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Gays to Britney: "Gimme More"

9/9/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsLeave the antibiotics at home, because Britney's latest burning sensation is ... her new song!

At several gay clubs in West Hollywood this weekend, patrons cheered when "Gimme More" blasted through the room. Homosexuals loves me, y'all! Sources inside WeHo hotspots Fubar, Here Lounge, and Eleven tell TMZ that on top of the overwhelmingly enthusiastic crowd reaction, the dance track is currently one of their most requested songs. At least there's some loyal men in her life!

If tonight's VMA performance turns out to be the final chipped nail in Britney's career coffin, she can always play the Gay Pride circuit alongside Toni Basil, Katrina and the Waves, and Tiffany! Ding dang!


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britneys back despise all these people hating on her and calling her a trainwreck..shes blowin up on mypace with er new song and i went to a club last night and eveyone was screaming hysterically because the dj finally played britney new song..everyone ran to the dance floor..shes back tmz i would start dogging on kevin federline gold digging ass..

2602 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

The gays love Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, Bette Midler, too. They love all strong women. I don't know why, but they do. I guess they want to be just like them.

Barbra has always had a HUGE gay following. Very HUGE. Britney's in star company, then. Your slamming just ain't working, y'all.

2602 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

If you are trying to imply that Britney has a veneral disease, I've read nothing about that, not that it's my business anyway, nor yours. I have read about Paris Hilton's herpes, though.

I guess y'all got your celebs mixed up.

Britney hasn't been in jail, arrested, nor reported to have a disease, nor does she have a sex tape out with a boyfriend.

That's Paris. Strange that you've about quit talking about her.

2602 days ago


This drug-addicted, fat-assed skank is the total laughing stock of ALL the VMA artists. She's only there for amusement.

2602 days ago


Okay, and? So frickin what?

2602 days ago

No she didn't......    

the VMA's were a disaster! It was painful to watch. I could have done better! She didn't even dial it in. Was she high? Hung over? What???? And where was the disappearing Brit portion of the program? Lordy. That was sad.

2602 days ago


One word to describe that performance...HORRENDOUS!

2602 days ago

Tess T Cull    

There was definitely a vacancy at the Spears Motel tonight. She stumbled, didn't even bother to lip sync and basically gyrated just enough for us to see she was still breathing. Yeah, if my body looked like that I'd wear a bikini to the beach at night, but someone should have had the decency to make here wear more clothes. Not good. Not even close.

2602 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Isaw it and the dnacers were great. Brit messed up those dancers. If you had just the music ,and noBrit or her computer enhanced voice, all would have been good.
I really am not hating on the girl, but she needs a long one year off to get her head straight. It is not funny and it is sad.
That being said, is not what is going to be. Her new cd is going to get major buzz by the gays, old fans of hers, and teens will buy her and will buy concert tickets. her old fans are going nuts spending.
More moneyfor her.More money Kevin Spenderline. More money for promoters, her record company, etc. Less time for her to get back to her children, her parents and other family, and her problems will continue.

2602 days ago


Sorry just saw her performance.. SHE SUCKS

2602 days ago


What's with the teeth? A little overdone. Don't you think?
She should try taking care of her sons teeth.
It's not the public's place to give her a break. She created the disgraceful image all on her own.

2602 days ago


The song sux, Britney sux. This song is such a flash in the pan Vanilla Ice should be jealous. The whole performance was totally lipped as if there was anything to sing to begin with? Her goods are all over the internet anyway, why didn't she just come out buck nekid, cause sex still obviously sells. One day people are gonna wake up and support real talent, and recognize fat @ss floof for what it is. I hope she's had a vigina lift too cause from the pics on the internet she desperately needs it.

2602 days ago

Britney is a washed up piece of trash    

Britney very well could have the clap as she screws anything in pants or a skirt.

2602 days ago


Very Sad performance by the has-been, Britney.

2602 days ago


yeah, the gay pride circuit is sort of like performing at boat ex teen pop tarts are smart to avoid them, like Debbie Gibson. But Brit, you are no Ms. Gibson

2601 days ago
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