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More Nude Photos

of Hudgens?!

9/9/2007 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This past week's nude photo scandal isn't the first for "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens, say some sources.

A source close to Hudgens told People that two years ago, before she was famous, Hudgens emailed suggestive pix of herself to Nickelodeon star Drake Bell -- star of the "Drake and Josh" show. No word on if she rang his bell.

A rep for Drake says he never received the alleged sexy shots.

Fifty Cent: Touch Me, I Crumble

Rapper Fifty Cent must be on edge about his upcoming September 11 record release battle with Kanye West. Mr. Half Dollah's been extra snappish lately: at the recent Fashion Rocks show in NYC, the super-pumped Fiddy was super nasty to a member of Tyra Banks' entourage.

Banks' handler accidentally nudged the rapper as he was walking into the event, reports Gatecrasher, and Fiddy lashed out.

"What the [bleep] is wrong with you? How you gonna bump me?" he cried. Big men -- so delicate inside!

Eve's SCRAM-Free At Last

This past April, rapper Eve struck a plea agreement following a DUI arrest, and was ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet -- just like the SCRAM anklet Lindsay Lohan voluntarily wore.

After five months, the delicious diva is happily reporting that the monitoring contraption will come off -- just in time for tonight's VMA's. Party!

The bracelet goes bye-bye this morning at 11:00 AM, Eve told Us, and then "It's gone forever! I'm so excited!" When asked if she was going to have a drink tonight, Eve replied, "You know I am! ... I gotta start slow. It's been so many days."


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I'm thinking Vanessa must've been molested by a family member at an early age to be so sexual. I have a 6th sense on when girls are still virgins and I looked at all her wireimage images and she is not a virgin in any of them, the earliest photos were like back at thge premiere of the movie thunderbirds, she was like 15 then.

2566 days ago


where do u even go to see these kinda pics of celebs naked? i always miss out! LOL

2566 days ago


So is Disney now "The Pubic Kingdom" instead of "The Magic Kingdom"?

2566 days ago


The following, ironically, is a messege I just posted about Vanessa Hudgens last night on, and now this story pops up about other nude pictures of her that are two years old??? I should be a detective. I suspect, and have been writing about on various web sites, including this one, for several days now, I believe that Vanessa Hudgens is currently being blackmailed. The following posted comment that I placed on last night will explain my theories in more detail. I think you will find my theories to be very interesting in light of TMZ's latest breaking story about Vanessa Hudgens and the possible existance other nude photos of her (see below):

52. Pamela Anderson's porn tape and that of Paris Hilton...have only made them more famous, and better paid. Disney isn't paying Vanessa real money for alot of nickle and diming. She could have leaked the pictures to get out of her contract in order to sign more lucractive deals with other studios. I mean posing nude and then intentionally releasing the photos can sure get you out of a contract from a children's movie series real fast!!!

But now, based on all this stuff not adding why she would admit that it is her in the pictures when she could have lied, followed by an apology...and Disney being sucpiciously quiet about it...well, that leads me to believe that she didn't leak these photos. No, I think she is the victim of blackmail.

By just asking for a simple court order, she could have these pictures pulled off the least from most web sites. It's called an injunction. She could also claim that the picture(s) were taken when she was under age...making it kiddie porn and thus illegal to distribute the picture(s)...however she has done none of that. She isn't fighting back, not one bit, with issues she is certain to win on in court almost immediately. She hasn't even asked that a judge to force the web sites who have leaked the picture to reveal the source...and if these are illegal pictures, no claim of a press shield protecting freedom of the press will work here. A judge would compell any web site out there to reveal their source, or face jail time and daily fines!!!

My point??? Something is wrong with the whole story!!! This is smelling more and more like a blackmail case...and I bet the FBI is all over it!!! And if that is true, you can bet there are even more explicit pictures out there, and perhaps video of Vanessa and others. I hope this is not true...but something isn't adding up about Vanessa's lack of action, in regard to taking court action to protect herself and Disney's suspicious lack of comment. So far, they have said if awaiting an arrest or arrests, and or, the other shoe to drop--that being a second round of leaked images.

Posted at 2:31AM on Sep 9th 2007 by Zip

2566 days ago


I was really sad when my young son came home from school and asked about this. It was all over school. I just had to tell him she made some bad choices, but I don't think he'll ever be able to watch the movie again without thinking about it. She CAN be replaced. I really hope it wasn't Zach who took those photos or his career may be over too. These teen stars need really good strong parents who can guide them in the right directions.

2566 days ago


50 cent is butt ugly, nasty tempered and has no discernable talent whatsoever. Just goes to show any piece of crap can be famous in America. Of course his story will end (if he's one of the fortunate thugs) with him only being broke or in prison. So predictable.

2566 days ago


I'm just APPALLED that she would pose naked at 15 or 16, and THEN send the pictures off. My God; what is wrong with her??????

2566 days ago


why cant I find the pics of vanesa hudgens I'd like to judge for myself. Besides from what i did see, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

2565 days ago


I'll just wait for the video!!!!

2565 days ago


I have some questions . This young lady is 18 now , correct ? Well wouldnt that make it child porn since she would have been younger ? If so, why is anyone showing these pics ?

2565 days ago


What is happening to young Hollywood ladies???????? Why is it all about get naked and F to get noticed? What ever happened to being tallented to get noticed?

shop anyknockoff for celebrity styles

2565 days ago

Destiny Carter    

va-va why did you do this? I know you did not mean it. text back.

2565 days ago


I don't understand the hang up with Nudity. Turn on most any channel at any time of the day and you will see mass amounts of senseless violence. As a parent I find that exceedingly more destructive and disconcerting. America's obsession with the Hudgens pics reaffirms the notion of American sexual immaturity and the diabolical hypocrisy of a culture that is quickly losing touch with its humanity. There is a certain amount of pity I have for Ms. Hudgens and "typecasting" effect it may have on her career. Asi es la Vida. Its her walk.

2565 days ago


I hate to be the one to say "I told you so" but . . .

I knew when I saw those "comfortable" nude photos of the little Disney princess that this was not her first trip (strip?) in front of the camera.

I am amazed at Disney who, remember, would not let Annette Funicello show her naval in a bathing suit. My how the mouse has changed.

2563 days ago

Old Balls are Nasty!    

Nope, no sympathy here. This girl shoulda known better. Hopefully, the other Disney gals won't do what she did. It's not just the nude photo. There's another one where she's gettin' close to tongueing another gal. That is just what Joe Francis' likes. He created all these NASTY little girls going around thinking it's cute or hot or whatever to be like that.

The skank has nothing to loose if you ask me. She's already lost all respect from me.

2561 days ago
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