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Sara Evans: Hubby Asks Who She's Been Doin'

9/8/2007 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sara EvansCountry singer Sara Evans' husband, Craig Schelske, filed court papers asking whether she was romantically involved with nearly a dozen people, including country singer Kenny Chesney, Richard Marx and her former "Dancing With the Stars" partner, Tony Dovolani.

The 118-page document was was filed in Williamson County, Tenn., as part of Evans' divorce from Schelske, and asks Evans to state under oath whether or not she admits to "an affair/sexual relationship/romantic involvement" with Chesney, Marx, Dovolani or any member of the band Three Doors Down.

Evans filed for divorce after a very public blowup between the couple in a Los Angeles restaurant in October 2006, after allegedly finding hundreds of photos on his home computer showing him nude and engaged in sex with other women. She also claims he had an affair with the family nanny.

Evans' attorney, John Hollins Sr., could not comment because of a court-issued gag order.


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BUZZ T    

Now the Truth may come out about the party girl. Country Girl My A..... Prime Time Has Been And Done It.

2609 days ago

get a grip    

C'mon people, see this for what it is- another example of the rich and famous thinking that the laws and morals of society don't apply to them. When she first came out, she was fat and kind of homely, but had a great voice. They had a happy marriage. Then she lost all the weight, started getting attention from other guys, went on tour (while leaving him with the kids) and starting doing things that she is now being called on the carpet for. I don't doubt he also did wrong, but for those of you that say she's innocent because she has a great voice, you are part of the problem. Don't stand by hypocrites (yes, she is a hypocrite for what she did) because they are talented.

The truth to this is that she had an affair- he found out it about, and her lawyers worked overtime that night to come up with a spin and smear campaign. He might have been doing the nanny, or others, or himself- but doesn't absolve her for doing what she did. The point is that SHE did wrong in this, SHE was the income producer, and SHE will end up paying something.

And for the record, I don't think Chesney is gay. Bisexual? that could be a possibility.

2609 days ago


She has always gotten on my nerves. However, her inability to keep her marriage disgraces under-wraps has pushed it over the edge. She's a joke. I hope she is ashamed of herself, and her little dog toe-toe toooo WHO takes a person seriously when, out of the blue, all of of these ridiculous accusations come flooding through, and ONLY get worse as time goes on! You would have thought that when it first started, any woman with common sense and several millions would have worked hard to keep this thing from going to the FREAK SHOW-CIRCUS. Instead, she stands there fanning the flame. All she knows how to be is an embarassment. Your past is never so far behind that you will EVER rise above this, Ms. Evans. You are an embarrassement to your family, and the industry. SHAME ON YOU!

2609 days ago


Couldn't have said it better myself, S.E.S. and get a grip! And we write songs! LOL! She should be ashamed of her uncontrolled lustful desires that she played out, and then tried to blame it all on her little whipped, child-rearing husband. That poor man. Hope he takes her to the cleaners!!!! LOLOLOL

2609 days ago



"Hugh fan base"? as in Hugh/e Grant - with the hooker? I believe that. Oh she's got that kind of fan base. HAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOL She is a disgrace.

Faith and Tim

2609 days ago


I'm beginning to think perhaps Sara isn't the sweet little innocent she's made herself out to be over the years ...

2609 days ago


WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? NEVER HEARD OF THEM.???? She bangs, she bangs, anything and everyone, no wonder AIDS is rampant, along with herpes and STD's Yuckkkkk they both need to be de-loused.

2609 days ago


What a tramp! The nanny passed a lie detector test!She has been on a hump fest.She had how many kids since 1997?So she was humping Craig and many others.She is the poster child for a Republican hypocrite.Great Mother?lol

2609 days ago


Idiot on comment 69-You are stupid. I didn't say I believed she was a christian-I stated SARA Evans claims she is a christian and she has always claimed her husband was her partner and manager. Sara further stated in many interviews that it was a womens' job to stay sexy for her husband because husbands only cheat on wives that don't take care of themselves.

Why is it when a womean stays home and never works is entitled to half of everything earned totally by her husband if they divorce, but when a husband promotes/manages his wife's carre and they split, he is a loser? Sara started all the allegations of affairs and porn. That was really in poor taste. Why shouldn't her husband defend himself? Obviously, based on Sara's statements, she wasn't sexy enough for her husban and he had to stray.

I think Sara started the rumors herself to better her lack of career. Some christian role model!!!!!!

2609 days ago


My apoligies beachbabe. After reading 25 in its entirety I got your point but couldnt edit my comment.

I think that was the role she was playing when she first started in music. But as weve all seen money and fame can change people. I think this is the case.

While her husband probably has a few problems, I don't think the that add up to as many as hers.

I think her husband was probably jealous and can't back up the claims that she fooled around even though she probably did.
I know I would be jealous too if my wife was out "dancing with the stars/men" whether it was for tv or whatever.

Why put yourself in that situation to begin with. That's f_cked up

2609 days ago


71-Apology accepted!!!Thank you.

2609 days ago


Have you ever heard her speak? She's so damn high on herself.

2609 days ago


Kenny Chesney? he's that little gay guy that was married to rene right?

She called little Kenny a fraud!!!!!
I think that's pretty clear.
Now his CD's have women hanging all over.
But is with no girl and sure looks gay to me.
So that's one the guy he lied about going to bed with his wife.
So I figure one BIG lie your out.
Guys like him would like to ruin her by saying all these degrading things

2607 days ago


OMG Thank you doctor judy WHAT DO YOU KNOW?????????

2607 days ago


At first I thought, if I had a chance with Kenny I would cheat on my husband too, but I don't think Sara would ever do that. What she has done in the last year though really couldn't be considered cheating seeing as they haven't been together and she filled for divorse already. He is trying to make her look like a slut pretty much saying who hasn't she slept with. He is just trying to ruin her career and I hope that she rises above all of this. I support Sara all the way!!! Plus her and Kenny would be cute together, they both are single and need someone that knows how hectic their lives are, they would be great. The next Faith and Tim.

2606 days ago
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