously favouring the adopted ones. Plus, seems like she can't go anywhere without carrying this ugly little creature. As if their beautiful daughter didn't exist.

2571 days ago


Veryu cute pic..........I really can't understand why some of you are upset about how much the bags cost. They were probably a gift from the designer. Come on folks these people don't live like you or I.

2571 days ago


I'm throwing up. Anything about these people make me sick! Should Zahara be walking and holding a hand instead, absolutely! Just goes to show you the special preference she has for the adopted ones. Just wait, you'll see it soon enough; when Shiloh reaches 2 years old, you'll never see her being carried by what's her name. Brad will never see another biological baby. She said herself, she couldn't stand being pregnant.

2571 days ago
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