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is One!

9/8/2007 6:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0908_birkhead_fox_6-1Today was the big day for Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead, as she celebrated her first birthday in fabulous Kentucky style!

Hundreds of guests gathered at the Louisville home of Tricia Barnstable Brown -- a friend of Larry Birkhead. Guests had to surrender their cell phones before entering and sign a release form promising not to take any pictures. This party girl is exclusive!

The bash was not pint-sized like its honoree -- with a hot-air balloon shaped like a birthday cake in the front yard, along with a huge castle, bubble machines and a white carriage.

After a more tumultuous year than most adults endure in a lifetime -- Dannielynn seemed to enjoy her big day. Her mother, Anna Nicole Smith, died February 8, 2007.


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leslie knox    

that is the best picture of larry yet

2565 days ago


Happy Birthday Dannielynn! She is such a beautiful baby. I hope she has many more happy days in her life.

2565 days ago


I feel sorry for this little girl. When she gets old enough to understand all of the ugliness, underhanded dealings and tragedy surrounding her, she is going to need SERIOUS COUNSELING!!

She should enjoy her childhood while it lasts.

2565 days ago


Happy birthday little one.

2565 days ago


Happy Birthday, Larry Birkhead! we now understand "it's really all about YOU"!

2565 days ago


One guest left after 15 minutes saying it was to much of a frenzy for anyone much less a baby to handle -- this was a pr sold deal -- not appropriate -- be he didn't get the $ that Ok was gonna pay. Price went down guess we can all see it monday night if we want.

Glad she wasn't stood up - but sometimes if everyone is afraid no one will come ---- these were all Barnstable friends -- hear Dr Excellent "Death" was there. now on to Christmas

2565 days ago


Larry is doing what he does best: pimping out his kid to the highest bidder.

2565 days ago


Does Larry wax his eyebrows? lol

2565 days ago


Wow! What a dad! I wonder if he would have had such a big bash if he weren't getting paid. I still am waiting to see if Birkhead does the right thing and stops pimping out his beautiful baby girl and gets himself a job (even in an office :). Cha-ching - money hungry Larry is already planning the Halloween party - highest bidder wins!


2565 days ago


Poor kid has been surrounded by nothing but morons her entire short life. I hope that someone finally does right by this little sweetie.

2565 days ago


Gorgeous child but I'm sure her mother would be ECSTATIC at the circus DL's life has become as she thrived on that. I hope that, at some point and before she's old enough to be aware, she's able to live the existence of a normal child - that being one without media speculation, paparazzi, lawsuits and the murders of her brother and mother hanging over her tiny little head. I also hope and pray that DL hasn't suffered any developmental delays or mental disabilities due to her mothers ignorant, rampant drug abuse while pregnant.
I hope you had a happy birthday little one.

2565 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

don't want to take any pic ,because Larry is the only one that can pimp out his daughter,Larry is the biggest loser,,that baby was better off with her mom,he will get his at the end,million dollar baby,and she hasnt received a dime,larry made more spends all her money before she has made it,Larry is a gold digger

2565 days ago


He has seventeen more BIRTHDAYS to make money off his DAUGHTER!!!!!

2565 days ago


Ol' Larry doesn't want anyone else taking photographs at her birthday party, because he wants to pocket all the cash himself now that Dannielynn is his cash cow.

2565 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

ITA w/ #1. Sad. Pitiful. To be blessed with a HEALTHY, beautiful , happy, innocent baby and turn her into a media freak, a sideshow, for the gluton appetite of the media and public. This was a big ugly, pr birthday that was cheap and undignified.
To think, The Pimping Out Of Dannilyn has just begun. Expect more of this from Larry and Howard....her childhood to be cont.
Larry has not resolved the battle with the Marshall Estate so what does that say....a future media event that will take years more. This child is Larry's life source of money and pr and celebrity. If he had sense and dignity, was really into being that good father and keeping this baby out of the headlines, and had a good head on his shoulders, just settle priavtely with the Marshall Estate for the fee or donation offered to ANS inthe first place which was about 10 million. The fight for the 400 million is ridiculous and , lets face it, was not ANS', not due her, and led to her biggest downfall.

2565 days ago
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