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Brit's VMA Performance: A Sneak Peek!

9/8/2007 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rehearsals is hard, y'all! MTV offered an exclusive preview of Britney Spears' upcoming VMA performance, with a recap of her Friday night run-through: Brit-Brit will open the show on Sunday with her new single, "Gimme More," a track that begins with the apropos warning, "It's Britney, bitch!"

According to, Brit's act will include a cadre of dancers and Vegas-y aerialists. During the rehearsal, she was still working in some tricky choreography. "With each run-through, a choreographer gives Britney more steps to weave in." Lord knows she can weave! As the practice continued, says the report, the dancers' performances become more sexual. Oh, this sounds good, don't it?

The performance culminates with Britters doing a "trust fall" into the arms of her backup dancers. We know how that's gone for her in the past.


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She will pull it off and that's great, but think how much better she would be if she were in shape, quit smoking and got off the cheetos and taco bell diet.

Of course she needed an illusionists help to perform!

2567 days ago

Christopher Walken    

Ah! There's nothing like the "smell" of a midriff bulge in the morning ...

What! No cooter shots?

2567 days ago


I'm not going to watch. I'll just read about it on Monday, right TMZ?

2567 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Now now, let's not be so bitter! Boy Howdy hopes that Britney regains her place in the pop scene, and let's be honest here, boys and girls: you are all going to watch the VMAs JUST to see Britney's intro!

Britney, Boy Howdy wishes you much peace, love, happiness and continued success! You go girl!

2567 days ago


I'd rather go ten rounds with Tyson.. without gloves or headgear. I would be more fun.

2567 days ago


What's with all the has beens making a comeback this summer first it's the spicegirls and now Britney. maybe she and do it if she getsbetter song because the ones I heard not so great.

2567 days ago


Not Watching!!!! She's a disgrace.

2567 days ago


It's been donkey's years since I last saw the VMA (and MTV in general, especially after that Live 8 debacle) but I might tune in to watch LaBritney, "y'all".

2567 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Now Jessica, why the negative vibe? Poor must be stuck in your $8/hour job and the fumes from your polyester smock must be causing brain damage! My condolences. And Ben Dover - what a clever name! BH "ass"umes this is your lifestyle which you apparently haven't come to terms with. Why not channel some of that anger into a nice therapist and stop spreading venomous fumes into the universe. As TMZer Tootie once wisely said: "Karma is a bitch!"

Boy Howdy will try to send some postivie mojo in your direction, bitter ones!

Peace and love to all who post here.

2567 days ago


Will her singing be live too or recorded? If recorded, she better check that the cd is clean and not scratched!

2567 days ago


Say what you want, but Britney is a very talented girl. She would not be scheduled to perform on the VMAs if she wasn’t.

2567 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Trev, aren't you clever? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You must have spent all day coming up with such an original thought! Get back to your fries before they scorch.

Boy Howdy - thank you for speaking the truth!

Britney - you have many fans eager to see you comeback where you belong! Can't wait till tomorrow night!

2567 days ago


Gee...I wonder why MTV puts out the "buzz" that Britney's show is going to be "hot." It couldn't be to stoke up the ratings, could it?

2567 days ago


i just wanna know why is she still wearing those disgusting extensions? she should def. have some hair by now.....or at least better extensions!

2567 days ago

not impressed    

WHY does EVERYONE INSIST on calling it her “Performance”?!?!?!? ALL she is going to do is strut/dance around like she KNOWS/BELIEVES that she IS ACTUALLY hot [b/c someone &/or some people have been lying to her! BIG TIME!!!], praying her weave/wig does not come out/off, & LIP-SYNCH?!!! She is ABSOLUTELY NASTY & TRASHY in EVERY aspect of her life & may God be w/those poor, precious, COMPLETELY innocent children...

2567 days ago
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