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Brit's VMA Performance: A Sneak Peek!

9/8/2007 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rehearsals is hard, y'all! MTV offered an exclusive preview of Britney Spears' upcoming VMA performance, with a recap of her Friday night run-through: Brit-Brit will open the show on Sunday with her new single, "Gimme More," a track that begins with the apropos warning, "It's Britney, bitch!"

According to, Brit's act will include a cadre of dancers and Vegas-y aerialists. During the rehearsal, she was still working in some tricky choreography. "With each run-through, a choreographer gives Britney more steps to weave in." Lord knows she can weave! As the practice continued, says the report, the dancers' performances become more sexual. Oh, this sounds good, don't it?

The performance culminates with Britters doing a "trust fall" into the arms of her backup dancers. We know how that's gone for her in the past.


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The Observer    

who passed out all the "Hater Aid "? Britney is the hottest MILF! you Fatties should just back to eating the Cheetos.

2547 days ago


I will watch the VMA'S like I always do. I sure hope Britney doesn't embarrass us and
herself like she has in the past. Why did the show have to have her as the opening act?
Or even have her on at all? There are so many singers that can actually sing and are
class acts.For one, the beautiful and talented,Alicia Keys!

2547 days ago


Ratings will go thru the roof!Brit's comeback is BIG!

2547 days ago


Doesn't TMZ every get tired with the old "ya all" make fun of Britney thing?? It is getting SO TIRED and it sure is not funny anymore. yawn, yarm. Just repor tthe news for a change like "real news."

2547 days ago


TMZ staff writers write like a typical bad rapper - same thing over and over again - someone make some noise! no creativity..................

TMZ staffers ain't makin $700,000 per month - ya'all - make some noise, scream, yea, yea, yea......dingy dangy

2547 days ago


23. WOW, cheap prices on iPhones (even cheaper than Apple's new discounted price)
Check it out if you have wanted one but didn't like the high prices
Hey Coolman, Go Away! You're worse than those porn spammers that have lately been ruining EVERY video I try to watch on YouTube! Go advertise somewhere else. We're here to read about the coming trainwreck.

2547 days ago

Mary Beth    


2547 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Thank you to everyone who sends Britney their best! pb - you are wise beyond your years (unless you are old, and then Boy Howdy merely salutes you).

NONE of you hateful losers knows Britney/Paris/Nicole/LiLo, yet you allow the green-eyed monster to rear its ugly head by bashing a celebrity - now aren't you all special? You all wish you had Britney/Paris/Nicole/LiLo's money and lifestyle, but since you don't, you just want to take it away from those who live fabulously!

Perhaps if Britney's Mama Lynn had laid off pushing her talented daughter into the stratosphere, Britney would live a more peaceful life. Boy Howdy wishes Britney NOTHING but the best! And the rest of you losers should be ashamed to y ourselves. Now, get back to your double wides and clean up that pile of Martha Stewart dishes rotting in your plasticene sinks, check to see if the laundry on the clothes line is dry, and leave poor Britney alone!!!

2547 days ago


Gross in her see through clothes

What is it with the hats she wears? Are they to hide all the holes in her head?

I will watch her just for good laugh.

2547 days ago


Looking at her attire and hair......"her taste is all in her mouth" .. 30 yrs. in the beauty industry.Gawd I wish I could help her.

2547 days ago


Maybe she will dance on stage with a starbucks cup, a chalupa, a bag of cheetos and a redbull. All while wearing one of her really bad hats. Oh wait thats already been played on TMZ.

2547 days ago


She is right in there with all the has been actors.

Maybe she can do travel, life insurance, comfort control and diabetic TV commercials with all the other washed up has-beens.

2547 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Seems TMZ has hired some illiterates to write for them, bad grammar and all. Apparently they were trying, in their pseudo-sophisticated way to make fun of Britney Spears. However, I've never heard Britney speak with incorrect grammar like these writers are writing.

What writing school did y'all attend? This lame attempt at sarcasm, tearing people down, whatever you think you are doing, is dumb, transparent, and a failure.

The show will be great. She looks physically fine right now and by the time this show comes off, she'll be even more toned from the practices.

Sounds like someone else is planning this opening act and Britney is the featured performer. If they want lots of backup dancers, aerialists, fireworks, magicians, that's their business. They seem to want a really big splashy Vegas number and Britney's the woman to make it work.

I suspect that a few years with Federline have managed to tear her down some and now she has to regain her confidence in herself and her abilities. People can tear you down, make you forget who and what you are. This career work is better than any rehab or therapy Britney could get. As I watch her become more and more involved in her old life, I see Britney becoming a much happier person.

Women need to remember that men can destroy who you are if you are not careful.

2547 days ago

Big Bear    

I am sure going to watch!!! Britney has gained what looks like 50 pounds and the weight looks good on her. I really like heavy women with rolls of flab like Britney!!!! You go Brit and knock'em out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not wear a wig, you look really cool bald!!!!

2547 days ago


News Flash !!!! Steve Fossett abducted by aliens reported by the govt reporting agency out of Nevada, coming back for Mrs Spears sometime tomm !!!!

2547 days ago
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